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This is the power of the American anti-Chinese propaganda machine blasting anti-Chinese lies and hate rhetoric day in and day out. I've said this before, the US media landscape looks exactly like 1930s Nazi Germany and their disinformation and demonization campaign against the Jews. In this case, the Chinese are the Jews. Ironically, Americans believe the Chinese are the brainwashed one. It's what happens when you get fed lies every day.

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The way NHK reported this was beyond pathetic. Any normal Japanese should be, and probably is extremely embarrassed and ashamed of the whole media apparatus of this country.

NHK headlines:

It reminded me of the way Kyodo reported the non-Japanese winner last year:

The media is called the 4th estate because their job is not only to hold the people in power accountable, but also because they are the main tool that shapes mainstream culture. Japanese media not only doesn't hold the government accountable, but they also use their power to degrade culture, instead of elevating it.

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He has beaten the virus in mere days, to the chagrin of many....

Or, he never had the virus, and lied to win sympathy, and used his quick "recovery" as a way to advance his agenda of opening the economy faster in order for the stock market to rally so he can win the elections. Either that, or he must have really good genes to overcome pneumonia in 2 day at his age.

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The debates are meaningless without the Libertarian party candidate. Both Trump and Biden are essentially advocating for big government. There is very little difference between the two of them. The Libertarian candidate should've been allowed to defend the small government & and anti-war position.

The American elections are rigged. From the voter suppression on local level to the 3rd party suppression on a federal level. Since both Democrats and Republicans have essentially become the same, America doesn't need a 3rd party, but a second party.

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“The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions,” Trump said, without elaborating on what punishment he thought was warranted.

or without elaborating on WHAT should China be held accountable. This is absolutely unbelievable. China literally detected, identified, isolated and sequences A NOVEL pathogen in less than 2 WEEKS. Conducted an investigation IN 4 DAYS, and INFORMED THE WHO AND US CDC on January 1st. WHAT SHOULD THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR!? For doing an astonishing job?? For giving the world all the information plus the sequenced genome as early as humanly possible!? Unbelievable. It's like living in a twilight zone. Of course our trusty trio AP, AFP and Reuters wouldn't tell you that MULTIPLE scientific journals and doctors from several countries, including US and Germany PRAISED CHINA for doing an amazing job. Instead of thanking them, they talk about holding them accountable!? Day is night, night is day. War is peace. Ignorance is knowledge.

Some say Beijing initially attempted to cover up the outbreak before seeking to take advantage of its response for public-relations ends.

Some.. you mean like TRUMP and his administration whose lies CNN can't catch a break debunking and fact checking!? Apparently Trump lies about EVERYTHING.. except China. I mean he LITERALLY admitted on a tape that he intentionally downplayed the virus. The US CDC was informed on JANUARY 1ST. WHAT COVER UP!? Unbelievable. Early January, China explicitly said that there is no evidence of human to human transmission, BUT there might be, and countries should be cautious. On late January, China and the WHO explicitly stated multiple times that there is SOME evidence of h2h trans. BUT not CLEAR ENOUGH. Their tweet can still be seen on Twitter. Few days later, in early Feb. China declares CLEAR EVIDENCE OF H2H TRANS. FOUND. So that's February. What did Trump do in February? NOTHING. He kept downplaying it, lying lying lying and more lying like the sociopath he is. Did nothing for 3 MONTHS, and then he started blaming China for covering up the virus. Unbelievable twilight zone. I have to cut my brain in half just to be able to read these headlines and articles without losing my mind.

The brutal and ruthless deception and disinformation campaign that is being waged against China by the US and their media empire is unbelievable. I bet history books in 100 years from now will be writing about this.

There's outrage over China's severe restriction of civil rights in Hong Kong following its imposition on the semi-autonomous city of a sweeping national security law,

What restrictions on civil rights!? What planet are you people living on? They passed a national security law which criminalizes TREASON. This law should have been passed by Hong Kong as explicitly required by the Hong Kong Basic Law. Hong Kong for all these years never passed a law that criminalizes treason. After all the insane mayhem happening in HK for months. Burning cars, attacking police, attacking innocent people, blocking the entire city, and on top of that, the organizations of these protesters are in Washington taking pictures with Marco Rubio. That is the book definition of A TREASON. Conspiring against your own country, calling for a foreign rival country to interfere in your own country and overthrow your government IS TREASON.

and over widespread accusations of mass detentions and cultural genocide against Muslims in the Xinjiang region. 

Widespread accusations.. WITHOUT A GRAIN OF EVIDENCE. Accusations by whom? All the accusations come from ASPI, a US govt. and a bunch of arms manufacturers funded NGO. We should believe THEM, and not the actual people living in Xinjiang who dance on the streets because for the first time in years they're now able to go out and enjoy life without the fear of being bombed on stabbed by a terrorist. They had a massive terrorist problem which is never mentioned by our trusty trio. How does the US handle terrorism? They carped bomb the entire middle east killing millions and millions of children and women, bombing hospitals and schools, but non of that matters apparently. How is China supposed to respond to a terrorist organization within its own borders? Apparently they should just let them rampage the streets.

The ruthlessness of the disinformation war against China absolutely reminds me of 1930s Nazi Germany and their media war against the Jews, only in this case, Chinese are the Jews.

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Supreme court justices should be elected by the people like the State judges. Otherwise partisanship becomes inevitable.

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Why not just cut the red tape instead of trying to make it digital.

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Posted in: U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores, threatens shutdowns See in context

Basically it's just extortion by Trump. The US government behaves like a mafia state.

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Trump knows nothing about American history. There is no doubt in my mind that he has never read the constitution, let alone the declaration of independence or bill of rights.

Nor did the president acknowledge the ongoing fight against racial injustice and police brutality, which has prompted months of protests this year.

That's a complicated issue, and anyone who really wants to solve it needs to really look beyond the surface and the talking points. It all starts from bad laws like the drug laws which disproportionally harm Black people, or the minimum wage law, which also disproportionally harm Black people, or the Common Core act, which also harm Black kids disproportionally more than Whites.

So you have kids who get a lousy education, then they aren't allowed to get a job, because of the minimum wage law, so many of them turn to crimes, which often involves drugs. Because these bad laws destroy the Black community, Black people are more likely to commit a crime, which leads to more encounter with the police, which results in more deadly incidents, but more harmful than that is the general stereotype that gets created of Black people, which leads to police being more prejudiced against them.

On one hand, Trump is right to focus on the economy as a solution, but on the other hand, he doesn't really do even that, since he hasn't made any actual real economic reforms that are needed. He didn't repeal any bad laws, or abolish any of the many harmful agencies that exist.

I suppose he is a bit better in some ways than Biden, but at this point, i can't stand his constant lies. I want him gone.

“The efforts by the president of the United States to use his powers to censor a work of American journalism by dictating what schools can and cannot teach and what American children should and should not learn should be deeply alarming to all Americans who value free speech,” she said.

Not really, he is a pathological exaggerator. He doesn't have the executive power to do any of the things he talks about. If he had ever read the constitution, he would've known that.

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"I’m saying, trust the scientist."

You mean like Dr. Stella Immanuel and her team of scientists? Or the thousands of scientists around the world who agree with her? Or the hundred of thousands of scientists around the world who said isolating people during pandemic is a novel experiment in medical science?

If the answer is "no", then what he really meant to say is, "trust the scientists who appear on CNN, and those who agree with them, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

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China tightly controls and censors its own cyberspace through the popularly dubbed Great Firewall, which has for years restricted access to firms such as U.S. majors Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Google owner Alphabet Inc.

Wrong. Just a typical case of subtle disinformation. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. are all allowed to operate in China as long as they follow Chinese law. Google and Facebook refuse to comply with Chinese law, so they weren't allowed to operate in China. It's that simple. You want to operate in China, you follow Chinese law. Can anyone company operate in America if they refuse to follow American law? Tik Tok was not banned because they refuse to follow American law, but entirely for political reasons.

At least China doesn't ban software or internet sites, or bully any other countries or ethnic groups or religions!

Oh, wait . . .

Wrong again. Who is China bullying? Is it China that goes around the world and threaten countries to ban Huawei or else.. Is it China that threatens countries around the world to stop doing business with China or else.. Is it China that not only bans US tech companies for no reason, but also threatens other countries to ban them too? Is it China that has over 300 military bases around the world and kills innocent people which then justifies by saying "oops, we didn't mean it"? Is it China that has completely encircled America with military bases? Is it China that has an international network of media that parrot CCP narrative and rhetoric against America? Is it China that just sanctioned the ICC for investigating US war crimes in Afghanistan?

No, it's America. And by the way, completely coincidentally, almost every information on Xinjiang that gets cited by your trusty trio Reuters, AP and AFP comes from an Australian think-tank called ASPI, which is funded by the US and AUS governments, as well as.. you guessed it, Rhayteon, SAAB and Lockhead Martin. I am that's got nothing to do with their completely objective reporting.

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The Republic will never allow any separatist adventure.

Of course it won't. Neither will America ever allow any separatist adventure within its territory. Nor will England ever allow any separatist adventures within their territory. We already know it's the same with Spain, and surely every serious country, yet the International Media aka English language media in cahoot with the US government demands China not only allow a separatist adventure within its own territory, but also one that is funded by a foreign enemy.

It must be nice when the media gives the French State a chance to speak their side of the story, rather than interviewing and only covering the attacker's point of view. The privilege to be heard is not given to everyone. It's a very rare thing to have if you're not part of the Club.

Just your daily dose of double standards provided to you by AP, AFP and Reuters. Your trusty friends.

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Look at the protests in the United States. Then look at the US government's reaction to these protests, and the US and international media (aka English language media)'s reaction to the US government's reaction.

Then look at the protests in Hong Kong. Now look at the Chinese govt's reaction to these protests, and the US and int'l media (aka English language media)'s reaction to the Chinese government's reaction.

In Hong Kong, you have a separatist mob that burs buildings, attacks innocent people, sets people on fire, throws Molotov cocktail at the police, causes mayhem and blocks the entire city. Attacks the local and central government, and demands separatism. China does nothing for months. Then passes a security law, which already exists in every single developed country in order to stop the foreign NGO's funding these separatists, stop the mayhem, and the separatist movement. Then it's being accused of "cracking down on Hong Kong".

Then you have the US protests. Nobody is set on fire. Innocent people are not attacked. Protesters do not want separatism. Yet the same people in the US govt. who demonize and attack China over their response to HK, now demand US military be send and "shoot the thugs". Then you have the US president calling them "domestic terrorists". Just try to imagine if the US protesters actually did 1/1000th of what the rioters do in Hong Kong. Compare the media's reaction to both protests. The double standards are unbelievable. It's truly a world in which you either smoke, or you get smoked. You either dominate, or you are dominated. You are either on the table, or on the menu. There's no in between. Sad story.

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I really hope Taro Kono becomes the next PM. He is the most adequate and international minded among the candidates. He speaks fluent English, graduated from an American university, and is very pro-immigration. He is also in favor of building a new shrine for the war dead in order to de-escalate tensions with neighboring countries. I have a feeling if he wins, he's not going to be a PM for a long time. Just a gut feeling.

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I think it's much lower than that.

Opposition in Japan in incredibly weak. I follow many of them on Twitter, and im always amazed at the fact that they talk about issues that are very low on the average person's priority list. They never talk about reforms in the judicial system, the economy and the electoral system itself. They seem completely out of touch with the real issues of this country.

Democracy is not just about voting. Protection of civil liberties, regional government and local self-rule, fair elections and good judicial system are key pillars of democracy.

Anyone who purports to care about Japan should first start by reforming the electoral system so people can have real and fair elections, and not the rigged ones of today, in which opposition parties have little chance of winning due to financial centralization and election laws that favor the main party. The second badly needed reform is to decentralize the central government and empower the regional Prefectural government. People would be more involved in politics if the issues they cared about could be decided by their own local government.

Abe did make some reforms, such as water privatization, he also cut some govt. spending, and opened up the country to more immigration. But he is too obsessed with his constitutional reforms and rearming the country, and is less interested in doing other needed reforms.

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Crimes committed with the intention of posting the video on social media should have their sentences doubled or tripled. These people are parasites on society.

Why? What kind of stupid "crime" is this? The guy just ate a snack before paying for it. It's not like he tried to steal it and run away. He was going to pay for it. "Incidents" like this are a BIG DEAL only in Japan. Let's ignore the rampant govt. corruption and inefficiencies of the judicial system that have plagued the whole nation, and focus on this YouTube kid having the nerve to eat a snack before paying for it! Outrageous.

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I wonder what is their opinion on Robert Kajiwara, the leader of the Ryukyu Independence Movement? Considering all the death threats he's been receiving, i'm guessing not that good.

Also, Agnes Chow is not a "pro-democracy activist", but a pro-separatist activist. She and the rest of the separatist traitors want to illegally separate Hong Kong without the consent of the rest of the population. They have been meeting with US neocons and actively engaged in a collusion with foreign powers to undermine not just the Chinese government, but advance separatism within Hong Kong.

Also, on the last Hong Kong legislative elections, the pro-Beijing parties got more than twice the vote the pro-democracy parties have. (

Like i've said before, no serious country is ever going to allow a separatist movement that openly conspires and colludes with foreign rivals to advocate separatism within their own country. That's treason, and if these people did in America or any European country 1/100th of what they are allowed to do in China, they'd be in Guantanamo bay right now.

Anti-Chinese double standards driven by a ruthless anti-Chinese disinformation campaign by the United States.

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Japan suffers from a historical amnesia, except that, it's not an amnesia, but a government-driven and institutionalized policy of information suppression, and disinformation intended to make sure every new generation remains completely ignorant of what actually happened during World War Two, and instead have a twisted version of the events.

It's really remarkable if you think about it. When people think about "brainwashing", they probably imagine some CIA agents pressing down on somebody on a chair while a doctor in a white coat injects some electrical devices into their brain. In reality, brainwashing happens every day, all the time. The old deception by omission is probably the most efficient brainwashing technique that is being used.

This is not limited to Japan at all. It's absolutely the same in Europe, (and America regarding "foreign enemies") it's just that they don't get the same attention, because their victims aren't as well developed as South Korea. If South Korea wasn't as developed as it is, it's likely that we wouldn't have even heard about these issues.

I still remember couple of years ago when some English politician said something along the lines of "British Empire has never done anything wrong". I can't remember the exact words, but it was something along those lines. It's not just one politician either, the average person in England knows absolutely nothing (accurate) about what their country did in the past. The general sentiment is that "Yeah, we [[might have done]] some bad stuff, but we also did a lot good, so no need to focus on the bad". Sounds familiar? Exactly what you would hear from the average Japanese.

There are still statues in many European countries of generals who were equivalent to Tojo or similarly ranked military leaders.

My opinion is that, realistically speaking, these historical issues between Japan and its neighbors will continue until there is a serious demographic change in Japan. The non-ethnically Japanese population would have to increase to at least 20/30 percent minimum, while most people in the country would have to become really liberal minded. It's only when people don't feel that ethnic identity attachment to history that actual changes can happen. Until then, these issues will remain, as the historical perception of the country is just a deep identity issue for most Japanese people. It touches their identity and their entire culture. Without the disassociation of identity and State, the most that can be hoped for is for the Japanese side to become more soft and gentle in whitewashing their history, much like England, and most other European countries. They might start admitting their crimes in some way while keeping their population oblivious at the same time.

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History will always be written by the victor and the losers will always be depicted as the antagonists, while the soldiers of the winning side will always be glorified as heroes and those from the losing side will always be seen as war criminals. 

The saying "History is written by the winners" is incomplete. It should be "History is written by the winners.. first". The losers' version of history is then branded as "revisionism" and "propaganda". While Japan technically lost the war, in a way, they won at the end, because unlike Germany, which had a complete denazification, the Japanese elite was allowed to remain in power. The same people who ran the Empire formed the new post-war government, and got an image makeup from the US government, free of charge. Not only was Japan allowed to keep their almost entire elite in power, not only did the US literally restructure and reformed their entire political and economic system in a democratic and market oriented way, but as a bonus for good behavior, the Korean war happened, which benefited the Japanese industries tremendously. It's easy to see how Japan was the winner of the war with the minor inconvenience of having to become a subservient State to America.

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No serious country is ever going to allow a forceful secession of its territory by a small violent minority of separatists. California tried to secede in the 1800s that way, and the federal government sent gunboats to convince them otherwise. Scotland went through a long process of getting a legitimate vote on independence. If Hong Kong people really want independence, they must go through the same legitimate process of first getting a real legitimate referendum and approval from Beijing, and then voting on that referendum. If they can't convince Beijing to give them a referendum, well, tough luck, they're not the only one. No State in America is ever going to be given a legitimate referendum for independence. It's in the constitution that States cannot secede. Unlike Scotland, HK is not and has never been a separate country. It was simply illegally occupied by a foreign power and then given back. There are many regions within European countries that have a separatist movement, non of them will ever be given a legitimate referendum. Few years ago, Catalonia did just that. They organized an illegitimate referendum on independence not approved by the central government. What happened? The central government sent armed police forces and brutally beat the hell out of the people who were peacefully voting. I still vividly remember the pics and videos i saw on twitter of these beatings, i saved about a dozen of them because i knew there will be time when i'll need them. I also remember how neither the EU nor the US did absolutely anything about it. As usual, with China, it's about double standards based on anti-Chinese hatred. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Do people not understand that Abe doesn't have any money? The J-govt. doesn't have any money to give. These are tax payer money. For Abe to give you any money, he first have to take them from you. So why not demand the J-govt. take less money from you instead? People want free money, but they don't wanna pay taxes. They think money grow on trees. So politicians use the printing press to create the money out of thin air, thus killing people's savings, diminishing their purchasing power, and increasing the cost of living. It should be taught in 5th grade that govt doesn't have any money. Every yen they spend, they first have to take it from the people, thus reducing the money people have in their pockets, the money in the private sector, and the money in private banks which are used to lend to businesses. Every yen spent by the govt. is a yen not spent by somebody else.

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Posted in: Do you think big tech companies like Facebook should face tougher rules and penalties if they failed to curb hate speech and disinformation? See in context

People never learn. How many does the exact same pattern needs to repeat for people to learn that when govt. put rules on big corporations, the rules become a revolving door, a mechanism for big corps to take over the entire industry and suppress the competition. Big tech and big corporations love rules for a reason. Milton Friedman explained it well. The well meaning people always play the front man for the special interest groups who push a law that would benefit them. When the law is passed, the well meaning people move on to their next target, and the special interest group takes over the industry.

Also, who defines what is disinformation? I see disinformation literally every single day on every single major news media. The big tech have no means of judging if an information is correct or not other than by its source. That would obviously create a monopoly over information, something that already exists.

The best way to combat disinformation is by encouraging more information from more sources, independent sources in particular. Let people make up their own mind what to believe. The real issue is the one-sidedness. The issue is when people only have 1 source of information, or only view point is allowed. It makes no difference whether you allow 10 or 100 different news sites to publish information, if they all parrot the exact same view.

What i want to see more from big tech like YouTube in particular is to make it more easy for alternative views to be heard. When i watch a video, i want to see on the right side bar alternative videos. Videos that push the opposite view of the one i just saw, and not just videos with millions of subs, but any channel at all. I want to hear what the voiceless have to say. I also want to be able to find comments who disagree with the content. I want to be able to sort the comments by people who have liked the video, and people who have disliked it, so i can read what they have to say. Measures like that would promote alternative views, and give voice to the voiceless. There is no better way to combat disinformation than making it easier for alternative voices to be heard. Equalizing the exposure of all views is how you combat disinformation. I have no problem with somebody spreading lies about me, as long as i get to have my voice heard too, and people hear my side of the story too. Disinformation or misinformation happens when people are exposed to one sided information, often containing half-truths, but more often than that, the info would be completely factually correct, just one-sided. By omitting information, people don't get to see the full picture. Cherry picking facts and creating narratives is the real issue.

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ABC News reported yesterday that US intelligent officials working for the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) were warning back in November that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region. They submitted a detailed report to the Pentagon, and even warned that, quote "this could be a cataclysmic event". Source:

Now, tell me again how China lied and hid information for 2 weeks back in December, and that's why the US couldn't prepare in time.

The thing is that, when you have such a toxic anti-Chinese environment, you don't really need any relevant reason to hate on China. The environment is such that people already hate China, so naturally they only seek for negative information to validate what they already believe, and they reject anything positive of China. The value system of the environment incentivizes anti-Chinese rhetoric. Being true or not is completely irrelevant. Its what people want to hear. The Australian (State-owned) ABC News is really going at it. Negative hateful deceptive reporting of China day in and day out. The only reason they are able to do that is because the environment makes it so easy for them. People already want that content, they are just giving it to them. It's the English Media Machine. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Anybody with that kind of power will automatically become corrupt. It's the same reason why Trump uses anti-Chinese/Mexican rhetoric whenever he needs to. Because he can, and because it works.

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One does not contradict the other. They are ignorant of their war crimes, but they are also ignorant of their contributions too.

Plus I've changed my perspective on a lot of things. I've said before that i hate the revisionists, but i hate even more double standards and hypocrisy. England and France have done far more evil throughout their history than Japan, yet non of that is being taught in their history classes. Much like Japan, in England they cherry pick only the positive stuff, and ignore the negatives. And much like Japan, a lot of nationalists from their govt. have repeatedly denied any wrong doing throughout their history, even praised their "Empire". Why is it OK for English politicians to praise their Empire, compared to which Japanese war crimes are a drop in the ocean, but it's not OK for Japanese politicians to do the same? The answer is obvious - they control the narrative through their media. Even to this day, France is literally occupying a lot of African countries illegally by controlling their currency to fund its own deficits. Why isn't that condemned by anybody? Again, dog does not eat dog. The narrative makers won't bite themselves. For these people to criticize Japanese people for being brainwashed with revisionist history, when they themselves are even more brainwashed about their own, is something i can't accept. In general, i am against the overly self-loathing approach the Germans have adopted towards their history. WW2 is just a fraction of Germany's history, yet that's all people learn about. Germany's contributions to modernity exceed those of England and France combined, yet the narrative makers have reduced Germany's history to WW1 and WW2, while at the same time inflated their own. The biggest criminals, thieves and aggressors, namely England and France, walk out of this doing exactly what they accuse Japan of doing.

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From my observations, the average Japanese person, similar to people from other countries, is proud of their country all for the wrong reasons. I would say most Japanese people don't really know much about their history, in particular the Meiji period, which in my opinion should be a great source of pride. Barely anybody knows about Meiji era bacteriologist Sahachiro Hata who together with German physician Paul Ehrlich developed the first antibacterials, which marked the beginning of what we call today modern medicine. Or physician Kitasato Shibasaburo who discovered the infectious agent of the bubonic plague in Hong Kong in 1894. There are so many more great physicians, scientists and inventors of that time period that have contributed tremendously to modernity, but sadly barely any Japanese person knows about them. And another thing barely any Japanese person knows about is that European art, at least partly, have its roots in Japanese art style Ukiyo-e. When Vincent van Gogh traveled to Japan, he brought back with him ukiyo-e woodcuts and paintings, and copied a lot of that art style into his paintings. Other European painters then copied from him. Instead of being proud of having 4 seasons, they should learn about all the contributions they have made to modernity, which in my opinion are on a par with, or even exceed those made by most European countries.

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This is why Japan needs political decentralization. If prefectures had the power to govern themselves, they wouldn't have waited for the central government to declare state of emergency or do anything to help them. Local governments would've acted in accordance with their own circumstances. Some prefectures don't have any cases, some have few, some have a lot. Local govts. are flexible, and more accountable as they are closer to the people. They are easier to follow and easier to change. Japan does need constitutional reforms, but not the kind of reform Abe wants.

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They shouldn't be bailing out large businesses. If a large company can't handle 2 months of revenue losses, it means they are incompetent and should be allowed to fail so they can have a new more competent management. Only small businesses should be helped, and the best way to do that is by cutting down all taxes and extending credit loan payments. Also cutting taxes for all people too. In times of crisis, people don't shop or use public services, they save their money, the govt. should do the same.

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So don’t cough, or it’s an ankle bracelet for you - even proposing that in Australia!

Even if it happens in Australia, it won't matter. You won't see a headline like "ex-prison colony Australia cracks down on human rights", you would rather see something like "Political disagreement on how to handle the crisis in beautiful Australia".

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In ex-communist Eastern Europe and elsewhere, populist leaders are introducing harsh measures

So they intentionally picked 3 negatives cases of 3 countries, and used the cold war term "eastern Europe", which is associated to over 20 different countries, and of course, don't forget that they are also "ex-communist". Just in case you forgot. They could've showed us positive examples, but no, they had to perpetuate the negative narrative "eastern Europe = bad, communism, dictatorship".

How is that any different from what ex-fascist Western Europe is doing? People in ex-fascist Italy (which was described as a "beautiful med country" by the same news agency by the way! notice the sharp contrast in wording!) has also quarantined people and people aren't allowed to leave their homes. So when Serbia and Hungary do it, the media points at the negative aspect of the quarantine to reinforce the narrative - these vile eastern Europeans are still dictatorships with no rights, meanwhile Italy and Spain DO THE EXACT SAME THING = beautiful med country just trying to protect its beautiful people. Unbelievable. I am sure before doing this piece, they had to look into the situation of multiple countries just to find out the most negative cases, and then cherry pick them to reinforce their narratives.

Multiple countries have declared emergency situation, which by definition takes away a lot of civil rights, and gives a lot of power to the ruling government. The media never criticized any other "ex-fascist" country for cracking down on rights, yet they criticize the "ex-commies" for doing what others have already done, and worst of all is that, it's only 3 countries that they picked, yet used the collective term to paint all others with the same brush, whether or not others have done the same is irrelevant for the Media, even just one "ex-commie" country to have done it is enough to use the term "eastern Europe".

It's just unbelievable to me that this kind of reporting is allowed. Absolutely vile and malicious people. Just give me control over the media for few months, and ill make even Switzerland look like Congo. It's mind blowing how this vile and vicious disrespectful, insulting and unacceptable deceptive reporting is allowed to continue. I would pay to read an article with the headline "ex-nazi Germany this and that", "ex-fascist Western Europe cracks down on human rights" and then point out at the French surveillance program which is NSA on steroids, but of course that would never happen, at least not from AP, AFP and Reuters. AFP being a French State media, and Reuters and AP being American and English news agencies written by Americans and English. Trump is right, the media = the enemy of the people. For once before i die i want to see the narrative makers suffer the way their pray does.

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Posted in: Trump seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators See in context

Trump has always been a big government buy. If you let businesses raise prices on the products with surging demand, you wouldn't have to force them to produce what the market needs. Companies know what the market needs better than Trump or any government. The reason they aren't producing it is because they have no incentive to do it. You can't increase the output without increasing the cost. If they were allowed to raise the prices, they would've had profit incentive to expand production of that product, and other producers would've had the same incentive too. The supply of the product will increase very quickly, and with it, the price will start falling again. Trump is probably the most economically illiterate president the US has ever had. Even Obama was more literate. Trump has a very nationalistic outlook on the economy. He thinks he can protect it, control it and manage it to work in his favor. That's a typical socialist/fascist way of thinking. The saddest thing is that people will now associate his policies with capitalism, when they are 100% socialist.

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