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The word ''The West'' is by far the most abused word of the 21st century. It is a symbol of human stupidity and group-ism. What used to be merely a geographical term has now become a superiority status like cult. I don't see Russia 'rattleting'' Brazil, so therefore no, it's not ''ratteling the West''. In fact, i don't see anybody ''rattled'' other than the English tabloid editors who apparently see themselves as being in charge of the narrative.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

First of all, trade deficit does not matter, fiscal deficits matter. And second, there is no trade deficit because trade is not a zero sum game. When the Japanese export stuff to America, the dollars they get find their way back to America in one form or another. It's a case of the seen vs the unseen. The more dollars they accumulate, the more their value in relation to the yen decrease, which makes the yen more valuable, and buying dollars less profitable. This process continues until a balance is reached.

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Posted in: Russia says more trust-building needed for Kuriles deal with Japan See in context

Do they really think they'll get all the 4 islands?

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Posted in: Abe suggests desire for constitutional revisions in SDF meeting See in context

The Japanese government is run by ultra nationalists and historical revisionists, but i am in favor of the constitutional changes. If Japan had its own military, and not rely on the US for protection, their international diplomacy, in particular towards China will change drastically. Right now, many of the ultra nationalists in Japan feel emboldened to talk tough with China because they know America is protecting them. If they knew they are on their own, they will be more careful how they conduct themselves internationally.

Also, another important article that has to be removed from the constitution is the article that monopolizes the postal services. Under the current constitution, the private sector is barred from providing postal services. That is a ridiculous clause that benefits only the bureaucrats.

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The decision was sparked by fears that Japan could treat Britain as a tax haven after Brexit if London decides to lower its corporate tax rate in a bid to attract businesses, she said.

This doesn't make any sense. So Panasonic moved because they were afraid they would pay fewer taxes if they stay?

Abadie told the newspaper that Panasonic had been considering a move for the past 15 months, with concerns about barriers to the flow of people and goods also a factor in the decision to move.

This makes a lot more sense.

Overall, it is the uncertainty that causes businesses to move. Businesses want stability.

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Japanese consumers pay 4 times the market value for agricultural products because of the Japanese protectionism, and now the very same minister of trade.. who is the chief engineer of the Japanese protectionism.. and whose job is to get bribed by whoever is liking to bribe him the most.. is accusing the least protectionist nation of protectionism. It's like they have no sense of awareness.

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The epitome of irony and hypocrisy. The minister of trade.. whose job is to REGULATE trade is accusing Trump of misunderstanding FREE trade. Oh my lord.

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Posted in: Venezuela slams Kono's remarks as interference See in context

How about restore Capitalism, Property rights and Rule of Law instead?

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

I believe they have had recognition for 25 years at least.

So where is the recognition? I read the first two links, and i did not see any recognition or admission of guilt. Maybe you can highlight it for me. Also, you are being dishonest if you intentionally ignore the fact that dozens of high ranking Japanese politicians, including Prime Ministers, Mayors and so on have been consistently denying or downplaying these war crimes, even going as far as insulting the victims by making antagonizing statements. How do you expect someone to believe you when you keep making these vague statements in which you never make admission of guilt, and then you loudly deny what you just said.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse; Abe vows never to repeat horrors of war See in context

Deep remorse for what? For losing the war? Or for invading other countries and slaughtering millions of civilians? Once again, the key parts are either omitted or intentionally made vague so they can be interpreted differently by the domestic and international audience.

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

Asking for apology and compensation is counterproductive to their case in my opinion. What would be more productive is to ask for recognition.

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The wage increase means nothing because it gets cancelled by the inflation of consumer prices. It doesn't matter if you get paid 10% more, if the consumer prices now cost 10% more. The only result of the inflation is to kill the savings, which in tern kills the capital investment, which means less investment in productivity, less loans for new businesses or expansion of existing businesses.

I would appreciate if JT publish the latest figures on capital investment and savings.

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Why would you want to lift prices? Why would anyone want higher prices? The absurdity and ridiculousness of this mindless conformity can only be described with The King's New Clothes. Ask ANY normal average ordinary random Japanese person on the streets who doesn't have a clue about economics or academia, ask them if they want higher prices or lower prices. Average people have more senses than these idiots who run the banks and the government. Economic expansion DOES NOT mean increase of money supply, it means INCREASE IN PRODUCTION and INVESTMENT. It means MORE STUFF. More Stuff means LOWER PRICES, as the economy expands, prices must go down as productivity and production increases, that's when people have higher standards of living. For these bankers and politicians, day is night, night is day. Common sense and basic observation and elementary logic simply does not exist.

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You can tell Britain is desperate. Tokyo alone has bigger economy than the entire UK, if they join the TPP, they will be nothing more but a subservient pet to Japan, then again, they used to be subservient to America up until now, so they should have no problem re-adjusting to a new overlord.

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Funny because neither Japan nor Germany have ''free trade''. They have ''managed trade'', that's why they love having 'trade deals'' with others. The very fact that you want to have a trade deal means that you do not want to have free trade, you want to have managed trade, free trade is the absence of any deals.

Also, ''rules based order'' sounds so nice, but who made the rules? The powers that be, or to be more precise, the powers that WERE, and now those same rules are being challenged by the powers that ARE. How selfish of them to oppose or try to challenge rules designed to serve the interests of the former powers.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says Japan is 'stupid' for not allowing ride-sharing See in context

He is right. But it's not ''Japan'' as a nation, it's the corrupt bureaucrats bribed by the corporate lobby. Most Japanese are in favor of opening up the economy for more competition.

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Posted in: Crime in Japan at lowest postwar level in 1st half of 2018 See in context

Correction: REPORTED crime. Big difference.

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Posted in: At NATO, Trump slams Germany as Russian 'captive' See in context

Europe is not to be bullied by their child.

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Posted in: Trump trade war to become reality as China tariffs hit See in context

Tariffs hurt the people that consume. Americans consume those products, not the Chinese. China can either export them to another country, or let their currency rise so their own people can consume what they produce. Americans do not produce anything, they just consume.

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Posted in: University professor tweets sexual harassment is his hobby See in context

This just shows the low level of higher education in Japan.

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Posted in: 3 WWII Japanese Navy subs found almost intact in Sea of Japan See in context

It's called East Sea.

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Posted in: Entrepreneur's rocket explodes seconds after lift-off See in context

Made in Japan.

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Europe, South America dominate World Cup's knockout phase

As they always have and always will. In Europe, football is not just a sport, it's more like a mixture of religion, politics and history.

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Posted in: 2 years on, Brexit vote has taken a toll on UK economy See in context

EU migrants

EU migrants? Why would anyone from Germany want to ''migrate'' to the UK to work? UK is actually among the poorest members of the EU compared to Germany, France and Scandinavia. Only the Southern countries are less rich, but even they would rather look for work in Germany than in England. There are far more English migrants in the EU and elsewhere than there are European. I can't believe how utterly delusional the English are. Do you have any sense of reality?

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There has been a large community of Polish people since the end of WW11 who also fought alongside the British troops and have not considered a problem. East Acton in London is the largest Polish area. Before the EU there were more than 200,000.

After joining the EU more Polish people came but then there own economy got better so many went back home. But the original Polish people are already third and fourth generations of people who only know life in the UK.

There are stupid rightwing types are all anti non British but many of the Polish people are also British and entitled to a British passport and have full citizenship.

A few bad signs reveal nothing.

I was being sarcastic, didn't you see the links? I am curious why did the moderators decide to remove my post, but not yours?

Anyway, anyone who knows anything about England and the Brexit referendum knows that this referendum was 90% about immigration from the EU, not immigration from Africa or the Middle East. The UK economy was probably the stronger in the entire EU with the lowest unemployment rate and highest growth. The so called issue of sovereignty was also a BS myth, and it played no role, or not significant role for most people. Britain was given countless exceptions within the EU to a point they were barely an actual member. Them leaving the EU was 90% about fears and brutal deception campaign manufactured by the infamous British tabloids against the EU nationals, not limited to Poles, but Germans, Spanish and many others as well. Japan is a nation ruled by old bureaucrats, England is a nation ruled by old vicious tabloids.

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Posted in: Scientist launches hunt for Loch Ness 'monster DNA' See in context

People just love mysteries, drama and intrigues. That's why we have tabloids, movies, novels, literature, conspiracies and so on. It's a form of escapism. Contemplating different scenarios and stories makes your dopamine levels explode from all the expectations you build in. It's not the actual end result that you care about, it's the expectations that give us that sweet dopamine pleasure we all want.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

Ridiculous article, and a good example of fake news.

A verbal jab is not a threat

He did not threaten Abe or anybody else

He did not even jab at him

It was a joke to make a point

it was a fair point, politically incorrect, but a fair point nonetheless.

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The post is about the age of majority being lowered in Japan and isn't even about taxes and nothing to do with whatever happens in America.

I don't know in detail how the tax system works in Japan, i can only speculate that the people who vote for tax increases are the people who pay no taxes at all.

In the United States, the people who vote for more taxes are the people who pay no taxes at all. Usually the debate is not whether or not we should all pay more taxes, but whether or not the rich should pay more taxes. That's why i said that, only people who pay taxes should be allowed to vote.

The problem with Japan is similar to that of the US, which is lack of savings and capital investment. They need to raise the interest rates, cut down on government spending so people can save money. The inflation and the easy money policy that has been going on for 30 years is what is destroying the Japanese economy. Allowing more illiterate non-tax paying kids to vote isn't going to help at all.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to lower adulthood age to 18 See in context

So, now you are arguing against your original point of only taxpayers should be allowed to vote?


How so? My point was that, the people who vote for tax increases are usually the people who don't pay any taxes at all, which is the upper middle class for the most part, and some of the rich class.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to lower adulthood age to 18 See in context

All people pay taxes. Everyone even criminals pay sales tax. They also pay local taxes. Everyone pays income taxes but the amount paid below a set level is zero. There's capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes.

Paying zero income tax means you are paying no tax. Almost half the US population does not pay income tax, and there are a lot of tax exemptions of all kinds, which the big corporations are taking advantage of. Several economists and researchers in the past have calculated that the federal government and all its programs are largely funded by the poor and lower middle class, yet it is the upper middle class and the rich that constantly votes for more taxes despite not paying any.

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