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Posted in: Offensive graffiti found in Kawasaki following hate speech scuffle See in context

Many of Japan's leading families, including the families of politicians and industrialists, profited on the backs of conscript Korean labor between 1910 and 1945. Time for the LDP to discuss reparations.

Many of the leading Japanese companies are made by Koreans. Softbank comes to mind, the richest man in Japan is ironically a Korean. Even the Emperor of Japan is Korean. Korea and China are like mother and father to Japan.

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Posted in: Offensive graffiti found in Kawasaki following hate speech scuffle See in context

Time and time again, anti-Korean protests, anti-Korean graffiti, anti-Korean speech, anti-Korean books, anti-Korean channels, anti-Korean statements and so on happening in Japan over and over again, yet the biggest travesty is that, the Japanese accuse Koreans of being anti-Japanese despite non of this ever happening in South Korea. It's like the two societies live on two different dimensions, and in a way they do, the Japanese live in an echo chamber of right-wing media and anti-Korean propaganda everywhere they look, while the Koreans live in a more reality-based dimension.

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Posted in: Airbnb says new law regulating short-term rentals 'stinks' See in context

Maybe if the opposition was more vocal in exposing this obvious cronyism and corruption that benefits the political and business elite on the expense of the average Japanese, then maybe people would trust them more in leading the country.

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Posted in: British envoy criticized Japan's 'minor' role in Gulf War: archives See in context

It's true. Despite being the second largest economy after the US for over 50 years, Japan was absent from the international politics. Japan has been described as economic giant and a political dwarf, and that is mostly because they are a very bureaucratic nation, there is no one person in charge, it's more like millions of faceless bureaucrats making collective decisions in a very non transparent, undemocratic and incompetent way.

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Posted in: Hundreds of protesters force anti-Korean event to be canceled near Tokyo See in context

Anti-Korean events are the norm in Japan. That is mostly because there is anti-Korean education in Japan that indoctrinates the Japanese to hate Korea. The biggest travesty of all this is that they -- the indoctrinated Japanese accuse Korea of having anti-Japanese education, and they are doing this while they organize anti-Korean rallies. That's like America accusing Canada or being imperialist. Are you kidding me?

Anti-Korean education in Japan:

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Posted in: Mattis accuses China of intimidation and coercion in South China Sea See in context

If they had all of those things in place then yeah, they'd be doing drills.

And thus my question, what do you think would happen then? How do you think America would react? Dare to venture a guess?

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Posted in: Mattis accuses China of intimidation and coercion in South China Sea See in context

I am curious what would happen if China decides to conduct military drills in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Posted in: Japan supports Trump's decision to cancel U.S.-North Korea summit See in context

Of course it does.

North Korean threat = reason to change the constitution and militarize

No threat = no reason

Even a baby can see this plain obvious reality. You have to be a mainstream intellectual not to see it.

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Posted in: Bulgarian Embassy first secretary found dead after fall from Shinjuku building See in context

Suicide is never the answer. R I P

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Posted in: Aso repeats controversial comment on sexual harassment See in context

This is the behavior of someone who feels no need to be accountable to the public, because he is neither nominated, financed, elected nor dependent on the public in any way. I wonder how would Aso's behavior be different if he had to be directly elected by the people, like it is in the US, as oppose to be appointed through a party list?

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Posted in: Jordan, Israel, Palestinians take part in rare Japan-hosted meeting See in context

The only people who can peace to Israel are the Israeli with a two state solution

Israel has offered two state solution to Palestine 5 times, and Palestine has rejected all 5 proposals.

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Posted in: Jordan, Israel, Palestinians take part in rare Japan-hosted meeting See in context

Somebody wants to be global playa

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Posted in: Kim says he, Moon are on starting line of new Korean history See in context

I can hear the foam forming on the mouths of the American Neocons. They're not going to go without a fight. They will do everything in their power to prevent North Korea from becoming ''peaceful''. They need to maintain the threat of North Korea in order to justify their military presence in the region, as well as the arm sells. I don't know what, when and how, but they will do something to provoke them, i just know it. They did the same the last time NK agreed to demolish the nuclear power plants, they made a deal on the 6 party talks, and out of the blue America unilaterally imposes sanctions on NK under some crazy non-existent reasons, which leads to NK withdrawing from the deal, and of course the clueless American media blames it all on NK.

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Notice the hypocrisy and double standards of the Pro-Japan squad. When Korea complains about Japanese politicians visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, or making a provocative claim of the said islands, the pro-Japan squad rush to condemn them - ''oh those silly Koreans, when will they let go of the past!? It's time to let go of history, and move on. Stop bringing the past!''. But when Japan does literally the same thing, all the pro-Japan squad do is try to downplay the event or try to make this into a personal issue - this one particular politician is at fault, definitely nothing to do with the government and the whole country.

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Posted in: Education minister apologizes over 'sexy yoga' claims See in context

It is regrettable that i was misunderstood.

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Posted in: Over 90% of security companies suffering staff shortages: police See in context

Maybe they should hire one of those humanoid robots that look futuristic but can't do anything other than smile.

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Posted in: China, Japan seek to mend ties as Trump trade war looms See in context

Remember two great sayings that perfectly summarize foreign relations: Nations have no friends, only interests. And, there are no perpetual enemies, only perpetual interests.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Trump shift on TPP, but warns against renegotiation See in context

Nobody (except you) is talking about "destroying" anybody. And if the media are out to "destroy" anybody, it's Trump they're after.

Look what they are doing with Russia, Iran, China. When it comes to foreign affairs, the US media gets their information from the government. The government says Russia did this, it must be true. The government says Iran is a threat, must be true. There is nothing more easy for the US authorities than to demonize any country they choose. It's literally like taking a candy from a baby, all they have to do is make up a lie or a story and it's game over for Japan. Nobody will care what Japan has to say. Remember how easy it was for US to do an image makeover of Japan after WW2, they spent years demonizing them with propaganda, and then within just couple of years they turned Japan from an evil enemy into a friendly rainbow bunny.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Trump shift on TPP, but warns against renegotiation See in context

America: We will get what we want, when we want, how we want. If you have any problem with that, we will use our media to destroy you.

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Posted in: 2 men allegedly grope woman on train; one arrested, one gets away See in context

Isn't that like.. a daily occurrence?

If you want to end groping, privatize the subway, and make it easy for victims of groping to sue the shi& out of the company every time they get groped. I guarantee you that within a month or two the problem will be fixed.

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Posted in: China to hit U.S. soybeans, cars, planes with retaliatory tariffs See in context

When trade stops, war starts. How can the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, that doesn't produce anything think they can win a trade war against the largest creditor nation in the history of the world that produces everything? China is an industrial giant. If i were Trump, i would be praying for China not to let their currency rise in value, and become consumer driven nation. If that ever happens, it's game over for the US, because it would mean the Chinese consumers will be able to afford to buy the stuff they produce, and therefore they would not need to export them anymore.

The people with these ''economic nationalists'' like Trump is that they view nations and economies as a collective entity, but they are not a collective entity. Nations do not trade with each other, PEOPLE trade with each other. People benefit from importing cheap stuff, every American benefits from this, regardless of what the trade figures say. Trade deficit does not hurt the consumers, if the imports were more expensive, that could inflate the GDP and other trade numbers, but the average consumer will NOT be better off, therefore how can you say that trade deficit is a problem if eliminating it makes the consumers suffer.

There are many reasons why America does not produce stuff anymore like it used to, and China is NOT one of them. It's a little bit more complicated than that, it has to do with high labor costs, which in term has to do with red tape and regulations, minimum wages, anti-discrimination laws and stuff like that. Every employer will tell you that in America the riskiest thing you can do is to hire someone.

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Posted in: 930,000 enter workforce as Japan's new fiscal year starts amid gov't scandal, higher food prices See in context

Cliche, cliche, cliche - a mindless repetition of superficial stereotyping which is more uniform than Japanese clothing. Can you express some kind of unique, personal, your own insights instead of repeating what your culture has told you about Japan?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Posted in: 930,000 enter workforce as Japan's new fiscal year starts amid gov't scandal, higher food prices See in context

Just watching this picture, one can feel the spirit of individualism and entrepreneurship. This is why Japanese companies are so innovative and creative, thanks to their diverse and free spirited employers, encouraged from school to think outside the box and be different.

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Posted in: Seoul protests over disputed island claims in Japan's textbooks See in context

The Anti-Korean education in Japan is really severe. No wonder there is so much Anti-Korean sentiment in this small island nation.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes for cronyism scandal; vows to revise constitution at LDP convention See in context

Sorry you caught me. It's regrettable that i let myself be caught. I will ganbaru more not to be caught again. Now shut up and give me your tax money.

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Posted in: China lists U.S. pork, apples, other goods for possible retaliation in tariff dispute See in context

When trade stops, war starts.

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Posted in: After landslide re-election, Russia's Putin tells West: I don't want arms race See in context

Correction: Putting tells AMERICA. Russia is a Western country. The West is not a monolithic entity. It's a geographical term for Europe, and all European populated countries.

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Posted in: Xi says China ready to fight 'bloody battle' to regain its rightful place in world See in context

"History has already proven and will continue to prove that only socialism can save China," he said.

Then how come he wants to stay indefinitely in power in order to implement his market reforms, which are largely attempt at adopting Capitalism without threatening State power?

China has been able to grow so much because of Capitalism. The few cities where almost all the growth comes from are all free trade zones.

China is more capitalistic than America is right now. They want to have more free market but they are afraid to let go of the State control over the economy. Ultimately it's either more government or more free economy, you cannot have both, and they need free economy to keep growing. Economic growth is the only thing keeping an angry Chinese mob from stamping over the government.

Also, people are criticizing China for wanting to be more assertive abroad, while turning a blind eye on the sole superpower/hegamon. Do you all remember when Bush said - ''you are either with us or against us'', and the countless times Pentagon officials and other high officials in the US have said that they will not accept anyone challenging their world supremacy. Why is that OK, but if someone else does it it's not OK.

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Posted in: Gov't considers abolishing political fairness clause in broadcasting law See in context

I forgot to mention, another very important and necessary step for press freedom would be to abolish the Press Clubs.

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Posted in: Gov't considers abolishing political fairness clause in broadcasting law See in context

Im very surprised a dictator-ish person like Abe would want something so Liberal. In fact, just as he said, abolishing this law, which is largely used as a political tool to make the press self-censor itself would in fact spur competition among the media, which is a good thing. Japanese people need to be exposed to more variety of different views and opinions. There is no problem to have a media dedicated to praising Abe or even Nippon Kaigi as long as there is media dedicated to doing the opposite. Advocacy journalism is important and necessary ingredient for a pluralistic democracy.

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