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Posted in: Trump singers See in context

..... Facepalm

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Posted in: The cruel truths behind the pet boom See in context

We have one opening up in Chicago that is partnered with a no-kill shelter/vet clinic/adoption center. Health and happiness of the cats is supposed to be a priority, which is awesome, and they also want to help the cats find their forever homes. I hope other cafes follow suit to this model and have the best interest of the animals in mind instead of treating them so horribly and running them into sickness.

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Posted in: Attack on singer sheds light on risks of stalkers-in-waiting See in context

It might have worked better if Ms Tomita had consulted an attorney...

Really? Police are so busy they can't do their job? Then...

At that point she should have fled to the nearest koban. If she had told the cop there, ‘I’ve already reported this to the main police station,’ he would have arranged to escort her to her destination.

What a stupid and dangerous mindset to blame the victim. This shouldn't have happened. I hope this poor girl and all those that suffer (or have suffered) due to a situation like this find protection, justice, and healing.

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Posted in: U.S. woman sues Starbucks for $5 mil over ice in cold drinks See in context

If I'm not mistaken, not only do the plastic cups cost more than the paper cups, but the process of making cold-brewed coffee (instead of chilling hot coffee with water/ice) requires more time and coffee beans used in the process. That means...gasp it would be more costly to produce and require a higher price to make a profit!

If she still can't deal with that, then she just needs to make her own coffee at home.

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Posted in: What do you think of ride-booking service Uber? See in context

I frequently use it in Chicago. Every ride I've taken with Uber has been way cheaper, cleaner, and more convenient than any taxi I've taken. They have been much more safe while driving and polite as well.

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Posted in: Trump calls off Chicago rally due to security concerns See in context

Our intent is not to be violent, but to shut Trump out.

All sides in this campaign have supporters that provoked physical violence, but most of us just want to make our voices heard peacefully. (Sometimes it may seem more one that the other, depending on where you're getting your news.)

Yes, we can make a point by voting, but it should also be shown that we shall not tolerate such harmful words coming out of Trump's mouth. We will not stand by that man in his attempt to become president.

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