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Iluisa U. Tarlit comments

Posted in: Abe pivots away from painful reforms See in context

Go out and exercise your rights! Vote for the betterment if your Country for your own sake Japanese people! God bless Japan

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

Halal product is good! But then why the japanese Government is focusing on muslim countries to enter legally in Japan? How about other countries like Philippines? We Filipinos are hardworking people i hope japan government would consider us too! Thanks and God bless

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Posted in: Japan to issue disaster response guidelines for foreign tourists See in context

Nice information

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Posted in: Mister Donut becomes … Mister Cupcake? See in context

Oh i would love to taste the blueberry flavor am gonna go right away to Mr doughnut

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall; 2 U.S. airmen missing, 1 dead after being swept out to sea See in context

poor men may they rest in peace and May the Perpetual light shine upon their souls oh Lord

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon dumps rain on Japan See in context

anzen ni mina o tamotsu keep safe everyone

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Posted in: Disgraced Japanese swimmer 'lost his mind,' says JOC See in context

oh so sad about what happened to him.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl survives fall from 12th floor of condo in Kumamoto See in context

Its her guardian angel who save her God is always in control! Thanks God!

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Posted in: Murder suspect seen walking behind girl in camera footage See in context

They have to consider the dna test that have found in cugarette butts.

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Posted in: M5.6 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert See in context

I felt it while walking around hamamatsu shi machi.

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context

That person who did it was really insane! Poor girl she cant defense herself from that crooked person!

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Posted in: Japanese fans already lining up for Sept 19 release of iPhone6 See in context

Wow amusing! Imagine they can wait longer until its opening? It amazed me! How i wish i could have one

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Posted in: The most crowded train and subway lines in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are ... See in context

Good thing I choosed to ride on a jr train on a not so peak hour...

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Posted in: Police looking for man who gave 9-year-old girl tainted candy in park See in context

In our country Philippines, we teach our children not to talk or even accept what strangers gave to them. I just hope japanese parents will teach their children not to talk to starngers.

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Posted in: 2 school girls jump to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context

So sad about what happened, here in japan why they end up their lives, is there no possibilities of having a councelling?

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Posted in: Navigating a Japanese bathroom See in context

****lol, I was laughing out loud with your story, but its true for us first timer.

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