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Posted in: Giants fan who caught home run ball gives it back See in context

ps. What a friend. What a hit. What a shot.

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Posted in: New high beam lamp does not dazzle other drivers See in context

Hey ArtistAtLarge, get your eyes examined for cataract.

Mai Yenish, I thought it was about courtesy. Saves energy? How much?

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Posted in: Giants fan who caught home run ball gives it back See in context

What a dude.

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Posted in: J.League club bans teen for waving banana at Brazilian player See in context

Where's my banana? Idiot.

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Posted in: Inoki wrestles with N Korea 'sport diplomacy' See in context

Thanks for this article JT. I did not know this aspect of Mr. Inoki. Best wishes. I hope this can help to reveal more about the missing. Good on ya, Antonio. And thanks.

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Posted in: Out of date See in context

Out "of their minds". Stupid.

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Posted in: 4th in 'Beverly Hills Cop' series being shot in Detroit See in context

I would like to see it "now". This summer.

John Galt, you look just like that miserable one. Need fresh wardrobe?

Go, Murph. Rock Detroit.

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Posted in: Sri Lanka curfew extended as religious clashes spread See in context

Buddhists getting violent? Wow! People and greed.

Everyone needs money to live. If they could drop the religions; work together and share the wealth and peace.

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Posted in: Honeymooner pleads guilty to punching flight attendant See in context

Horenzo, I agree.

JT, please come through with the September 22 outcome.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy on bike dies after being hit by truck driven by 83-year-old man See in context

It's important everyone realizes that, because you can see them, does not mean that they see you. Especially when riding a two-wheeler amidst four-wheelers.

Eighty three. Should have retired, wear a yukata, sippin' tea. R.I.P.

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Posted in: Comedian George Tokoro voted most ideal father See in context

It's just an advertisement campaign. Picking a name from a list they provided. Kind of a light hearted joke.

Cortes, confidentiality is probably expected from your students, and their families. Tho, you mean well.

Where's my banana?

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Posted in: What does this Japanese candy have to do with the Red Sox? Quite a lot, actually See in context

The original Hi-Chew was soft and quite good. The current ones sold in America are hard as rock and not fun at all. I do miss the original.

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Posted in: Japan kicks off first whale hunt since U.N. court ruling See in context

They are so majestic. Wish the hunters could find a new source of income.

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Posted in: Earth calling space station See in context

What is the protocol here? Shouldn't the host country's flag be behind?

The Ambassador wears it well, huh? That's a nice blouse, made to look like a tie.

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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda starts her own production company See in context

"Felicia Club"? Why?


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Posted in: Tanaka gives up homer in first exhibition start for Yankees See in context


This article is about M. Tanaka.

And try to think and visualize words spelled out in English, not in katakana. Mannrui home-run is referred to as a grand "slam".

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Posted in: New engine, new rules and new sound for F1 in 2014 See in context

Wow! Thanks for this one JT.

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

Back to apologize for getting nostalgic. I forgot what I was reading. Much too serious to get off track.

I'm A Monkey. I'm sorry.

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Posted in: Zushi to ban loud music, alcohol at beach See in context

Zushi, my hometown. Our neighbor was a gardner (uekiya-san), he had horimono (tattoo). So did our carpenter (daiku no Mori-san).

I remember drinking beer with friends at the beach, Zushi, of course. Kids from Yokosuka Naval Base. We were 15-16 , I think. Beer was Sapporo. Sold under a nickname "Sapporo Giants". Not Gian-toh. The bottle held a gallon (?). We called it "Typhoon". That was a hot summer.

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

Sponsors of my (our) little league team, the Yokosuka Dodgers, USNH (US Naval Hospital), in the news.

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Posted in: CERN eyes new giant particle collider See in context

StormR, funny.

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Posted in: Baseball star Tanaka charters Dreamliner for flight to New York See in context

I see this guy trying to build confidence for the Dreamliner. Pretty ballsy. I wouldn't want to fly (in) it. Doing it for Boeing, JAL, and ANA.

Besides, look at his contract. Smart guy. Spend it right. I've never seen him pitch but I am sort of a fan after reading this.

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Posted in: After three hard years, Asada hopes to shine at Sochi See in context

Also wishing you the best.

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Posted in: Rocket launchers fired near U.S. base at Yokota See in context

@posters above:

How do you get China and Okinawa linked to this?

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Posted in: Everyone's Gaga See in context

Be honest. They are the coolest glasses. Perfect with the outfit she's wearing. Color coordination. Posture. She is pretty cool. Didn't know she was left handed. I am ga-ga, too.

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Posted in: Tokyo Motor Show opens with eco-friendly theme; U.S. makers stay away See in context

I came back to correct myself that, it is about the mullah. Only to find USNinJapan2's correction. So,:

@USNinJapan2, thank you. I did not know that about Nissan-Renault. I really don't know much. I'm A Monkey.

@InakaRob, good post. Good comment about the APPLIANCES.

Well, I thought that other than the Brits, they just don't want to spend the extra effort/money to place the steering for the Japanese market, and dealing with the different electrical output/input for the plug-ins. And that the Spark is made in "Korea", made them a no-show, but, it is about the mullah. It's all about the mullah. Sorry.

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Posted in: Tokyo Motor Show opens with eco-friendly theme; U.S. makers stay away See in context

I've not even sat in one, but the Chevrolet Spark EV, a plug-in, looks good. Could be a hit in Japan. But, there are reasons why the no-shows are no-shows, tho. It's not about the mullah.

Volvo is no longer Swedish owned. Chinese. And Nissan is Renault. French.

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Posted in: Darvish donates $42,000 to Jackie Robinson Foundation See in context

Hey Yu! Do you know how much you are being paid? Or are you just super cheap? Come on, do it again, and do it better. This is just so stupid, I can't believe it. Deliver.

Darvish, what will $42,000 do?

This is similar to that Japanese gold medalist (Sydney Olympics) marathon runner donating her used shoes to the kids in Fukushima. (did this actually happen?)

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Posted in: First-ever global deal struck on airline CO2 emissions See in context

Wow! Around 3% of world CO2 emissions? That's gotta be a lie. All those planes. Everyday. Everywhere.

And these phoney laws that allow you to pollute and be okay by paying money.

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Posted in: Madagascar mob lynches three on tourist island See in context

That is some photograph. That last one. Wow.

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