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Posted in: 2 Japanese men charged with attempting to smuggle 30 lizards out of Australia See in context

Max time and fine. Leave nature where it belongs. Thanks CrazyJoe. That's a good post.

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Posted in: Bad weather linked to train suicides in Japan: study See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano: Right on, dude. Excuse me for dudin' a 'buda, but you are right. They are selfish fools. I feel for them; as you might too. It must be a lonely place. But using a public stage, and leaving what must be a horrendous mess is just too uncool. And during rush hour? Ruining others' day? Perhaps days. If you've gotta go, go. Quietly and cleanly. I say, adios.

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Posted in: Ships collide off Japan coast; 5 dead,1 missing See in context


Sorry, I don't know if they (the Chinese crew) looked for people floating around or not. Neither, you. I can suppose they did. If they were under water, as the article states, rescuing couldn't be possible. Still, you are darknuts. I'm sorry. Yet, I'm A Monkey.

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Posted in: Ships collide off Japan coast; 5 dead,1 missing See in context

You wouldn't help, huh? darknuts. You're nuts. And dark.

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Posted in: Car plows into group of children, injuring 5 See in context

I thought Get Real had a good comment. Then boom! kchoze with a counter. Both are great views. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts (both of you). One ways are a good idea. Seems doable. With guardrails, just on the one side. I think most pedestrians would prefer protection.

Accidents, especially cars vs. people are total bummers. I'm sorry.

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Posted in: Mexico looks to rebuild from twin storms See in context

A little hard to make out, but that photo of "man rescues his dog" is pretty good.

Elbuda, hope your family was not affected by this.

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Posted in: 59 killed, 157 injured in Kenya mall attack; hostages still held See in context

Equality: Good one. Excellent post. "To remain 'relevent'." Probably true. Their peers? Creepy.

Thanks, Equality. And a thumbs up to Triumvere. And a thumbs down to religion (sorry).

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Posted in: 78 dead in suicide attack on Pakistani church See in context

I am sorry about what has happened.

If everyone that is religious could give up their religion, it would be so much easier to spot the enemy. A plain ol' terrorist. Not using god as a reason or a sheild.

Peter Payne, what they (militant Islamist) hate, is not just America, but other religions. That's the case here. Their own, but Christians. I know you knew PP.

Anyway, this is terrible. Yet, it is an everyday occurence, it seems.


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Posted in: Best jumper See in context

OLIMP babe! Good thing she didn't take a fall.

@Francis: Yeah, her hands were full. What were the chances, if not.

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Posted in: Japan's human rights envoy to U.N. resigns after outburst earlier this year See in context

The man's shortcomings in English is inexcusable. And I'm A Monkey, but, would like to thank the representative from Mauritius for pointing that out. That would make a huge differennce - a lawyer being present or not.

But "a video recording of the interrogation", being made as a requirement in law would be better. I don't wanna get hit on the head with a phone book. Whether yellow or white. Bananas are good. Right?

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

@Get Real: Thanks. Didn't catch that. Sorta "ha-ha".

Woo. Ginza.

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Posted in: Hiroshima girl's paper crane comes to Pearl Harbor See in context

Sadako's cranes could be distributed to TEPCO and the Prime Minister's.

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Posted in: McCain, in Russian op-ed, calls Putin dissent-quashing tyrant See in context

KGB officer. President (2 terms). Prime Minister. President again with 6 year term. Once a KGB, always a KGB.

John McCain, a true American. Always.

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Posted in: TV presenter Mino Monta's son arrested for attempted theft See in context

Hide Suzuki, why did you even question what DudeDeuce had to say? When do Americans blame everybody else? Regarding culture, we know about it. So just sit back down.

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Posted in: Obama to make rare Malaysia stop on Asia tour See in context

Hope that it is a safe trip.

Careful with questions like that, Elbuda.

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Posted in: Philippines VP to discuss truce as battles rage See in context

They are everywhere.

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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

It's called a "meltdown". Doesn't it mean that "it" is melting "down"? Emitting such tremendous heat, perpetually? It can only seem to be "in control" if there was a bottom to it. And then sides. To box it in. Then, cooling it. I mean walls of lead, without a lid (in the beginning, anyway).

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

He is lying. Thanks for the mathematics, everyone.

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Posted in: Scrapping of tsunami ship begins See in context

@Daijoboots: Thanks for the live report. Pretty cool.

@Francis Urquhart: Good thoughts. Nice try.

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Posted in: Button wants years more at McLaren See in context

Something is dragging. Aeroparts?

Good luck Jenson Button/McLaren Cars.

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Posted in: Anti-Syrian gov't protest See in context

Chronic, you should talk.

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Posted in: Rodman returns to Pyongyang but says he won't bring back jailed American See in context

Cold and hungry orphans. Wish I could help.

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Posted in: Kono urges Abe to stop being coy over Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Because of his position, PM Abe should be clear in intention and avoid Yasukuni. Please quit wasting time on this. This is such an opppurtunity for diplomacy. Simple, and effective.

@ Michael Erickson: Oshioki is fine. Everytime I read or hear a non-Japanese person whip out a word like oshioki, I personally am thankful (hope you pick up more). And the idea (about that corner), the thought is great.

@gaihonjin: Thanks.

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Posted in: Saving children from Internet addiction See in context

Blah blah blah. Saving the children? What about us?

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Posted in: High speed EXILIM with powerful image stabilization See in context

Dunno, GalapagosnoGairaishu, but this one is interesting. All that zoomin' power. I like zoomin'. Do you like zoomin'?

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Posted in: Gum with aroma of fabric softener See in context

Zero Comments. (was)

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Posted in: Source of GMO wheat in Oregon remains mystery See in context

@Get Real: You got real.

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Posted in: Control Bear STORE TOKYO to open Sept 7 See in context

In the poster, the Bear is the target, right?

But, I won't. (I am in control)

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Posted in: Why gold is making a comeback See in context

Too much reading for me.

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Posted in: Japanese influence grips Indonesia as companies flood in See in context

How do the wrestlers fit on the planes, trains, and the automobiles?

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