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I am not sure if I can, Imazine to be on their life.

Please man, drink your tea, clean your eyeglasses, listen to a little John Lennon, read the lyrics, go to your casinos, pay for your cable TV (not NHK), and do whatever else you have to, but take a moment to turn on your spell-check function, and proofread to see if the correctly spelled words make a whole lot of sense.

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Posted in: Gold, silver and two bronze a good day's work for France in judo See in context

When reporting this type of topic, it would be helpful, if you could separate by stating who the men's and women's winners are. With unfamiliar names, I didn't know I was reading the results of the women's division till the last sentence. Sure, there is Clarisse, Anicka, and Gevrise....but with other names like Tchrikishvili and Agbegnenou confusing my mind, I didn't realize when men's division results ended.

Good thing this not a spelling bee. Or a pronunciation competition. What am I doing reading I know nothing about? Just wanted to read about France having a good day. Bon.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs sister, injures mother day after prison release See in context

Thanks for your kind, human perspective jumpultimatestars.

Thanks for yours, slumdog especially @8:35PM.

Thanks for the funny, RedMars.

CalvinMonntblanc, I think, I know that you don't have a stabby ball. Just use the phone.

Good one, almxxx. Pretty super.

And les miserable, what's happened? Ya homeless now?

I'm A Monkey thinks, the mother and sister could have had money for him to get re-started. And a cheap place to rent. Money would have helped. Money...... That's the human way...... Gimme a banana.

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Posted in: Five held in Australia's largest people-smuggling raids See in context

CalvinMontblanc, is that what happens to the boat people? They get jailed? I thought that they were getting a new home. Not Australia, but a new home. Another country that Australia judged as being better than their origin. Wow. I don't know much. Thanks, I'm A Monkey.

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Posted in: Skype marks 10th anniversary See in context

$8.5 billion. Where did it go? Divided between the two? Wow.

Throw me a banana?

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan names Canadian woman as new CEO See in context

combinibento, I had to google for a photo of Eiko, to see if it wasn't a woman. You're right, it is a dude. There's a photo of him holding a shrimp burger up to his mug. His hands are all wrong. His tie, wristwatch, hair, all come into focus. No wonder they make stupid burgers. He's a farmer. I dig Japanese farmers. When they are farming. Seriously, if you don't know how to make your product look good for a promo shot, get out.

I don't like their fries much. Regardless, it's good to see a McDonald's in Japan. Or anywhere else.

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Posted in: Masked hero helps carry bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs See in context

The eye shield looks dark. I hope he can really see well enough.

As for you great gaijin gentlemen, don't change your ways. But, I suppose it can backfire sometimes. Still, don't change.

I'm A Monkey. And Japanese. I've always felt that the Japanese are kind. And helpful. Have I been wrong all these years? Yea, maybe there are more losers now. Bummer, if so.

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Posted in: Thousands in Washington mark 'I Have a Dream' speech See in context

CalvinMontblanc, arf arf. Nicely put. Could be a good speech presentation.

WilliB, could it be that the "gangsta" exist because it "will" take a bit longer, as CM says?

Different fruits.

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Posted in: Osaka taxi driver found dead at home See in context

Retro-phrenology. Dang.

There was probably more money in the beginning. The 100,000 yen is the clue. That was left to mislead the police, as if there was no foul play.

Well, two things I learned from this article: 1) a study called phrenology (thanks, Frungy) 2) that I don't have a yen symbol on my keyboard.


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Posted in: 'Barefoot Gen' comic stirs history controversy See in context


When was this? Is it current?

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Posted in: Israeli warplanes strike area near Beirut See in context


I see what you mean. I had to re-read the title. Don't worry, most will read the article that follows, and get it. But, wish they would just cut it out. I mean, all involved. Ain't gonna happen? It might. Could happen.

I dunno, I'm A Monkey. Where's that banana?

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Posted in: Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman named Chelsea See in context

Probie, you questioned, "why he decided to join".

The soldier said he went to great lengths to consciously hide the problem. As in joining a bunch of dudes dressed identically. (?)

I dunno, really. I'm A Monkey. But, how did he get that job?

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Posted in: 300 people evacuated from Hiroshima hospital following hoax bomb threat See in context

At a hospital. That's very criminal.

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Posted in: Bank on us, says Tokyo Olympic bid chief See in context

Is this the real tokyo-bakayaro?

Contain the radiation first. Please.

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Posted in: Merkel becomes first German chancellor to visit Dachau See in context

Are there memorials that the Japanese politicians can visit? I'm in the dark.

This Chancellor is the first? And now? Why not in the beginning?

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Posted in: AirAsia Japan rebranded as Vanilla Air See in context

Sales tactics. Aimed for Japanese girls/women. Might work.

The pronunciation is closer to "bunny"-la. Bani-la. They like saying it.

I dream of Haagen-Dazs. And bananas. That flies.

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Posted in: Governments face extra debt costs as stimulus dries up See in context

I don't own any bonds, but I have a few bananas I bought when they were cheaper. The problem with this is that you end up with too many that could brown.

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Posted in: Australian doctors bring woman back from the dead after 42 minutes See in context

Nessie, I understand your concerns about drowning in cold water. Luckily, she was on her couch.

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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors demand 60 years for Manning See in context

Well said, jpn-guy.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people obey traffic laws? Chinese students give their opinion See in context

Thanks, Record China, for an unbiased report of observations from your "school children".

If you are instilled rules, you will realize that, that is how and why somethings work. You know that the "knight" will not shoot off like a "rook" when playing chess. You get to know when you are safe. Sadly, when you get older, you become "smarter".

If the populace in the foreign country you are visiting behave differently on the road, maybe you don't really know the traffic laws of that country well enough.

It is true that raising your arm and signaling with your hand will get a Japanese driver to halt for you at a crosswalk (not always). And if you give a slight bow to thank the driver before your first step like a good Japanese, and if you look obviously like a foreigner, they will sht. Entertain.

When you feel that someone is watching you, when you break a rule, it is you. Yourself.

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Posted in: Apples losing their crunch to global warming, Japanese study shows See in context

Global warming. Getting pretty evident.

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Posted in: Actresses urge support for California paparazzi bill See in context

I hope the wordings are correct and that they are strong. They should get punished. Harshly. I hope they cover everything.I couldn't stand them. They are there all the time? Monkey would be thinking about a weapon, and that would not be good.

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Posted in: Get your 24-karat gold Mt Fuji replica while supplies last See in context

Doesn't look good in gold.

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Posted in: Israeli official suspended for Facebook posts on Hiroshima, Nagasaki victims See in context

When there is a commemoration regarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the assembled preach about not warring anymore. When they cry, they are taken back to that experience; remembering friends and relatives that are gone. They get together to say, "no more war."

They share the horrors that they experienced. To tell us to fear war.

Soon, these people will be gone too. I want to say thanks.

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Posted in: Honda to build new test course and mega solar power system in Sakura See in context

Thank you, badsey3.

Biotope. Now I know.

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Posted in: Japanese man injured while snorkeling in Oahu dies See in context

The outlet vents. Powerstation? Quite good?

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Posted in: Top U.S. senator heads to Asia to discuss trade, security See in context

Nobody seems to care. It's like I just found a uncrowded pool. Lots of room. He looks like a preacher.

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Posted in: 6 men given suspended sentences over Roppongi club attack See in context

Weak, weak punishment. Japanese law in this case is not a deterrent at all. 2 years max is a vacation.

Blunt or not, if it kills, it's just as good as the sharp ones. The act is even worse, when using something like a bat. Pounding, pounding, and some more pounding. Pretty barbaric. And a team effort? They should go straight to hell.

Please, improve this law.

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Posted in: Japan's giant robot proliferation continues as filming starts on live-action Patlabor movie See in context

Agreed. Chotto hazukashii ( a lil embarrassing).

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Posted in: Greetings from Moscow See in context

Greetings from Moscow. I looked for you know.

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