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Posted in: Japanese heavy metal band denied U.S. entry; club cites Trump policy See in context

The law is the law. They didn't have the right visa documents.

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Posted in: Baby boy falls to death from 6th floor in Kyoto See in context

A one-year-old "somehow ripped the net"?? Hm... more likely due to post-partem depression of the mother perhaps?

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after apparently killing parents See in context

Oh, I feel for the younger brother.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

I hope he's not representative of the politicians that run this country. If so, O M G.

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Posted in: Japan takes issue with Google maps over disputed islands See in context

Google should just use GPS or IP locate to check where the user is coming from and provide the appropriate names for that region.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

On the bright side, he IS personally addressing the declining birth rate problem.

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Posted in: Seismologists warn gov't against restarting nuclear reactors See in context

Kamikaze Japan. Need we say more?

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

I cannot live without a washlet.

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Posted in: Team creates liver from stem cells See in context

Poor mouse. A liver growing in your brain.

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Posted in: Noda says Oi reactors must be restarted to protect economy, people's livelihoods See in context

Reinaert AlbrechtJUN. 08, 2012 - 04:17PM JST He most probably didn't watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watchfeature=player_embedded&v=hLYrZsCQsko


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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context

This nuclear disaster requires an international effort to resolve. Japan is committing financial and economic suicide but not involving other nations. If Fukushima gets any worse, the ramifications would be catastrophic on the global scale. Seriously, this is a planetary emergency.

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Posted in: Man cooks, serves own genitals to 5 paying diners See in context

Oh, Japan, ugh.

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Posted in: OECD chief says Japan needs nuclear power See in context

Supporters say without nuclear power, energy-hungry and resource-poor Japan cannot continue to function normally

Then I guess we're looking at a new normal.

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman defrauded of Y20 million See in context

Stupidity on so many levels.

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Posted in: Transport Ministry says 2011 worst on record for passengers falling onto train tracks See in context

I wonder how many are keitai-use related in some way.

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Posted in: Tasty, these noodles are: Nissin gets help from Yoda See in context

What does "Boil Japan" even mean?? Lordy.

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Posted in: Cardinals bask in baseball World Series triumph See in context

YEAH! Go Cards!

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Posted in: Woman sustains burns after Halloween costume catches fire See in context

Not much room in Japan to stop-drop-roll. I do hope she gets better. That's just too tragic.

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Posted in: Steve Jobs legacy reaches far beyond Apple See in context

My school paid tribute to him today. RIP Mr. Jobs. Thank you for many years of coolness.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 13-year-old son with wooden sword See in context

This may become the root of his hatred toward women. Society be warned.

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Posted in: Beef containing radioactive cesium served to elementary school children in Kanagawa See in context

A little radioactive cesium here (in beef, etc.), a little cesium there (in veggies, etc.) -- certainly, eating 30g of any "one" food is not harmful for health. Yet has any addressed the cumulative effects of all the other food products ingested over a certain time period each and every day, esp. in light of knowing that the permissible radiation levels at which these products are marketed has also been raised?

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

Mike, go save your friendship and write a follow-up.

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Posted in: Ion system achieving water cleanup goals at the Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Where do they put that cesium?

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Posted in: Shareholders slam TEPCO at heated general meeting See in context

It reiterated that it was counting on some government aid.

"It [TEPCO] reiterated that it was counting on the tax payers on providing funds to restore normality and compensation."

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Posted in: Toyota to set up social networking service so drivers can interact with cars See in context

Your car is going to text the police when you speed to "keep you in check".

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Posted in: Tokyo elects first openly gay politician in the history of modern Japan See in context


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Posted in: Softbank ad's Shirato family member Dante Carver announces wedding See in context

Congrats...he's living the dream!

I'm sorry, what's that dream?

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Posted in: Lawson to send mobile store to tsunami-hit Tohoku See in context


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Posted in: French ban on Islamic veils put into force See in context

Nurse Olfa Belmanaa is opposed. “We are in France, we are in a democratic country where everyone has the right to do what they want. If they want to wear a veil or go completely nude that’s their right.”

Uh... no. That's not what democracy means. Democracy means that the majority rules, and if the majority says no burkas... then guess what... no burkas.

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