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Posted in: Time to tax sugar to combat health crisis: experts See in context

Problem: Gov need money

Solution: Gov taxes sugar.

The end LOL


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Posted in: Kyoto rejects ceremonial bonfire wood from Iwate over radiation fears See in context

Logical decision they have put people's health as highest priority.

Nothing more.

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Posted in: Ichihashi admits to raping, strangling Hawker, but denies intent to kill See in context

I am amazed how many people think the solution to murders is by re-committing the same act of murder.

You think he is an animal but then are instantly prepared for another human (the accused) to go through exactly the same thing. Doesn't that make you the animal? Oh no but your reason to kill is more valid than his right?

He should be put away for a long time but his life should be spared.

People like this are not born evil. they usually undergo particularly horrible childhood and experiences of abuse and as intelligent and understanding human beings we should strive to not let the revenge feeling of murder overtake our reasoning.

Come on people, try and elevate your level of thinking up a knotch...

This said I have deep sympathies for the poor parents of this girl.

I just think "murdering him back" is futile logic.

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Posted in: Obama says 33,000 troops will leave Afghanistan by next summer See in context

Why are we all so willing to get involved and sacrifice 'ourselves' for the political stability of some middle eastern country that has nothing to do with us,

If we were going to 'hrlp' the world why not start with the more direct problems, of countless dying in Africa each day from hunger.

We could of just about cured that problem with the same amount invested in the war, right?

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let me get this straight.

It took the CIA 10 years to find a guy hiding in a cave?

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Posted in: Mother accepts kindergarten graduation certificates on behalf of missing daughters See in context

Really sad to see this kind of thing. and feel so bad for the mother. She must be so upset :( It is a good gesture what she did..

Things like this make me hope that the people don't return to the danger areas of coastal Japan and stay inland. Even if it impracticle the areas should not be inhabited!

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Posted in: Mother murders her 2 children; then tries to kill herself See in context

I love it how when such an event occurs people instantly blame the person who committed the acts and dont bother to look any deeper.

Do you think she was born evil? Seriously if you live in Japan you may fathom how ridiculously hard life can be if you have no support networks, friends, income etc..Its easy to judge from your own perspective. Poor woman must have been going through hell. my deepest sympathies for the children who had their whole lives in front of them....

In my eyes the underlying issue is that LIFE IS HARD IN JAPAN, Lack of government, social institutions to assist people, financially, socially, and so on...Overdriven competition etc...these are all factors...dont be too quick to blame an individual for society's conditions.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

"What is it like to base one's entire existence on something that happened three generations ago? I am certainly glad I don't know."

It is nice that you have an opinion on such a delicate matter however your opinion completely ignore China's perspective of the issue..

I think it is important for people to learn about this tragic event...especially in today's world where war is still very much in practice. Japan is a great country today, however it has a violent past which needs to be recognised if only for the effort of preventing such a mode of thought in future generations. We are not incapable of performing such senseless acts again.

The tragedy of war does not seem to be understood by all as we still partake in it today, and hopefully the tragic events of the past such as Nanjing and Hiroshima can help shape a future society that sees war for what it is...

my 2 cents.

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Posted in: Dante Carver mum on relationship with Vivi model See in context

he is sooo cooll!!! kakoiiii.... he is just such a hit with that white dog, it makes me laugh so hard everytime i see his funny adds. woop woop.

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Posted in: Jetstar's 3rd anniversary See in context

she is hot as hell.

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