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Posted in: Both ship captains to blame in whale protest sinking: NZ gov't report See in context

it's clear that japan is not hunting on Victorian levels.

Nobody said they were.

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Posted in: Both ship captains to blame in whale protest sinking: NZ gov't report See in context

Because it's open seas.

Many won't have heard of international agreements such as the Madrid protocol. This designates the Antarctic as a 'natural reserve, devoted to peace and science'.

What a wonderful document! Isn't it amazing that, in this world filled with greed and hate, countries could agree to such a beautiful thing... and remember, this agreement also manages to ban mining down there.

So what does Japan bring to the table?

A huge Victorian-era style killing fleet, burning 1000s of tonnes of gasoline to travel to the far ends of the earth to greedily grab whales for oyajis in izakayas... spitting in the face of every single one of the countries nearest to the Antarctic...

Well done, Japan! So great to see you keeping in the spirit of the Madrid Protocol.

Advancement in technology.

A country imposes its values on a pristine environment on the other side of the earth, and then has the bare-faced cheek to turn around and tell people, oh, it's "our culture". And the only response you have is a lame attempt at a joke... sad really.

Come on now, tell us, what do you have to say about Japan's repeated cries of "food culture, food culture, food culture"... a culture which demands to grab whales from the other side of the globe... tell us what you really think about that...

I'll tell you what I think... if my country and government was claiming a culture which needed to be supported by grabbing beautiful creatures from the other side of the globe I would want nothing to do with that culture, because it's not culture, it's just greed and arrogance...

Maybe you should lobby the Australian/NZ government to stop importing/exporting via ocean cargo.

Haha, you walked into that one, didn't you. I oppose that trade... so what's your point? Try to elevate your arguments above the high school debating club level.

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Posted in: Both ship captains to blame in whale protest sinking: NZ gov't report See in context

Why on earth is Japan even in the Antarctic?!

They are always going on and on about needing whales for their precious food culture...

Since when did Japan's food culture include areas on the other side of the planet??!!

Remember this is a pristine wilderness environment... it's sheer greed on the part of the Japanese to demand to take whales there. Think of all that gasoline they are burning to get their huge Victorian-era fleet all the way down there.

It's completely out of step with world opinion, and also out of step with all the countries nearest to the Antarctic, countries who naturally consider this area to be their neck of the woods.

Count them on your fingers... every single one of them opposed to whaling... South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand...

How incredibly arrogant and nasty of Japan to ignore their opinions.

And for what?! So a few oyajis can get a plate of whale in an izakaya. What's more important for the Japanese? Making friends with their neighbors on the world stage or those izakaya oyajis? It makes one wonder if there is not a reason why Japan is having so many disputes with its neighbors!!

Take whales closer to home Japan and get out of the Antarctic. It's an environmental wonderland down there... why can you only see it as a place to plunder...?

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Posted in: 'Herbivore' men misunderstand what marriage arranging parties are all about See in context

This is just excellent excellent news.

Calling all red-blooded foreign guys... the coast is clear in Japan!

Japanese guys are mostly faint hearts, so it's up to us to treat these Japanese ladies properly.

Go get 'em lads...

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Posted in: New Lumix boasts world’s fastest auto focus See in context

If the GH1 is anything to judge by, this will be a wonderful camera.

Beautiful images and beautiful video with interchangeable lens flexibility in a package much smaller than an SLR.

If you don't need video you'll probably look elsewhere, but if you are (like me) a parent who is sick and tired of lugging round an SLR and a camcorder then this camera will be an excellent solution.

Seriously, the video is simply awesome and you can also take really great still pics.

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I accompany some Japanese students to a US university on an academic visit some summers. It is science related.

The American students we meet have (in almost all cases) never been to a foreign country and, as far as we can tell, have no inclination to visit a foreign country or learn a foreign language.

It seems we are all supposed to come to them...

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Posted in: Drunken man arrested after man falls to death off train platform See in context

I couldn't care less.

adds a lot to the discussion, well done.

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Posted in: Drunken man arrested after man falls to death off train platform See in context

Ethanol is a drug, a dangerous drug.

Yeah, well I don't want to live in your "safe" world...

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Posted in: Drunken man arrested after man falls to death off train platform See in context

I can't believe the holier-than-thou attitude of some of the people posting here. I feel as if I have walked into a temperance movement's meeting.

Who hasn't been staggering drunk themselves?

Most of us have. My feeling for the drunk guy is "there but for the grace of God go I."

This was an accident and a tragic one. The man will have to pay a price, that is inevitable but comments such as:

He should live in a tiny 4.3mat room, give all but subsistence wages to the victim's family, abstain forever from alcohol and have is walls plastered with the photos of the man he killed. And to wrap things up, have the man's name tattoed on his hands so that he sees it every single day of the rest of his pathetic life.

are just plain ridiculous.

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This bear is psychologically damaged. It has "zoochosis". Look it up on google... ...most visitors to zoos don't care about it

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Posted in: Ragtag military left to defend Japan on shoestring budget See in context

The chronic shortage of toilet tissue is a terrible state of affairs.

It's quite obvious the Japanese military is just papering over the cracks here.

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Japan has decimated the fisheries surrounding Japan.

If it couldn't manage those fisheries nearest to Japan, why on earth should we have any confidence in what Japan is doing on the high seas?

Based on its record in managing its own fisheries, Japan is a very dangerous fishing nation.

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My son's already got more friends than me and he's only 2...

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Posted in: 'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary See in context

We, who are not Japanese do not need to criticize the Japanese for their traditions.

I think you misunderstood my post.

I'm not talking about criticizing the Japanese for their traditions.

I'm saying there was no need for Japan to try to cover up the slaughter with silly blue tarpaulins. By doing so they created an even juicier topic... ripe for a documentary producer to make a film about.

I'm also saying that the documentary film maker could (should) have been Japanese, but the media is so timid in Japan we hardly ever get hard-hitting documentaries.

These 2 things IMHO created the circumstances for a foreign film maker to step and make a documentary which has become world famous.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary See in context

This is another PR disaster for Japan. They are so useless at PR it is unbelievable.

Their big error was to try and cover up the dolphin slaughter. They used blue tarpaulins, banned filming, harassed people trying to film it... that is just an absolutely silly approach. For any (normal) documentary film maker that is like a red rag to a bull. They'll be smacking their lips at the juicy opportunity... a film of the dolphin slaughter taken against all odds... the documentary they tried to ban... etc

This raises the other point. Notice I put a "normal" before documentary film maker above. Japanese documentary makers are far from normal. Why on earth haven't the Japanese media made a documentary about this? Are they too busy filming programs about ramen?

We rarely get any hard hitting documentaries about the more unpalatable sides of life here in Japan. The media is not fulfilling its role, presumably from fear of upsetting people watching, upsetting the subjects of the documentary, upsetting the government, etc. This timid media is useless and this fear of upsetting people makes TV here bland and childish too the extreme.

We criticize (for example) the BBC in the UK but at least they make some great hard-hitting documentaries... how about "Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood" showing the inside workings of a family slaughterhouse in the UK. Or how about any of Michael Moore's documentaries? The Japanese media certainly is too timid and that's left this open for a foreign documentary team to make a great documentary... and look how successful they have been with it.

If the Japanese had from the start been open about the slaughter (we are very sorry but this is our culture and this is how we do it) and if the Japanese media operated as a normal media should then The Cove would never have been made.

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It must be there to renew its visa.

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This is about the right level for a young Japanese woman... pretend to kick a football. Let's just hope she doesn't try to do anything more difficult.

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This is about the right level for young Japanese women... holding a donut. Let's hope they don't attempt anything more difficult...

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These aren't pro-whaling protestors, they are rightists.

If you've ever seen a rightist demo you will realise it's a rag tag group of unemployed people, unemployable people, borderline criminals and the insane.

A sad bunch indeed and if I were a pro-whaler I would feel very uncomfortable finding myself in the same bed as these idiots.

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Posted in: Lysacek won the Olympic gold; Plushenko won the argument See in context

I agree with Plushenko. We want quads... and lots of them!

And then we need to progress to quintuples for the next Olympics.

And looking forward to 2018 we need septuples

Oh, and Lysacek shouldn't be champion simply because of his oily hair... that looks horrible.

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

Let's hope they get married and live happily ever after... if only it had happened the day before...

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Posted in: Sexless in Japan See in context

Does you theory also work in reverse? Does a woman have the right to seek satisfaction elsewhere if her husband turns off the 'sex tap?

Of course... in this case the husband isn't fulfilling his conjugal responsibilities so the wife has every right to look elsewhere.

But I agree with darkknight, it's a rare case. It's much more common for the woman to switch off the sex tap.

And woman who do so are very mistaken, imho. They have thought nothing about the consequences and effects... just acting selfishly for themselves.

But in Japan if you're a foreign guy in this situation there is no need to suffer in silence. Get out and about and before long you'll find a nice lady who is eager for the affection and intimacy that your wife refuses to provide.

And if your wife finds out about it then tell her clearly and firmly that it is her fault... her selfish behavior has provoked this situation.

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Posted in: For girls who want to wear their hearts on their panties See in context

Excellent... This is why I came to Japan. I'm gonna buy a pair for my gf for Valentine's. She's 43 but I'm sure she'll like them and look good in them...

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Posted in: Skepticism over Toyota's fixes grows as probe widens to Prius See in context


Which Toyota r u driving? I've always quite fancied the Mark 2 (I think it's a Mark X now) but ended up with the Alphard... damn!

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Posted in: Skepticism over Toyota's fixes grows as probe widens to Prius See in context

@Branded Many thanks. I'll keep my eye on the news coming out in Japan.

I've quite liked the Alphard so far but if it suddenly starts propelling me down the Tomei Expressway with no brakes I think my feelings might change...

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IMHO if a wife (Japanese or otherwise) turns off the sex tap then I think that gives any man the right (yes the right) to seek satisfaction elsewhere. And if the wife finds out about it then, tough cheese... she needs to be told that it was her fault.

For a foreign guy in Japan there's absolutely no need to suffer a sexless life if your wife has decided she doesn't want it any more. Put yourself around town a bit and you'll find plenty of ladies (married and single) who will be more than willing to get together for some mutually rewarding experiences.

It will give you a boost and allow you to get one over your wife who isn't fulfilling her conjugal duties.

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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context

It would be helpful if you didn't decide to jump 66 years in timeframe in the middle of an exchange.

You're talking about learning from the past!! Here in the 21st Century we still have America swaggering around like a cowboy on the world stage, wading into Iraq on the basis of a lie, killing 1000s of civilians, creating massive new numbers of terrorists who want to attack the west... what has America learned?

But Indonesia did become independent of Dutch rule. That's a fact.

Unfortunately most of the romusha didn't become independent... they were dead. I suppose that is in a way a kind of "liberation"...

Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nanking was UNDOCUMENTED.

Google Askew and Nanjing to find a very interesting article that shows what primary and secondary documentation is available.

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Posted in: Skepticism over Toyota's fixes grows as probe widens to Prius See in context

I'm driving an Alphard here in Japan... should I be worried? I guess we are safe over here... err, aren't we?

Anyone else driving a Toyota in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context


By "Aggressor countries" I was refering to the Axis powers. Which obviously excludes the United States.

I was referring to your word "injustice"...

And just for the record, we never deliberately targeted civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This must make the relatives of the families of the tens of thousands of civilians killed by US and British forces in these countries feel so much better...

the historical fact that Imperial Japan's expansion over Asia directly and indirectly resulted in the iberation and independence of several Asian nations

Do you understand the meaning of the word liberation? I know American's are losing their concepts of freedom and democracy as they allow the "war on terror" to turn their country into a police state, but this assertion is just plain ridiculous.

How about Japan's "liberation" of your country's colony the Philippines? What a wonderful "liberation" that was.

Or how about the Indonesian romusha... how they could enjoy their marvelous liberation...

Admit it, Nanking was undocumented

I'm sorry, you're just plain wrong on this point. Historians have been using both primary and secondary sources to analyze the atrocity.

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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context


The injustice my country has done to the native americans, african americans, etc are all history are aren't about to happen now. All the "aggressor" nations during WWII are now peaceful democracies

Haha this made me laugh out loud. You know I think some Iraqi and Afghanistan families who have seen loved ones killed are going to disagree with you.

Execution Rocks, Long Island Sound, New York. The British chained Americans to rocks that would become submerged at high tide. Revolutionary War. Add that to your list

It's already on the list. That's my point. I take it carpet bombing, agent orange, etc are on your list. ..

If there was any propaganda , it was the repeated mention of the extent to which European powers had colonized and raped Asian natons of their resources.

I completely accept that European powers greedily exploited Asia. Who wouldn't? But to give that information as the Yushukan does and then to present Japan as a savior of Asia is just pure propaganda and ludicrous. But you go ahead and lap it up if you want to.

That is how"undocumented" Nanking really is

It's convenient for the Japanese. Instead of looking long and hard at the behavior of Japan's armed forces in Asia, they can endlessly debate and deny numbers and statistics.

Hey, I wonder if the Japanese are planning a war memorial for the American POWs who met an appalling fate on Chichi-jima, similar to the memorial garden the Aussies built for the Japanese POWs at killed at Cowra...

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