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Posted in: Woman, 37, arrested for stabbing 14-year-old son with knife after argument over PC See in context

What was she doing going up to his room WITH a knife? If you take it you at least mean to be able to use it.

What was wrong with the less expensive idea of cutting the mouse cable?

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Posted in: Speedo See in context

You can most anything in China for under $15

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Posted in: McCain says Obama wants to forfeit war in Iraq See in context


Who wins will make a difference,

Sorry, I'm just having a bad day today, I got my keyboard working & now3 I can't use it.

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Posted in: McCain says Obama wants to forfeit war in Iraq See in context

There is a large amount of truth to what you wrote, but it really doesn’t change what I wrote. What happens in the US over the coming months is all our businesses. Won win will make a difference, even if we are not American & cannot vote. And maybe you can feel the trace of bitterness there, we can’t vote, but can & very often do pay the price for who runs your country.

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Posted in: How airlines deal with 'customers of size' See in context


"Have you people no sympathy? No compassion?"

After an 11 hour flight? No

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Posted in: How airlines deal with 'customers of size' See in context

Why can’t we just call fat people what they are,fat? How they got that way is really not my business any more than it is my business how somebody ended up with three screeming kids & why they have to travel half way round the world on the same plane as me.

Adding to this is that they pay the same seat price as me. And don’t tell me a baby weighs less, that in it self is too obvious, but have you ever seen a mother & baby with less than twice the luggage that you have?

I am not allowed to smoke on a plane because it upsets other people, fine, I can accept that, so why must I be “upset” by these people who think that fat & baby are just fine & I must be a monster for not wanting them anywhere near me? I weigh 61Kg & yet I am reading about weights of 250Kg being alright, no they are not.

There should be a simple rule for all, you walk up to the check in & you & your luggage are weighed & you pay accordingly. No, not double price because it is really only the extra fuel that fat people should be paying for.

As for offending somebody by saying they are fat, well if they are they are, get real & face the facts of life. If it is used as an insult then yes, but if you are stating a fact because you are talking about weight & seat sizes, that is not an insult.

Think of this, a special new diet centre has just opened in XXX & it has proved to be amazing good, so a diet club at YYYY sends 100 of it’s member to try out this new centre. What happens, plane can’t get off the ground or crashes through shortage of fuel half way there.

Maybe giant mirrors & scales at all check ins could bring about a sea change, anything butdon’t sit them next to me.

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Posted in: Bush calls for freedom of speech in China See in context

It isn’t (yet) a choice between America or Chnia, thankfully.

Given the percentage of both American & Chinese that live outside their respective counties it seems I might not be the only one thinking this way.

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Posted in: McCain says Obama wants to forfeit war in Iraq See in context


"and his family name is equally foreign"

What is a "foreign" name to an American?


"We were winning in Vietnam until the liberals forced us to pull out before the job was done."

Don't you dare ever say another word about Japanese history after that remark.

Or did you mean by "job was done" there were still some locals left alive?

"If they get out too soon, the only Iraqis managing their own affairs will be the extremist wacko Iraqis like the ones we ousted."

That I agree with, when the foreign troops leave there will be civil war, but that will happen whenever they leave, now or at any time in the future. Why stay losing men by the day & costing the US insane amounts of money it doesn't have for what will happen anyway?

The one serious mistake an outsider can see clearly is that the Republicans make a really stupid mistake sellecting McCain, he is far too old, he belongs to the wrong generation & some don't even believe he would live out a single term in office.

And as an outsider some might tell me to mind my own business, what happens in the US is all our businesses until somebody gets a grip on the way that country runs it's foreign policy we all pay for it's mistakes.

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Posted in: A big black eye for the IOC See in context


"Without the athletes there would be no Olympics,"

It's alway about these poor athletes that have trained for FOUR or more years to get to this games. So what? They have acted with a degree of selfishness that beggers belief. They are seen as being so special, more special than the human rights of the Chinese people?

The games should never have gone to China & the fact that did should have meant that many athletes should have started to look at the 2012 games rather than these games.

It is nothing but sport, there are far more important things in life. Little boys infront of their TVs need to grow up. It is not important & only the childish hype makes it important.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Lolita subculture thumbs nose at men See in context


"also meaning no gays or non-christians,"

Sorry but I just have ask, where the hell do you live?!


Why should anybody take against Lolitas? They are harmless, mostly silly cute, sometimes very odd, but always harmless. Leave the girls alone they are doing what they enjoy & they are NOT telling you how you should live. Alot of the clothes they make themselves so they not spending stupid money on stupidly expensive bags & whatever else. They are fun & they can make the streets fun & interesting too.

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context


"The bases in Japan today have lost any meaning they might once have had and as such should be removed, for both the Japans and Americas sake."

"they might once have had"

I think, though for different reasons, we were in agreement.

I would add that I think Bibric wants the bases in Japan so as to keep them out of Korea, but still close to hand should South Korea need a little helping hand.

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context


Like most deep poets your words will not be understood in your life time. This sad but how it is.

Now can I ask are you for or against US bases in Japan?

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Posted in: Bush says N Korea must verify denuclearization See in context

Is anybody really listening to anything that Bush says, aside from a few you here that is?

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context

The Funny Man

"but rather with the intention of preventing the spread of communism, which was considered an threat to American interests, and therefore an indirect threat to American security."

American security or American business? Is there in fact, for America, a difference?

You go on to say;

"I think that forward deploying military forces to East Asia is expensive and at this point the costs far outweigh the benefits. "

But hasn`t this alway been the case? The "fight" against communism was alawys going to be unwinnable when you are fighting against what a native population "believes" they want?

In any real sense I agree with you, but I believe the US has handled the last 60+ years so badly that they have lost trust where they had it and confirmed a lack of trust where that already existed.

The bases in Japan today have lost any meaning they might once have had and as such should be removed, for both the Japans and Americas sake.

Sorry but my keyboard seems to have gone totally mad, the keys have all changed and I have to give up. Sorry.

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context


"Heck, if we'd just let Europe figure out what to do when Hitler attacked..."

That is exactly what the US did do. Germany declared war on the US or had you forgotten the minor detail?


You leave very little to be said & I agree with you about 99% sadly as you can see many people really do still believe the rubish about the US protecting Japan. After the second world war the US created a series of defence rings around itself. For either the USSR or China to attack the US they would first have to go through these defence rings. It would have stopped them, but it would have expensively slowed them down. This is the prime reason the US nearly went to war with the USSR over bases in Cuba. The USSR had come right inside the final shield. Britain, Germay & Japan are military bases. Remember Britain was an ally of the US & yet they are still an occupied country today, & who are the US defending them from?

If you are an American I can well understand you believing what you were taught to believe, it is the drip drip feed of your education, but should you have the courage to step outside what you have been taught without feeling you are betraying your country, which you would not be doing, you might just be able to see the world & the US from a surprisingly different poiint of view. You are not seen as the worlds policeman, you are seen as a reckless threat to world peace who only ever act in your own self interest with little thought give to those you ask & expect support from.

Nobody (I hope) is damning the American people here, but we see an America that Americans seem to be blind to.

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Posted in: Tires on 100 cars slashed in Fukushima See in context


"The local tyre sales outlets must be wringing their hands in glee!"

Maybe you hav ejust found the guilty party

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Posted in: Do you think the Olympic Games will be a success? See in context


I agree, I don't have any real reason for expecting something, other than the Chinese being the Chinese, but I am half waiting for something to go seriously wrong.

These are the people that supply the 100 yen shops, the todo cien shops, the world's provider of cheap crxp & that alone should be a worry.

Mid-August headline;

"Birds nest disaster"

It's a possible.

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Posted in: Canada bus killer ate part of victim See in context

What type of interview did he go to that he needed a big knife or for that matter scissors?

I suppose living in Canada would drive anybody to murder, the biggest sleepy little country in the world.

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Posted in: Bush says U.S. not neglecting Asia amid war on terrorism See in context

The mans got only a few months left in office, so why should ahybody take any notice of anything he says or does? This is not a US government trip, this is a Bush business trip. Hey the mans got to earn a living after he's out of the white house. Japan's a done deal, no point going back, but maybe there are a few contracts that need signing else where.

Would you buy a second hand car from that man?

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Posted in: Hunter dies in suspected bear attack in Hokkaido See in context

I hope the bear got away without two holes in it, that would be cruel. The old guy was a hunter & failed, sorry, but he went where the bears live & got killed by one. I can't feel bad about that.

Zen builder. Are there no supermarkets where you come from, I mean, do you really NEED to go out killing things for food? Maybe it saves money, & maybe if that is true then I'm on the side of boar & I don't wish you luck next time you go out killing. It didn't come looking for you remember.

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Posted in: Do you think the Olympic Games will be a success? See in context

For China it is already a success, they got the olympics. What happens from this point on means nothing, they conned the world & got the games, now they can con their own people & say " look how wonderful we are, we got the games".

I could say more but I'm getting tired of being deleted by the censor.

FairandBalanced at 12:14 PM JST - 1st August

"US should hold all future games, for freedom, security and world class facilities."

Very funny.

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Posted in: Canada bus attack leaves man decapitated See in context

One very important point nobody seems to be asking about is why was this crazy carrying a very big knife? Is this normal on buses in Canada, does one need a big knife on buses in Canada? I know that it is a big country with large open spaces, but does mean that there are no rest stops, do passengers have to get off the bus every few days & hurt some fresh meat? So therefore needing a big knife?

I did think Canada was one of those really sad countries where nothing ever happens. Well they made a bid for the murder olympics with this one.

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Posted in: 11 men arrested in record porn DVD bust See in context

"and lists of 120,000 individual clients"

I can't see where it says "Japanese clients"

Let's just hope that the Japanese police share this list with other interested police around the world. Where child porn really does matter.

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Posted in: Hamas hunts down Fatah rivals after deadly Gaza bombing See in context

“Those who carried out this crime are making war on God, on the security of Gaza, and on the resistance,” he said. “They will not be released after six months but will be hanged from the gallows and shot.”

Not nice when it happens to your own is it?

I wonder what the press would have to say if someone in Israel said this about the palestian killers?

Libertas. I half agree. A new game of "let's you & him fight". I don't think they set it up, but they are not going to be unhappy about it. Why should they be?

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Posted in: Hello Kitty 1-Seg portable TV See in context

Can show sub titles!

Very, very, very little sub titles.

Kawaii it is not. I hate that cat.

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Posted in: S Korea reportedly plans to build hotel on disputed islets See in context


you are an idealist living in a black & white world & I sort of respect you that. But I do think you are setting your self up for disapointments. Getting any Japanese & Korean to agree about anything is beginning to feel as though it might be impossible. And that is so sad.

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Posted in: S Korea reportedly plans to build hotel on disputed islets See in context


Thank you for the apology. I'm sorry that I over reacted in relation to you personally. I found that I was being deleted so often that I was losing track of what I had & hadn't said. T

I still believe that you are avoiding a simple way of dealing with the island problem, if you are as confident of your position as you say then you have no reason for not going before an international court. Your arguements against this are so thin that I have to believe that you are not confident or that you have some other not stated reasons for avoiding court. I am not Japanese as I have already told you, but I openly admit that I do side with Japan on this issue because all historical evidence points to Japan being in the right. This is not because I am being anti-Korean, because I am not anti-Korean. If I believed you were in the right I would back you that.

Perhaps what is more important here is something that Rekishika touched on above. Whatever the value to anybody of these islands a fight over them between Japan & Korea is really stupid, for both of them. So much more is going to be lost & for so little. There is so much that the two countries share & so much more that they could go on to share & all this stands to be lost over these islands. They are not worth that to either country. Outsiders like Rekishika & myself, plus many others can see this, you are holding your national pride too close & losing sight of what you stand to lose. The very idea that your two countries could come to blows over these islands is madness. Would you personally be comfortable with the idea that people, Japanese or Korean, might die for these islands?

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Posted in: S Korea reportedly plans to build hotel on disputed islets See in context

South Korea knows that it would lose if it went before the courts & THAT is the ONLY reason they never will go to court.

I will not waste any more time

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Posted in: Obama defends plans for direct talks with Iran See in context

Ahmadinejad has been upsetting his own of late so it might be an idea to wait 6 months & see if he is still there. As for mistranslations of what he did or didn’t say. This may or may not be true, I don’t speak the language so can’t say. But if it did happen it’s not the norm, the same however can’t be said about the Islamic press which seems to have a general policy of mistranslating everything said in the west about Muslims.

Obama isn’t there yet, in 6 months time he too might be a forgotten person, I think I would rather wait & see rather than fall for any electioneering he might be doing around the world today.


When your agenda is so obvious your reasoning becomes weak. Israel has many years of very good reasons for being the way it is. That does not mean that they are the “goodies” in this, but it does mean I can understand why they react as they do. You however believe only what the Palestinians & the left wing media tell you, when did you ever allow yourself to actually listen to anything that Israel had to say? No, your mind is too well filtered to allow that to happen. You think you understand & for you that will always be all that you need. There is no honesty in selective blindness & seeing the Middle East from the point of view of Israel is so socially uncomfortable isn’t it?

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Posted in: Do you worry about the risk of getting cancer from long-term cell phone use? See in context

Before anybody else gives an answer to this question they really should take a look at this clip. I am not saying mobiles caurse cancer, but sticking your head in a microwave simply can’t be good for you.

Will I reduce my mobile use? No, life is too full of other risks & I had no plan on living for ever.



Two things, watch the clip in relation to what you said. Abject fear will change what you are doing. And, I think it is a really good idea that “some” people carry their phones in their pockets, there are some people we just do not want reproducing.

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