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Imanishi E. comments

Posted in: FamilyMart inadvertently gives away pearl in pack of seafood snacks See in context

Do not tell anyone or else FamilyMart might ask for it back.

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Posted in: Polish court to rule on Polanski extradition to U.S. See in context

is he a pervert? if so don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

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Posted in: EU welcomes more active Japanese security role See in context

The EU and the UN have over stayed their welcome. The are ineffective and only cause trouble.

NATO has a purpose.

I hear that many in the USA wishes to waive "good bye" to the UN. They should be moved to Jeruslem. That would put them at least at some place that requires work . Wonder how many countries would want to move there?

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Posted in: Shiga police arrest youth who posted prank YouTube videos See in context

Take these hooligans to places where they make little rocks from big ones.

Toothpicks in food , hacking, theft. Let them learn early that there is a price to pay. Maybe crime will decrease once they see it is more than slap on hand.

Also a good health step if you have the exercise of swinging heavy hammers on smaller rocks.

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Posted in: Why a Samsung takeover of Blackberry could make sense See in context

Blackberry has loyal following. Growth through acquisition.

Technology of Blackberry needs to be moved forward at light speed.

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Posted in: A brief history of the evolution of Japanese school lunches See in context

Japan lets local influence decide school lunches , not wife of leader of country who is large as house and has no technical degree in dietary needs. My niece in USA throws lunches forced upon her in garbage.

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Posted in: Putin, Netanyahu in top 10 most admired in U.S. Why? See in context

America admires leadership which is presently not available in USA.

Buck stops at top in Israel, Russia and USA

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Posted in: Seahawks rally past Packers to book Super Bowl return See in context

Moral of story, never give up.

Green Bay controlled 99% of game but was tied at end of regular time after last few minutes surge by Seattle..

Seattle won in over time.

Never give up.

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Posted in: Free trade agreement between Japan, Australia goes into effect See in context

Equal trade is the only fair way. If Japan exports for example 50 billion yen in goods to Australia each year, then Australia should be able to export 50 billion yen in products to Japan. The negotiators decide the product needs by each country and system to achieve this

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Posted in: University lecturer found naked on campus in Tokyo See in context

possibly his clothes had been stolen and her parents had come home without notice.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of legalizing casino gambling in Japan? See in context

I prefer to save my money when possible.

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Posted in: To build a better bento See in context

****what happened to bento knife ? I have one from many years ago.

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