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Posted in: AKB48 girls dress up as Chun-Li to promote new 'Streetfighter' movie See in context

If only Jackie chan was there dressed up in his chun li outfit from city hunter XD

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Posted in: Woman dies after falling down elevator shaft in Hyogo See in context

They should review all of their elevators company wide and put strict safety measures to make sure you can't open the doors without the lift actually being there, its a simple trip circuit, and you could intergrate an 'OK to go' beacon and sounder.

But this won't happen obviously

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Posted in: Body of young woman found in Fukuoka river See in context

The later investigation into her death will take this story into the category of Crime for sure.

Maybe suicide? But yer i agree with ya.

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Posted in: Man convicted of killing Japanese girlfriend in California See in context

How do you stab someone with barbecue tongs? Am I thinking of the right thing?

Another report suggests she was stabbed and beaten. A pair of salad tongs was found nearby. Perhaps he used a different utensil for the stabbing perhaps the meat skewer?

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Posted in: Boycott of violent Japanese video game urged in U.S. See in context

Firstly before I read this, i had no idea this game existed, so thanks for advertising it so widely JT. I'm sure the US government will keep people from googling and downloading it since its already plastered everywhere on the net.

Secondly if someone really wants this game they are the kind that are not going to buy it from a shop and face the embarrassment of looking the shop attendent in the face while handing over their cash. Instead they'll download it illegally where they can't be judged.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl arrested for abandoning mother's body in Okinawa home See in context

This is really good. I hope they find out what really happened!

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Posted in: Sexy female reporters mobilized to cover L&G chairman See in context

Female ninjas? Whatever! We know exactly what you think of these 'female reporters'. Prostitutes! there i've said it.

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Posted in: Convenience store manager stabbed in robbery in Saitama See in context


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Posted in: Mainichi employee punches customer over non-payment See in context

Apparently the knuckle sandwiches are FREE!

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