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Posted in: Tokyo is the world's most forward-thinking city. It sets global trends in everything from technology to fashion. See in context

(no offense meant but )

Japan is number one when it comes to research and development when it comes to technology discoveries.

Japan and Korea are tie-ups in leading technologies.

still, South Korea's fashion is a number one because of their cheek, classic, simple and elegant style.

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Posted in: Murdered man stabbed 20 times in face See in context

In terms of anger management, this is the type of guy that holds his temper for too long and finally releases it out. It's like a time bomb or a volcano eruption. In summary, the grudge of this person has reached its limit which is why he/she blackened out by killing him mercilessly without stopping.

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Posted in: Nissan forms partnership with China's Tsinghua University See in context

okay it seems like they still haven't learned there lesson YET. have they?

Aiming to solidify the strategic joint research efforts between Nissan and Tsinghua University, the agreement includes a mutual personnel exchange program designed to take advantage of both parties’ strengths.

You gotta be kidding me. After the island dispute, you still want to be engage with them? uh-oh. tsk.

While China has grown to become the largest automobile market in the world, Nissan aspires to create and contribute new ideas to the future of its mobility society. In order for Nissan to accomplish this goal, it needs a strong local partner to aid in the understanding and research of the unique challenges China poses, especially for advanced technologies

Dear Nissan, if you're reading this, I think you should know that China is popularly known as a "copy cat" and by the mere fact that you wanted to help them, I don't think it's doing you any good because one, they'll learn from you and soon copy your technology, and two, once they've already learned how to do everything, they'll toss and neglect you. The only way here is just share something which you two can help each other to make it better. Remember the MOU contract can have loopholes if not fully studied and Chinese people are good with this so be extremely careful. It's not all about the money sometimes.

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Posted in: Noda, Abe kick off election campaign in Fukushima See in context

Election is in the air. I hope by this time these people whom we're going to vote for won't just talk the talk but also can walk the talk. We need a REAL LEADER. We need a leader who have a good record and is already proven in the society. Don't elect someone who's new and famous but don't have any record to show at all. This is absurd. We should be SMART voters and must not be swayed by promises of such official. Remember, what comes next to 'I promise' is 'I'm sorry'. Then again, Good luck!

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Posted in: Police raid highway operator in negligence probe over tunnel collapse See in context

Whatever the situation or the problem is, I hope they'd get those tunnels fix before it collapses like a domino and before such natural disaster strikes which might cause another mischief.

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Posted in: Supersonic waves send soundless digital information See in context

Keio University? wow, a prestigious university in Japan know for its intensive research and development for technology. I hope they could try researching and finding their way in the mining industry and make use of such critical metals (e.g. Manganese, Magnesium, Copper etc.) for environmental friendly technologies which can contribute not only to the environment but also to the society this is for the future ahead.

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Posted in: Cathay probes 'coffee threat' on Thaksin's daughter See in context

Cathay Pacific you say? I thought Cathay Pacific have one of those polite stewardess assisting the passengers offering that friendly accommodating smile? just like other airlines you see in the advertisements? Cathay Pacific is also a known famous airline. Knowing this prestigious airplane carries such an immature stewardess who doesn't know how to control her emotions just adds to the bad impression. Cathay Pacific, I think it's time you choose some professional people.

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Posted in: Funny face See in context

AND the caption of the photo would be: Time Burton: huh? Haruka Minowa (sort-off being electrified): WAAAAAAAAAIT - How to turn this thing off?? Shadow girl in the middle of Haruka and the woman: Are you friggin' kidding me?

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Posted in: NEC strengthens measures against cyberattacks See in context


"NEC said CSF solutions are expected to be available in Japan in 2013."

I hope that by the time it's already available in Japan by 2013, in the middle part of that, I would also be available for other countries as well.

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Posted in: Island dispute dulls China land grab fears in Japan See in context

CHINA --- Again?? Dear Hokkaido of Japan, if I were you, I'd take the land dispute as a lesson learned and never to trust Chinese businessmen no matter how much they offer nor how convincing their offer is, or even if you are that 100% confident in yourself. In case you are a book reader of the 48 Laws of Power: Law #2 states: NEVER put too much TRUST in FRIENDS. Speaking of business, you already know the attitude of China, so why bother dealing with them. Land grabbers.. pfft. Better yet just deal with the East Asian Nations like Vietnam, Myanmmar, The Philippines, Malaysia, and others.

yours truly, no-offense-just -a-concerned-citizen-and-a-fan-of-Japan

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Posted in: 2 die in separate elevator accidents See in context

IN other words, it seemed like there is less maintenance around the building which is why such kind of freak accidents tend to happen from time to time. I suggest the manager of those companies who're experiencing such unexpected freak (elevator) accidents must have a rotating schedule to check not just only the elevator but other parts that must be concerned of as well, like the doors (those that have motion sensor when people comes in and out), lights, wiring, etc.

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Posted in: Survivors tell of horror inside collapsed tunnel See in context

Though this incident rarely happens, and just like other comments saying that perhaps the tunnel was a decade old, I do believe it's best for those Japanese engineers to have other tunnels investigated and double check the other parts of the tunnel before it totally collapses like a domino and in order to prevent such an unexpected mischief like this. Let this be a lesson learned, better to be safe than sorry.

To those people who are searching for survivors, I suggest using the CAT equipments might help if you certainly want to get the job done. Simple visual inspections won't do any good.

Sigh. My deepest sympathies to the woman who had her friends and her boyfriend trapped inside the vehicle. I wish I was there to help search for survivors. To those who have passed away from this horrible incident, my deepest condolences and may you rest in peace.

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Posted in: Abe takes a stand against parents naming their children Pikachu See in context

Who in God's name would want such a weird name?? I do bet by the time those unfortunate kids who have weird names grow up, they'll certainly end up revising their birth certificates just for them to change their names into good and decent names. I don't appreciate parents who're so lazy enough to think of a name that suits their children. Pathetic.

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

it's pimple not people by the way*

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

I don't appreciate wearing a mask as a starting point to be a trend setter. It leads to a misconception that:

You are sick and or might be infected by a flu virus. People might take it as a "stay away from me" kind of impression. You might either be a criminal in disguise.

For the beauty conscious, wearing a mask the entire day can:

Cause sweat, since it's not expose to air, moisture builds up and it starts to grow bacteria and starts it of with having a small rash, then develops into a people.

The cloth of the mask itself (depends on what type though) can make your skin itch if not use to wearing it like a year or a week or even a whole day.

Since you're wearing the mask for the entire day, chances are you might inhale such chemicals of from the mask and this might be dangerous since it passes directly from your nostrils to your brain. As much as possible, don't wear it too long.

Japanese women are pretty without make-up, so there's no such thing as a "bad make-up day" if you're always well prepared. If you're too shy to stand out from the public crowd, then just don't stare directly at the eyes of people and just do what you want to do and go where you want to go. that simple.

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Posted in: At least 5 dead in fire after Yamanashi expressway tunnel caves in See in context

I saw this news a few hours ago through BBC. It's really quite the experience to be a survivor in this kind of situation. I do bet you'll be traumatize for half of your life!

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Posted in: Exercise before school improves concentration: study See in context

For some reasons, I don't think so. why? because when you exercise in the morning, and when your classes starts to get boring, you end up falling asleep for no reason. Next is, even if you do this routine a lot, somewhere in the afternoon you'll start to yawn and feel sleepy. Unlike students who take public and private transportation, they do feel sleepy in the morning but not so much in the afternoon.

In conclusion it all depends on the teacher whether he'll make the class lively or not, and also,depends if you had a hang-over last night, woke up and exercise and go to school.

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Posted in: A soft drink a day raises prostate cancer risk: study See in context

Sometimes such articles are paid by people against something. If softdrinks are indeed bad for the health, then why do such people who are said to be in their 80s and 90s still alive and kicking?

Hence speaking drinking softdrinks is okay IF in moderation like 2 times a week or whatever your habit is, just don't 'overdrink' it.

I mean, come on people, just be realistic, just because such a negative article like this keeps popping out, we know we appreciate the information for us to be cautious but being too paranoid won't do you good either.

I'm just saying.

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Posted in: Man grabs woman from behind, cuts her hair See in context

I don't understand why Japanese people are weird enough to do such eccentric petty crimes such as these. is it because silence breaks them apart??

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Posted in: Syrian truce collapses in deadly violence See in context

where's Michael Jackson when you need him??? He really needs to "make the world a better place for you and for me"

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Posted in: Google drawn into S Korea-Japan island dispute See in context

Google recently updated its Google Maps and—on the English-language version—replaced the name of Dokdo with Liancourt Rocks, a name taken from a French whaling ship that came close to being wrecked on the islets in 1849. oh really? interesting.

“We understand that names of places can raise deep emotions, which is why we have invested so much time to ensure we get to the best outcome for our users,” Marx said.

The islands, which lie between the two countries, are controlled by South Korea but claimed by both nations. Mr. Marx makes sense. Now why don't you Japan and Korea focus first on your own countries before lashing out on something petty.

just because something is controlled doesn't mean you can take authority of it claiming its yours. Firstly, it's the judge to decide on as to WHO REALLY OWNS THAT FREAKIN' ISLAND. I've been reading articles with lots of island spats these days. Aren't you just tired of it? (= =)

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context


"I'm tired of hearing that Japan was provocative in transferring ownership of the islands. A transfer of ownership is not an act of aggression because it changes nothing. The islands are still under Japanese control and being defended either way. An act of aggression would be sending warships to the islands or building on them something Japan has not yet done. Japan has no reason to be the aggressor since it already controls the islands. The aggressor is clearly china."

enough said. I agree with you.

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Posted in: Noda meets with relatives of abductees See in context

be careful! or else you might be abducted as well. lol

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Posted in: Japanese man arrested for attempting to smuggle 9 lizards out of Australia See in context

oh well sad harsh reality. the guy's doing it for a living but sadly he was caught and fined. tsk

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Posted in: Bad at reverse parking? Back seat that vanishes at touch of a button may help See in context

The driver, referred to in the video as a “paper driver” since she holds a valid license but does not actually drive (you’d be surprised how many people like this live in urban areas), admits that she has trouble reversing into parking spaces.

holds a valid license but does not actually drive

wow this statement seems pretty catchy to me. In the Philippines and other countries as well, this is a common practice for some teenage and young adults. how amazing Japan has it too. haha

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Posted in: 26 amazing things about Japanese budget hotels See in context

sounds cool to me! THEN AGAIN.... it depends WHERE EXACTLY it is in Japan.****

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Posted in: McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers See in context

wait a sec. Isn't Japan suppose to a hightech country?

trackers = CHECK. then what about the CCTVs? aren't they a big help as well? come on. Don't let those employees who're working 24/7 in Mcdonalds at risk. Just install a CCTV, then if incident happens like the robbing and stuffs, they don't have to worry since the incident is recovered. Police can watch the tape, and try do some facial recognitions (I believe Japan have the technology for that).

what are those detective movies (CSI and many others) for then? geez.

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