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Posted in: Japanese banks tighten security after Y1.8 bil taken from 7-Eleven ATMs See in context


If you are a Japanese resident or national who use overseas card to withdraw cash, you don't have to fear the visit of the taxman for one reason : ATM banking system isn't connect to the tax office computer system. So there are no problem (but if you do receive the visit of the taxman it s mean they found you base on other elements than that point)

Same if you are a Japanese NATIONAL and you receive money from abroad you will have mainly no questions ask by the tax office (except if your bank creates trouble if the origin of the money is too suspicious... but it s rare).

Japan don't connect computer system to each others for good or bad (mainly it s to respect the privacy). It s the same for the Shaken (the tax on car you pay every XX years) ... I won't develop but working in the field and talking a lot with police unit, and tax office and so on, Japan don't have tight security.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context


Based on an easy research on internet you write in google : is Gackt can speak french ?

The first link who appear is a video on dailymotion, the title of this video is :


And at least in 2009 i can say as a french native, that he knows few words of french only... Then there is another video in 2013 where he repeats the same words of 2009 video :

Hello miss Would you want to sleep with me tonight ? can i come to restaurant with you tonight

And to be honest his french is barely understandable (and all french native commented the same way the video) and the 2 famous sentences are famous :

Bonjour Madamoiselle ? Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?

So i have japanese friends who can speak french, in my eyes if Gakt in 2014 didn't spend his year to study more his level of french must be really less than N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

But up to you if you consider that knowing few sentences of a language with an awful prononciation can be consider as speaking a language...

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

I doubt that Gakt is really famous in Europe... And i also doubt that he can speaks french... I don't know if there was a discrimination or not, as we need to hear both side of the story. Discriminations can happen in France but inside a hotel it s normally more rare...

After i check on wikipedia (irony) if Gakt is a reliable source and i found this sentence :

"After that near-death experience, he claims to have paranormal ability to see and speak with deceased people, as well as family members"

So the only questions you should all ask is : "why spirit didn t help him to find a suitable place where to seat"

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