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Bowing is a show of respect and trust. You expose the top of your head which is the most vulnerable part of the body. For those who disparage, enter a martial art discipline and learn something other than pushing your biased cultural views here.

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Let this be a lesson to everyone on these boards. Most japanese guys grow up in a very sheltered and Molly-coddled society. Very few of them have ever been punched in the face for being a Richard (except for their father). These thugs know they can beat down on just about anybody with no retaliation.

Tough guy rating index = number of times being punched in the face

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definition of a bubble; a rising market that you are not participating in

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The point is that the sentence is Japanese law. Your view is simply a subjective view which is irrelevant.

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Typical j politician with little credibility feeding a dearth of expectation from the Government to provide a solution to the woes of the Japanese economy; dark as it seems, the only way is up...

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@GW There is Japan being down right primitive again, a system I have often said is the envy of many a dictator!

Oh how horrible Japan is.. yet you prefer to remain in Japan regardless of the great "freedom of will" that whinging gaijin always claim is the distinguishing factor of "us". Sounds like a whinging troll with his foot in a bucket of sh## complaining about the smell yet not wanting to do anything about it....

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How disgusting, I just had a meeting with 10 executives from the states. Asked what they wanted to do after the meeting 6 of them asked me for a to the fire exit...(anecdotal evidence as per the regular JT "etiquette"..

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