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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is doing a good job? See in context

so far so good!

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Posted in: 3 businessmen arrested over Olympus scandal See in context

A (desperate) publicly-traded company might cook its books this way to preserve shareholder value--posting major losses would likely cause a drop in share price.

and effect their bonuses

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Posted in: Man gets death sentence for three murders in Yamagata, Tokyo See in context

why this guy wanted deceased sons to live at his house. more details please!

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Posted in: Waterproof, crashproof, coldproof, crushproof digital camera See in context

ohh, i so wish they have timeproof cameras, so that i am not lured to buy a new one every six months.

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Posted in: Abe says he won't flinch at volatile stock market See in context

come on, give this guy a break! at least he is trying and not sitting idle like his predecessors. being foreigners and having no say in voting, we are left with only two options - either whining or being optimistic and I am with the second option.

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Posted in: Have you ever hit your child, no matter how lightly, as a means of discipline? See in context

Never felt the need to raise hand on my kid (he is five yrs now). I treat him like a grown up, talk to him and reason with him and believe me he understands better. I always encourage him to ask questions, however silly they may be and I believe hitting or giving corporal punishment may kill his drive to ask questions and seek answers in life out of fear. I want my kid to be fearless and not being afraid of anybody and for that the first person I should control is myself.

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Posted in: 230 hospitalized for heatstroke May 27-June 2 See in context

230 hospitalized for heatstroke May 27-June 2 - so what? why is this in news? If somebody wants to spread awareness then there are better ways to do it.

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Posted in: Support your local police See in context

Nice article. I also support & respect local police and haven't had any bad incidences until now. Few times when on bicycle, I have been stopped by them but as soon as I showed them my alien resident card and they checked my bicycle number with their records they thanked me and let me go with a smile. Believe me it wasn't hard or troublesome at all. Once I was going out picnic with my family in car and by mistake crossed yellow line, the cop came and he first of all apologized for stopping me and asked me to carry on with our picnic and report him after I am back. That was so cool as it saved our plan for that day.

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Posted in: Why coal industry is still growing in Asia See in context

Earth Day or Earth Hour, now whats that???

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Posted in: The great porn swindle: How one elderly man lost almost Y30 mil See in context

may be he had recently purchased child porn videos and was genuinely worried otherwise paying 30 million yen over a porn video is a bit too much.

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