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Charging businesses 50% of everything they make as a BS tax will not hurt businesses? Please let me know how that works. Japanese already is tied with the highest corporate taxes in the world. They cannot stand being in second place, they will raise them higher to be first at something.

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Ch3cho There is a huge difference in a watchdog international group that you mentioned and a radiation response team which were deployed. I think you are a little confused on what group does what.

If you would really like to know what groups offered what help it should be matter of public records at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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@CH3CHO There were a lot of people that got sent up there, or tried to get sent up there after the accident and the tsunami by foreign governments, and disaster organizations that are government funded. They had offers of many different kinds of experts from disaster recovery, and radiation teams. There were lots of offers of help also offered that were left unanswered or worse, military and otherwise. So there are many people that knew this happened and some are angry about it. Could they have made a difference? Who knows, now we never will. It is their country they can do as they wish though. There are no newspapers that will be willing to report on this at all as they would be cut off from all future news stories about the situation. So it would not be worth it to them. They have to rely on the government and places like Tepco to be willing to provide them information to stay in business.

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Posted in: DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour; paves way for personalized drug treatments See in context

Actually the pain drug, and heart drug panels will be marketed by Paternity Testing Corporation Japan by the end of May, so not as much lag time as you think.

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What alot of people do not realize, is the "government" is pretty much just normal people. in other words they know what they get told, there is no fortune tellers, well maybe some for the less normal people, but more or less normal people. They have to put up with the same crap that tepco, and the experts tell them. Then the have to weed through it, to find out what is really happening, If you think there is some really smart guy running this stuff, your are sorely mistaken

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