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Posted in: Japan upsets China for table tennis mixed doubles gold See in context

The weight of responsibility is clearly so heavy for the local athletes to perform for their country, which is normal for any world games, then magnify with the extraordinary pressures of the healthcare crisis and related issues.

Watching the emotional release of Uta Abe at the moment when she won gold in judo then to see the performance of Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito coming from behind to also win gold was truly amazing.

Ganbatte Japan!

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Posted in: What are the 10 most popular Japanese sake brands? New poll reveals the favorites of sake lovers See in context

For good sake, I look for a region which offers both good rice and water.

One of my preferred locations is Niigata, though there are many locations also offering a quality product.

Just like wine and whisky appreciation, there are many varieties of Nihonshu to enjoy (in moderation).

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Posted in: Who pays for the extra toilet paper? The big questions of the work-from-home era See in context

Is there a study to review the benefits of the reduced commute to work?

Apart from the obvious costs for public transportation including bus and train fares, for those who drive there would be reduced fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Then there is the reduce time to commute and inherent stress of being caught in traffic jams, overcrowded trains etc.

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Posted in: Temperature check See in context

Runner3Today  09:53 am JST

"Judging by the photo I'd say their hot!"

In some way, women wearing face masks are very appealing (and potentially men with masks for those who are so inclined).

Something about the mystery and imagination of what lies beneath.

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Posted in: Temperature check See in context

Temp checks may provide some peace of mind though does not address folks who may be positive asymptomatic.

"I feel good" does not necessarily mean I do not have covid-19.

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Posted in: Man held for free train ride halfway across Japan for virus cash handout See in context

Couldn't make or ask someone to make a phone call to enquire about the payment?

Seems a tad strange to travel all that way thinking there might be a payment.

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Posted in: Virus restrictions reimposed amid patchwork re-openings See in context

Isn't the point for lock-downs, which are not sustainable in the long-term, is to delay the spread of infections to buy time for the healthcare systems to ramp up and be able to cope with the influx of related cases and avoid potential collapse of medical support regardless of the illness presented by patients?

Unless every country has invested so well into local healthcare so that the current pandemic is not a issue (?).

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Posted in: 'Contagion' movie stars tell fans coronavirus is 'real life' See in context

Difference is that in the movie, government was the driver for the solution.

In the real world, govts are part of the problem.

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Posted in: Chinese robot maker sees demand surge amid virus See in context

Amind social isolation, AI, automation and robotics are on the rise - the age of the machine is coming.

Where are you Sarah Connor?

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Posted in: Suntory sells 'world whisky' blend as premium tipple See in context


I have a bottle of 17 year old Hibiki, anyone want's to buy it?

If you name your price, I know some folks who would want to buy it, including myself.

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed while walking home See in context

Is it normal for women (or people in general) to be carrying 80,000¥ on their person?

Sounds like a (targetted) theft with a groping opportunity.

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Posted in: 2 women attacked while walking home in separate incidents See in context

Never good to hear of such incidents.

Assuming the unfortuante women were on their own, is it common to be walking (alone) at such early hours? As a coincidence, two similar assualts occurred in Sydney this past weekend, both in a similar area and timeframe (highly likely the same sick individual). The time of the incidents was around 6pm as opposed to early am.

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Posted in: Japan's female hunters take aim at stereotypes See in context

Long before the days of industrialisation, man or human kind, relied on hunting as a means for survival.

The act of the hunt itself involves using the senses - sight, sound, smell, touch & taste. So after a successful hunt, there is bound to be a sense of satisfaction. How many of us can say we are tuned into our environment by engaging our senses when using smart technology?

And for the carnivores among us, have you really seen where the meat you buy actually comes from? Has anyone been to observe an abattoir recently?

Sure, only few people would appreciate and enjoy the act of hunting though for those who do, at least there may be a sense of appreciation for the role of animals in the human food chain.

As for mindless killing of animals, deforrestation for the pursuit of food production eg palm sugar is a good starting point for debate.

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Posted in: Japan bans Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft over fire risk See in context

Most unfortunate for Samsung.

Being banned from carriage makes enacting a recall somewhat challenging.

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Posted in: Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers See in context

My number one deal breaker whether potential gf or wife, is do they drink (alcohol) or not. Not so much by quantity but by the occasional tickle.

Yes, the majority of people would say that if she doesn't drink, then that's a good thing that you have someone to drive you home. Though based on most social conversations I have observed with non-drinkers, they may have lots to talk about, however in some ways, are clearly.not at the same level with those who drink, therefore quite boring in the long run - do I want to spend my personal time with this person??

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Posted in: 225 attacks on conductors, other staff reported by 16 train companies in 2015 See in context

2 weeks ago I rode the shinkansen from Utsunomiya to Tokyo and for the first time (may be more common for others) I saw two police officers board the train and at least walk through my carriage. I wasn't going to follow them.

Perhaps this is due to the increased violence on railways, recalling recent knife attack and possibly increased security for the G7 summit.

I had visited Japan for a week and also the first time, none of the train conductors asked to check my ticket on any of shinkansen that I rode noting I was in reserved seating cars.

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

Exploitation most certainly. Has anyone asked the university students their opinion? Is a paid overseas ticket so bad on the basis (big assumption) no strings attached?

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