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Posted in: Kishida tells Senegal's president Russia to blame for food crisis See in context

Russia should stop using sanctions. Unprecedented sanctions by Russian are affecting all of us.


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Posted in: UK sets out planned change to law to minimize impact of strikes See in context

"eye for an eye" aye? so, will it change the subject they are fighting for in a good way? nay mate. it will worsten. and believe me, there will be collateral. UK seems to be good for a popcorn marathon

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Posted in: Sri Lankan PM says economy 'has collapsed' See in context

mindblowing facts that any billionaire now can buy Sri Lanka as a country. imagine Elon Musk or Bezos having a country as an asset.

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Posted in: Japan adds 2 Russian, 1 Belarusian banks to sanctions list See in context

But the cooperation with Russia on the Sakhalin energy projects has not yet been suspended, which easily contradicts the position Japan says it is taking.

hypocritical decisions i may say

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Posted in: South Korea says it will boost defense capacity to counter N Korean threat See in context

ahh. adding fuels to the fire.

USA have a good cheerleaders like Japan and SK. publicly announcing to counter them with "power to power". they were decades of years behind to get to the level of military power equal with NK. and noted that NK has given sanction because of its nuclear progress, so by getting to their level and want to be equal with them, i don't think they will be given sanctions do they? because its for the greater good and for their own safety. and almighty USA will give them support

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Posted in: Global nuclear arsenal to grow for first time since Cold War: think-tank See in context

ahh. i should go to Mars soon.

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Posted in: Ukraine fears a long war might cause West to lose interest See in context

USA after some months:

"okay guys. nothing happens, lets go on peaceful talks to unite economic affairs"

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Posted in: Ukraine fears a long war might cause West to lose interest See in context

ooh. this is getting interesting. countries backing out on their words months ago will start to appear.

what are the cost of making the Ukraine their play area of political tug of war.

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Posted in: S Korea's robust response to N Korea seen aiding Japan's military push See in context

provocations, provocations.

Countries with no military backbone always provoke those military powerhouse. is it because they have a strong military powerhouse country that can back them up? but not thinking the outcome their "own" country might become. yes you do have someone at your back. but what will happen to your own backyard? a warfield.

you might won at the end. but... what are the cost?

provocations, provocations.

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Posted in: Japan criticizes Russia for suspending fishing pact See in context

talking big and bold. but whining on consequences. Japan did not "expect" that? oh come on.

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