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Ok lots of misconceptions here.

I think to be able to judge comedy you need have have a very high grasp of the language and culture - otherwise you will pick up on only the visual stuff.

Eg: Unless a Japanese person has a very high grasp of English and US culture they will never fully appreciate The Simpsons and just see it as a badly drawn cartoon with some American slapstick. Nor will be they be able to fully appreciate Seinfeld, Blackadder, Louie C.K....or some of the better English language comedy shows out there.

Also wish people would stop being so arrogant and expect other people to enjoy what they find funny. While I love satire, Japanese don't, so I'm not expecting to find any shows like the Colbert Report or The Daily Show here. Let the Japanese watch what they find funny and stop feeling so superior because you like Adam Sandler.

Anyhow....Most comedy on TV in ANY country is 95% crap. Even on foreign TV really funny TV is hard to come by. I can only think of a handfull of really good TV from the past 10 years.

And that's true in Japan as in all countries...most is pretty awful.

.....but some Japanese comedy is the best I've ever seen. The Gotsu ee Kanji skit series from Downtown about 20 years ago is pound for pound the funniest comedy program I have every seen from any country. No its not the same as British or US comedy. But its inventive, surreal, clever, bloody funny ....and Japanese.

But if you don't like it then don't watch it. Its that simple.

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