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Posted in: Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba See in context

So its a moving vending machine. Now imagine a moving conbini lol ;D

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver after refusing to pay fare See in context

Guy like him should just sleep on street and people would think; what a hard working guy.

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Posted in: Abe murder spotlights Unification Church controversy in Japan See in context

Its good to see how the investigation is going after the "real" cause of Abe's murder instead of just home-made gun and bullets. This group should be taken down specially after listening to all those suffered individuals.

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Posted in: Japanese government urges businesses to raise wages on par with price hikes See in context

What kind of logic is this? Goods prices are already up by certain percent, wage hike will further increase the price. Why don't govt increases the tax bracket instead, since they have increased the consumption tax from 2 to 10%?

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Posted in: Over half a million yen in cash comes floating down river in Toyama See in context

@ Rodney I would pay you ¥3000 for a ¥2000 note. I collect them. So beautiful. Very rare.

LOL, Just go to ATM, press 2000 priority bills.

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Posted in: Charges dropped against elderly man for nailing Putin voodoo doll to sacred shrine tree See in context

Good. Those charges were just ridiculous. One of them was trespassing "its a temple, open to public".

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Posted in: Australians rally against U.S. overturning of key abortion ruling See in context

There are many medical and personal reason for abortion. It should be allowed until certain stage.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested over theft of money from changing room at pub See in context

Noguchi was still at the pub and reportedly heavily intoxicated at the time

He remembers and admit it... hahah this is new!

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Posted in: Japan inflation stays at 7-year high in May See in context

The BOJ did, however, said it would "pay due attention" 

... with evil eyes.

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Posted in: Court rejects claim Seven-Eleven unjustly ended franchise contract See in context

As usual court going by the basic flow chart, no place for having some sense of Humanity.

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Posted in: Pfizer applies for Japanese gov't approval of booster shots for kids See in context

If we have to take shots of same vaccines multiple times within a year then it should not be considered as a vaccine. Its a scam.

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Posted in: Toyota, slow to move to EVs, says it offers customers choice See in context

Was planning to buy Bz4 this year. Saw the price and realized I could buy 2 hybrids and a bike instead. Mata kondo Toyota kun.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward rejects couple's marriage registry under separate surnames See in context

Law is law, a negligible percentage of complaint will not change the law unless its creating bunch of serious problems. Maybe in future same couple will fight in the same court about child with double surname because they were allowed to kept two surnames(who knows).

Couples who register their marriage in Japan generally choose the husband's surname, making the issue a matter of gender equality.

Author trying to gather some support from gender equality...LOL

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Posted in: Survey suggests about half of Japanese companies has an 'old guy who does nothing' See in context

Shikigaku polled workers between the ages of 20 and 39 ...

Don't worry guys your time will come.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

As usual the article does not disclose the altitude of site of accident. The highest altitude a car can go is 5th station (2400m). The 4th station is at 2010m. He hit people at parking lot of a Soba restaurant, So it must be at 4th or lower station. Altitude sickness after coming down 1000m ummmm?.. It will be difficult to prove medically both ways.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

In Japanese law Falling asleep behind wheel = drunk driving. Three years for dozing off and killing two. Please don't complain. He is lucky that he's a servicemen. Also as a military he is very much aware about the risk of altitude sickness. Regret and loss is another thing.

Eric Feldman, a professor of Japanese law at the University of Pennsylvania, said that instinct is especially understandable in Japan, where the criminal justice system values expressions of remorse and where payment to victims can sometimes avert criminal prosecution.

He is talking about the famous Japanese statement "I am sorry, I don't remember anything and bow"

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Posted in: Earn money in Japan just by walking with new backpack advertising part-time job service See in context

Hiring a mascot with iPad is cheaper than buying Stchar space :D

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Posted in: Japan launches new strategy team for longer-term China diplomacy See in context

All those frozen foods, all those electronics, all those apparels, all those instruments-equipment, machines, Daiso, etc etc.. most of them says Made-in-China. I don't know why I feel like govt policy is going south while company policies goes north.

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Posted in: Aging Japanese militant in Beirut marks 1972 Israel airport attack See in context

That smile has no regret.

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Posted in: Lebanese judge questions Ghosn after Interpol notice See in context


Can Ghosn defenders please explain why the support?

The support is due to the way trail was prosecuted. Company internal matter was made national matter. He was prisoned for year (trail was not even started yet). No bail, no family visit? What kind of system is this? Japanese executive goes free just by apologizing and small payment but foreign executive gets criminal tag without going to trail. We have never seen the bank details, wire-transfer documents, emails other such details so we don't really know who is wrong here but Kelly was released with minimum charges coz prosecutors could not find any serious evidences. Yeah we do know that the whole approach was wrong. That's why we laughed with joy while Ghosn - gone. As for Nissan who cares there are lots of better car company out here.

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Posted in: Accused groper dies after jumping out of train station office window See in context

Most probably it was not a suicide. The jump was meant to escape the justice and embarrassment. Somehow lost the balance in the process hitting the roof and then platform.

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Posted in: Accused groper dies after jumping out of train station office window See in context

Guilt is written all over the jump

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

Looking at the published photo. I felt like Japanese came to visit Japan as tourist. Just one question does this small-scale test tours "guided-itinerary" cost extra than regular season or the extra is Govt. sponsored?

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Posted in: Town recovers most of ¥46.3 mil mistakenly sent to resident See in context

If I wire transfer someone by mistake, I will have hard time getting my money back, Most probably law will say, you are an adult, you agree with all terms and condition before the wire-transfer, We can request but can't forced it into a crime "stealing" case.

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Posted in: Town recovers most of ¥46.3 mil mistakenly sent to resident See in context

Poor fella, Life was all good till Apr-12th 2022. He is guilty BUT I think it's crime to put a bait too.

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Posted in: High school girl arrested for stalking Johnny’s 7 MEN Samurai member See in context

May be suicide prevention organization should help. No one is talking about potential suicidal individual, and a waste of life. A good counseling would make it better and eventually she will realize how stupid the idea is/was.

 “I bought this box cutter to die. I came to you to because I wanted to apologize before dying.”

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for upskirt filming admits having done it on at least 150 occasions: police See in context

@ Cant these guys find something better to do?

That ''better job" comes afterward hahahhaha.

it made him feel horny.

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Posted in: New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight 'inflation storm' See in context

NZ$350 X 2million... hummm, we need one more clerical error, finger crossed ;D

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

@ Kobe

What genus connected that pic with this story? The mind boggles…

Because China is the largest consumer? Some terrorist might attack in ninja style? Kyodo news thinks it a cool pic and JT thinks its super cool. Maybe its representing two countries. At the end question remains...

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

Most probably he bought Bitcoin...money is gone!

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