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Posted in: Japan to raise minimum wage by 3% to boost consumption See in context

This is just a scam, 2% raise will create more tax than benefits to workers. Specially for those who are in the threshold.

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Posted in: Explosion damages toilet at Yasukuni shrine; nobody hurt See in context

But it's ok for adults to face the danger? Shut it down until it's safe ...

Children can't think / make decision like adults. So if some adults want to visit the shrine, its up to them. However kids must not visit for safety reason.

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth

The problem is they have got it backwards? the vision should be Govt targets boosting economic growth to increase birth rate

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Posted in: Which side do you think will eventually win the dispute between the central government and the Okinawan government over the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station from Futenma to the See in context

For now Central govt but in future eventually Okinawan govt. Someday base has to move out...

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Posted in: Does bringing up baby take sparkle out of hubby's sex drive? See in context

‘Once a man steps over the threshold, he already has seven enemies.’ (In other words, the real world is fraught with challenges.)

ABENOMICS is one of them. Dare you would think about 2nd or third in this recession.

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Posted in: Grandparents seen as cash cows in Japan See in context

"Article / mentality like this"... Japan population ain't fixing soon, may be never.

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Posted in: Gov't overturns Okinawa's ban on U.S. base relocation work See in context

So who will nullify this nullify order of nullified order?

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Posted in: Japan posts Y114.48 bil trade deficit in September See in context

Exports to China fell 3.5% from the year before, to 1.11 billion yen

I believe in coming years there would be nothing left to export as production have shifted outside Japan?

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

Great thinking but not gonna happen just like the 2% inflation target. Road maps for both of your targets are against each other.

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Posted in: Abe to seek to play it safe in cabinet shake-up See in context

I think he promised every one of them that you gonna be a minister. So they changes every time, periodically.

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Posted in: New arrival See in context

In future we will see JMSDF-Sinzo A

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Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe? See in context

NO. reason? all of the above.

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Posted in: University students stage hunger strike over security bills See in context

(unlikely such would occur)

@Wc628 you answer your own question:

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Posted in: Japan lab to handle deadliest viruses for first time See in context

Why don't they put the lab up in one of the radiated zones near the Fukushima nuclear plant?

That will be the worst idea. You don't want deadly virus to mutate by radiation.

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Posted in: Japan lab to handle deadliest viruses for first time See in context

Virus are stored inside air tight container (unbreakable too) at -80C deep freezer inside a freezer room which will be in a secured room. Also active virus culture are done inside a incubator, inside a secure room. In general earthquake will hardly cause virus outbreak however can't say about human error. Human error will more likely cause virus outbreak (ex. remember recently pentagon mailed active Anthrax virus to laboratories)

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Posted in: Japan ruling party to recommend sacking of Olympic sports association head See in context

I have a question

The Olympic stadium will cost US$2.1 billion. How much of that cost depends on ¥vs $ rate? I am curious because when Tokyo was bidding / got selected Yen value was exceptionally high (1$=80¥)

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Posted in: Stopping online counterfeiters a big challenge See in context

Counterfeit goods on websites hosted outside Japan

Just order ISPs to block these websites. Is it hard?

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Posted in: Japan approves increase in Fukushima compensation to $57 bln See in context

All taxpayers should get stock of TEPCO in exchange. Why public should pay the 25% increase bill to rescue TEPCO while there could be alternatives.

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Posted in: Japan faces Y5.9 bil loss over scrapped Olympic stadium See in context

Too bad Govt is directly involved in construction of this stadium. Now job of the PM is to deal with a stadium construction (clap-clap).

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Posted in: Nuclear refugees face dilemma over returning home See in context

I don't know who is more tolerable government or radiation. They (politicians/TEPCO) are making example out of peaceful protestors.

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Posted in: Muslims in Japan observe Ramadan See in context

Matsuyama’s interest in religion began early. In junior high school, he was influenced by the Bible and considered himself a Christian. But he changed his mind a few years later, converting to Islam at the age of 18.

I wonder what were the positive points for switching over? According to my understanding Bible / Kuran / Gita preaches same thing?

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Posted in: Gov't to lift evacuation order on Fukushima town on Sept 5 See in context

Let the locals measure radiation by themselves to declare safe. Let them use their own Geiger meter. Let independent media accompany them while they take survey. Guarantee that there will be no further radiation leak from TEPCO. The irony will be, TEPCO should pay for everything.

7,400 is a good number to start with. They just can't force

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 1-0 to advance to semifinal against England at Women's World Cup See in context

@jerseyboy... Offside??? are you serious?

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices up 0.1% in May; jobless rate 3.3% See in context

consumer prices up 0.1%

that should be an average. Individual prices should be much more /worse than this.

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Posted in: China beats Japan in Asian university rankings See in context

Its obvious result as Japan funding in education and scientific research is decreasing while in China its increasing. I have met many old Japanese profs who are now working at reputed universities in China. Finally money wins! and has nothing to do with population or student's abilities.

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Posted in: Face-off See in context

These 6 people (behind masks) needs to get a real job and education. "Stop climate change, Making people hungry"? are you serious? You really think these 6 masks are responsible or they have power to stop it?

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Posted in: U.S. tells Okinawa governor new base 'fundamental' to security See in context

@ smithinjapan: ... then they should stop blocking movement to the agreed upon relocation. Because that's where it's going or nowhere, PERIOD

The initial agreement was relocation to Guam. double PERIOD ??

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Posted in: Gov't plans new rules for drone flights See in context

If they are planning for regulations, I hope getting license for drones will be equally easier for gaijins.

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Posted in: Japan pension system hacked; 1.25 mil cases of personal data leaked See in context

Virus does not download by itself some ojisan has to click on that "click-bait" emails. Govt must set up some kind of strict regulations. In Japan it is very easy to get someone's personal data, just hack into some of these company's servers; gas, electricity, phone, Internet provider, fudosan, store point card, membership card. The worst thing is each one of them is online and sends SPAM mails all the time.

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Posted in: M5.1 quake strikes off Fukushima coast See in context

@Pandabelle, in Okinawa prefecture it was registered 0 ... LOL

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