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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

It's one of the most xenophobic country on earth actually

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

This Newspaper is specialized in satires , criticizes and ridicule almost everyone and particularly France and the French themselves and doesn't represent "The French" in any way

They have been countless of lawsuits against them by frenchmen , and they are totally free to decide what they want to publish , so all those post sayinn " The French should do this " , " The French should do that " , " The French shouldn't laugh about this , shouldn't laugh about that " are preposterous , Le Canard Enchainé is not controlled or censored by the government and its management is like 10 persons at most out of 65 millions frenchmen

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Posted in: Snowden flying to Caracas via Moscow See in context

"And so sad to see the usual naives calling him a "hero" will be screaming bloody murder after the next terrorist attack."

Condoning the sacrifice any sort of privacy and individual freedoms that people fought hard for during the whole 20th century and accepting living in a Police State that sceretly oversteps the mandate given by its own people and spy on foreign sovereign friendly nation's citizen unlawfully because of a few terrorists zealots (and that's the official excuse , they'd find another if need be ) and still label naive people who find this outrageous is pretty nervy

One can act like a Wehrmacht officer of WWII watching the crimes in the rear and not saying nothing , carrying on with the quiet reserve officer life and don't take any risks , but this man , Ed Snowden , in full awareness all the consequences and powerful vested interests invlved , still decided to sacrifice everything for what he believed was morally right to tell to the people in America and in the rest of the world that want to remain free from government and corporate control , he's definetely a hero

Without brave and independent thinking men like Ed , you cannot make your society better , you can't make people of aware of what 's wrong and improve it , to reduce his action to an ego flattering adventure is missing the point of his action completely in my opinion

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Posted in: Snowden flying to Caracas via Moscow See in context

He's a true hero

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Posted in: French soldier stabbed in throat in Paris See in context

ohh yes my bad , i thought you meant private security staff , like a shop's security staff or a watcher in front of a parking , sorry

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Posted in: French soldier stabbed in throat in Paris See in context

Actually he was a soldier in vigipirate duty and not a domestice security staff .... i live in paris .. there 's no domestic staff involved in vigipirate ... it's either military or gendarmerie .. they patrol in uniform with an assault rifle

France started to leave Afghanistan last year , not years ago , and still has 1500 men there , they also undertook operations in Libya and Mali recently and have troops and military bases stationned in various places , Tchad ,Djibouti , Guyana, Liban , Kosovo etc

This is an isolated act from an amateur , surely someone with mental issues

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Posted in: NRA kicks off annual convention, saying it is fighting 'culture war' See in context

From an european point of view , it is common sense to have rigorous and thorough checks for anyone buying live ammunitions or weapons , and restricting access to military types of weapons (like automatic rifles with large capacity magazines ) , it's difficult to understand why there would be any opposition at all to such safety measures that are in the interest of everyone . I can understand why the arms companies who want to continue to make huge profits wouldn't want to see this though

The thing that is shocks me though , is the huge influence and power that they have in the congress and parliament among the politicians and senators that they probably fund for that purpose , from here it looks like the greed and private interests of a small but powerful lobby that bribed quite a few high profile politicians is a lot stronger than the collective will of the American people to regulate guns better ( as the polls showed ) , and thus effectively paralyzes the democratic process on that question .

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

For me the problem is that the law is inadapted and should be revised .

It's a shame that this issue gets politicized , . In the 21st century and in the current ecological context ( with dozens of submarines species disappearing every few years and so many of them seriously threatened ) , common sense should prevail and whales should be better protected by the international regulations

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Posted in: Texas college student stabs 14 in rampage See in context

Thankfully , he didn't have a firearm .

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context


What exactly is "the social and human dimension and has brought the country in this situation in the first place"?"

i meant following an economic dogma that may or may not work but without taking into account the consequences on the civilian population : increased of the divide between rich and poor , impoverishment of the youth , rising cost of living and stagnation of wages , demographic slump , crisis of confidence

Japan followed a model that has been successful in the past but that is no longer working as intended , they didn't manage to invert the tendency since the 1980's and to be honest it's unlikely printing more money will solve much , stimulus work better in countries where people traditionally spend more and save less than in Japan

So basically , what i meant is that beyond some risky monetary policy measure , Japan needs a larger , deeper and more ambitious project for its society as a whole if they want to bring back confidence into its people , i may be mistaken though , just my opinion

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context

I doubt that most of them will increase wages when their profits are stagnating or decreasing although many probably will .

On the long term though , i'm not sure having an even weaker yen will help the population , some companies will export more easily , but the cost of energy and imports will rise and the average citizen will feel that more than if the top Nikkei companies make more profits . I also think the central bank should loan more money to productive investments

Japan is a very rich country with an impressive debt , but most of it being owned by them , so in the end it(s the population that will have to tighten its belt , i think a better redistribution of wealth is in order , especially among the youth in a country that is ageing rapidly , i'm also worried that they start printing so much money , inflation leads to a higher cost of living , it's never a good sign when a country resort to this in order to pay the interests of a past debt , it's a vicious circle , what will the yen be worth in the future if the stimulus fail ?

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context

The problem with that way of thinking is that it totally ignores the social and human dimension and has brought the country in this situation in the first place

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Posted in: Muslims worry about broader France headscarf ban See in context

To be honest , the scarve has a deeper issue , the one of integration . the issue is that for many Muslims , their Muslim idenity comes first and wearing a full veil at a job interview is like clearly creating a "you and me " barrier , you're basically putting your differences very much forward . There is a problem of integration of minorities from Africa in France , that is the underlying theme behind the veil issue

There is also the political aspect , i lived 10 years in Algeria , and i know many Muslims women who are totally virtuous but do not wear the veil , it's not an olbigation in Islam , it's a personal choice , initally , only the wives of the Prophet wore it

In the US ( " In God we trust" , Bible belt ), the Church is not really separate from the State like it is in France , you don't see politicians wanting to teach creationism in France , basically the French citizenship suppose that the whole nation belongs to one community (based on assimilation ) , as opposed to the US/UK way of having various distinct communities living apart , the latter model is perhaps less idealistic and more pragmatic , but that's the founding idea of the Republic of France , one language , one law , one community .

That is where the veil problem comes in , the way France has parked their immigrants into ghettos since the 1960's (with all kids going to the ghettos schools and never going out of their microcosm ) , it has de facto created an American/British situation of "communitarianism" , and scores of the deprived and forsaken population have taken refuge in a more radical practice of the religion which is worrying a part of the population and shows that the integration model has partly failed , so the veil issue is highly political (look at the score of the radical right and far right these last 6 years , makes a third of the French population ) .

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Posted in: U.S. deploys stealth fighters from Okinawa to S Korea See in context

If the media announces it , it means the US military actually wanted it to be known to impress not only NK , but also China probably

We're witnessing a mild escalation that will hopefully not lead to an open conflict since China will object in the end and it's not in the interest of the US to have a war over there , i don't the NK leadership is that silly to go against China"s will

It's worrying to see all the countries in the region increasing their military expenditures though and the tensions still not looking to ease up

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Posted in: Japan to lodge complaint over laser beams during Jordan soccer clash See in context

This happens all the time in europe , particularly chamoion's league games or in various leagues . It takes only 2-3 idiots to do it , out of a crowd of several dozen thousands people ...

Difficult to police it , you'd have to body search everyone before the match and those lasers are easily concealed

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Posted in: Sea of masks See in context

They should wear the Muslim Hijab or Niqab then ? :)

This mask habit is kinda weird seen from Europe , seems to weakens the children natural ability to resist and adapt germs and disease and discourage social interactions

Luckily unlike other forms of criminality , the street criminality is low in japan , but in my country this mask trend covering more than half the face would be seen as a security threat

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Posted in: Japan protests to France over military sales to China See in context

"Now apparently the socialist government in France has violated that agreement "

The EU agreement is respected by the French , those equipments are not on the list of banned equipment in the said agreement and secondly these are not offensive equipments

Besides , the term "socialist" has not the same meaning in France (social-democrats ) than in Japan or the US (where it is generally a pejorative term associated with Stalinist and Maoist regimes ) and it has nothing to do with the business decision that was taken

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan must negotiate on rice to join TPP talks See in context

Rice is a strategic commodity , it's essential for the Japanese , in case of a war in the region , it's very important to be able to rely on your own food production .

Besides , some people make it sound like Japan is the only country that enforces protectionist measures , but the US has been criticized repeatedly for the same thing towards China and the EU these last years , the fact is the temptation for more protectionism is on the rise worldwide because of slower growth globally and willingness for many nations to protect their industry or agriculture

Free trade is good only when it promotes growth and jobs in any given country and does not threaten the exctinction of its industrial and agricultural infrastructure , the price for the consumer is just one (short term ) aspect of the problem . It benefits both sides as long you trade with countries following the same rules and having similar wage policies and living standards , but when it is totally unregulated it , "Wild free trade" leads to de-industrialization of entire regions which causes massive unemployment and social disasters as it is happening in Europe right now

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