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surf travel is starting to become popular in Japan, hope to be able to make a surf trip out there before it get too crowded!

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Posted in: U.S. cracks down on fad weight-loss powders, skin creams See in context

Weight loss powders and pills can be very dangerous, much better to spend your money on smething with lasting effects like a Weight Loss Spa

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Posted in: Singer Noriko Sakai kicks surfer husband out of home See in context

She should put a Surf leash on the guy !

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Posted in: Carry-on crackdown: United Airlines enforces bag size limit See in context

Some airlines will open your Surfboard bags and charge for each board inside the bag. Seems pretty ridiculous to me !

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Posted in: Small tsunami hit Japan after Samoa quake See in context

I think we got a little of that swell at salina cruz surf was good !

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Posted in: Police arrest 100 after California street party turns violent See in context

I would rather go on a Santa Barbara Health Vacation than to a party like this.

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Posted in: New Zealand surfer punches away attacking shark See in context

That went from one of the best surf trips to scary real fast. Stoked he was able to fend off the shark !

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Posted in: Indonesia bans bikinis for 2013 Miss World pageant See in context

Bikinis are to show off the amazing bodies these women have worked to achieve. I think they should have the chance to show em off !

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