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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

If you ask a question in the title of a news article, you should answer that question in the article!

This article doesn’t explain the ‘why’ at all. It only tells us the ‘how’ by explaining the procedure that police and prosecutors use to extend detention for suspects. The ‘why’ would include an investigation of the psychological and social impacts that suspects are subjected to when their detentions are extended indefinitely under this type of hostage justice.

(Also, the literal translation of saitaiho is re-arrest but it would be more appropriately translated as ‘additional charges’…)

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in Fukuoka told police she had issues with ex-boyfriend See in context

As I predicted this morning, it turns out that it was her ex stalking her and she had reported it to the police. This exact story plays out weekly here.

For those who keep spouting Japan is the safest country in the world? Not even close. In fact, it’s not even in the top 10 safest because of the amount of crime committed against women.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in Fukuoka told police she had issues with ex-boyfriend See in context

Another day, another violent act of male aggression against a female victim in ‘safety’ Japan.

No doubt we’ll find out that this woman was being stalked by her ex, had contacted the police about it, and was left to be murdered without any action being taken.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics cost 20% more than organizers reported: audit See in context

It was 1 trillion yen more expensive than the initial estimate? That’s $7500000000 USD over the initial cost (7.5 BILLION USD!). That is an extravagant waste of money, even for the LDP. Social programs are going bankrupt, taxes are going up, and the LDP spent a total of nearly 13 billion dollars on the Olympics. Unbelievable!

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

Both my kids births were covered by Japanese health care. I didn't pay anything.

Sorry, but you are wrong. Childbirth, and all of the incidental checkups, consultations, tests, etc, are not covered by health insurance in Japan. Even a cursory search online shows that it’s not covered by insurance. You have to pay everything out of pocket.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

The fact that we have ‘universal’ healthcare that doesn’t cover something as essential as childbirth is absolutely ridiculous. Also, the lump sum doesn’t leave anything leftover at all. Every single doctor visit related to childbirth is paid out of pocket as well, not just that actual procedure.

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Posted in: Taxes to be raised to cover additional defense spending: Kishida See in context

Margins are already razor thin at a lot of smaller companies. I suspect raising taxes on them will lead to further reductions in salaries. I don’t think many companies will simply absorb the increased taxes without making changes to their operations. I further think this is the opening for the next round of VAT increases.

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Posted in: Kindergarten head referred to prosecutors over 3-year-old dying of heat See in context

Child care in Japan: Largely unregulated, unmonitored, and no repercussions for bad actors. Parents have to be hyper-vigilant to make sure that daycares don’t negligently murder their children. It boggles the mind that this system is acceptable to anyone.

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Posted in: Japan cautious on capital gains tax; must stick to increasing defence See in context

we might ask everyone to share the burden broadly

The tax raise seems like a done deal already. 2027 is the target I guess.

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Posted in: Japan's October job availability improves for 10th straight month See in context

What nobody’s talking about… changes to unemployment insurance that have forced people into much lower paying jobs than ones they left or were forced from. In August this year, the system was changed from receiving 50-80% of one’s salary to a maximum of about 20万 a month. Workers used to be able to use unemployment insurance to help them find similar jobs in their sector. This is a system that workers have paid into themselves and which now doesn’t provide enough when they need it. Mismanagement of this public service has completely ruined it’s usefulness.

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Posted in: Win or lose: Japanese fans tidy up at World Cup See in context

This story is getting old and tired. When the spotlight is on, Japanese people do the right thing! That’s not news anywhere. As another poster said, have a look at the local park for the truth.

A spokeswoman for the Japanese Football Association said it's supplying 8,000 trash bags to help fans pick up after matches

As I suspected, this is not some spontaneous act on the part of fans/players. It’s organized by the JFA/government of Japan. Like having Abe come out dressed as Mario, it’s all part of a soft power PR image campaign.

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Posted in: Yen, inflation at levels unseen in decades not likely to sway BOJ See in context

When the economy goes into recession next quarter the government isn’t going to have a single method for pushing a recovery. The current policy is guaranteed to create another 10 of stagnation.

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Posted in: Abe killing seen as attack on Japan's democracy See in context

It’s very hard to make the argument that this was an attack on democracy when the killer wasn’t motivated by politics at all. In the end, Abe’s death will be used for political gain, but this was certainly not an attack on democracy.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

I have long hair and a beard. During the first 12-13 years I lived here I got stopped once every 2-3 months. I then moved closer to the main police station in my town and started getting stopped even more. It got bad enough that I made a complaint to my embassy which then made a human rights complaint to the town I was living in. I actually had to go to the police station with a lawyer to threaten litigation before they stopped harassing me. Obviously I wasn’t ok being treated that way but on my own I can deal with the harassment. What I worried about most was being stopped while I was with my children and having to explain to them why the police were treating me that way. Luckily that hasn’t happened.

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Posted in: Ghosn calls Kelly's guilty verdict 'face saving' for prosecutors, Nissan See in context

Really, you have done so in many occasions.

Actually, the only time he held a press conference to defend himself the judges revoked his bail and put him back in jail for weeks. He definitely could not defend himself in the press, which was being used against him on a daily basis with ‘leaks’ from the prosecutors.

It's very bizarre that the judge in Kelly’s trial felt the need to talk so much about Ghosn when he wasn’t on trail. Surely this means he couldn’t possibly get a fair trail in the future (although we know it was never going to be fair in the first place!)

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Posted in: Over 407,000 on entry waiting list as Japan eases border controls See in context

So, it will take over 80 days. Assuming that 5,000 will enter every day. If a student can only make it on the 80th day, it means that a whole trimester is lost.

Actually, there are only an extra 1500 spaces daily. It’s going to take over 270 days to clear the backlog of nothing changes.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics cost ¥150 bil less than expected See in context

Estimates have the total amount around $15 Billion. There are only 339 events. Does spending $45,000,000 per event really sound like a good way to spend tax payer money? Not only that, we couldn’t even see the events in person! Extravagant waste of money!

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Posted in: Japan leads G7 with COVID-19 vaccination rate of nearly 76% See in context

It’s great that we’ve reached this number and I hope that we can continue to get people vaccinated. However, the slow start meant thousands of unnecessary infections, hundreds of unnecessary deaths, months of unnecessary social restrictions, and an Olympics that we paid for but couldn’t attended. That’s hardly a situation to be proud of.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death in Amagasaki; ex-husband detained See in context

More violence against women in safety Japan. Seems pretty endemic at this point.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attacking girl; hints at involvement in fatal arson See in context

When it comes to violent attacks like rape and murder (among other crimes) public safety should trump these types of laws that protect the identity of minors. Especially when we are talking about someone who is 19.

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Posted in: Canada mandates COVID vaccines for travelers, federal workers See in context

Whatever happened to the concept of "herd immunity"? With 82% fully vaccinated, it seems that draconian measures like this are not needed.

I see this kind of comment a lot. You have to remember that we need over 80% of the entire population to be vaccinated in order to reach any type of herd immunity. 82% of Canadian over 12 years old are fully vaccinated. There are over 4 million children under the age of 12. That means there is only about 70% of the entire population vaccinated in Canada now.

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Posted in: Tourism minister to consider when to restart Go To Travel campaign See in context

I like the idea of Go To but not during a pandemic. If they insist on doing it soon there should at least be a requirement to prove you’ve been vaccinated. It would also be better to wait until the adult population has reached the 80% vaccinated rate.

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Posted in: Japan, Hong Kong academics say virtual learning no match for real thing See in context

Lumping all types of tertiary education together and claiming that online learning is ineffective is a ridiculous premise. In Japan, the vast majority of students in liberal arts programs are there for a four year break before starting their working life. University here is well known as ‘the summer of ones life.’

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Posted in: COVID-19 state of emergency lifted but challenges abound See in context

I suspect Kishida will be flying the Mission Accomplished banner just before the election and we’ll be back into a state of emergency by the end of the year.

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Posted in: Mother asks public for help in finding daughter missing since 2019 See in context

We really need something similar to the Amber alert here in Japan. When children go missing it’s essential to get a message out to the general public as soon as possible. We shouldn’t have to wait until the evening news to hear about missing children.

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Posted in: Contaminants found in Pfizer vaccine in cities near Tokyo, Osaka See in context

If you don’t know what the substance is, you cannot call it a contaminant.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Saitama Pref See in context

There is no way you could hit someone in broad daylight and not know what it was. This coward ran over someone and left him to die on the side of the road. He knew exactly what he did.

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Posted in: Japan orders 150 million doses of Novavax COVID vaccine See in context

A lot of people got shouted down for suggesting that the delayed approval and slow rollout of vaccines was an attempt to allow domestic companies the chance to cash in. Well, this news makes it pretty obvious that they were right.

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Posted in: State-run vaccination sites to extend operation until late November See in context

They have to extend the timeline because uptake of the injections is way lower than they projected.

Over a million people getting vaccinated each day and you want us to believe that the uptake has been low?

They’re clearly extended operation because there is a huge demand for vaccines.

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Posted in: Schools take action against rising pandemic-linked student suicides See in context

I’m interested to know which schools closed for months? The longest delay in this area was about 5 weeks. The school board also decided to shorten summer vacation to make up for the delayed start. Is this loss of vacation time being investigated as a reason for depression? What about general stress related to living through a pandemic? Is this factor being looked at?

many believed to have felt lonely during school closures

How was this conclusion about the suicides reached?

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