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Posted in: Japan's 10-day break to fete new emperor may breathe life into economy See in context

I work in the Shinjuku/Ikebukuro/Ueno/Harajuku/Omotesando areas and if anything there are more and more consumers already “breathing life” into the economy. Stores and streets are jam packed with people and although a good many may be tourists from abroad, a lot of Japanese is spoken.

I will be traveling to Hokuriku for four of those ten days but could not get a single hotel in Kanazawa for even one night. Everything was sold out months in advance (unless I wish to front ¥50,000 for one night which I do not). I will be begging, borrowing or stealing a cardboard box in which to sleep. I imagine the heat generated by the multitude of tourists “not spending their money in a depressed economy” (hah!) will warm the surrounding air enough to keep me warm through the night.

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Posted in: Prosecutors suspect Ghosn's wife contacted parties linked to his case See in context

One has to admit that it does seem unusual that Mrs. Ghosn left the country so suddenly (on a hidden passport), and then returned so suddenly. What actually went on in between? The prosecutors are speculating wildly. Unless of course, they have spies abroad and moles everywhere.

But all that has to be done, and it has been done as evidenced by this English translation news feed, is to plant the seed of doubt in everyone’s mind regarding Mrs Ghosn, and when it comes time to testify, the jury will already have been poisoned. Unless of course, they have pre-selected the jury in advance and cloistered them all away for months so as to prevent everyone from being biased by all the news feeds...

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after baby stroller catches fire See in context

If the reporting is accurate regarding, “no fire was being used at the time”, then this is both horrifying and bizarre.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge See in context

These news reports are getting longer and longer, however content is mostly just previous news appended nearly verbatim into the latest report. The article then appears to have substance; however the new content can usually be found in the first one or two paragraphs.

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

Isn’t there already a gambling “issue” in Japan with pachinko, mahjong, horse racing, keirin, and other forms of frivolously squandering one’s money? Not enough I guess. Let’s add a casino and say we are being proactive by suggesting everyone consider thinking about trying to possibly find a way to potentially prevent addicts and underagers from participating....

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Posted in: Renting flat-pack furniture? Ikea's push to go green See in context

Wow! So I could totally reform/renew my tiny Tokyo flat every couple of years and have new designs and colours? What an intriguing concept. That thought had never occurred to me, so from my perspective the concept is very innovative

Leasing automobiles has merits, why not furniture and white goods?

Grey today, green tomorrow.

Lets keep an eye on this concept.

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Posted in: Toyota, SoftBank fund, Denso invest $1 billion in Uber See in context

I wonder if grab will buy Uber Japan like they did in Asia?

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo See in context

We shouldn’t say “ban” driving. We should consider “revoking their license”. This most definitely would prevent them from driving as it would be a criminal offense to be driving without a license.

Of course going through the official channels is a requirement and most likely a rigorous driving check to determine if their reflexes are up to par or not.

After my father had a stroke in his late 70s he still insisted he could drive. But my mother took his keys away and had to persevere with his frustration. Finally there was an opportunity for him to prove he could still drive by taking a specific test. He failed. Twice. So they revoked his license and told him that if he could pass the test then he would get it back. He couldn’t do it so gave up.

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Posted in: Patients well after world's 1st retina transplants via donor iPS cells See in context

We are getting there. Slowly but surely. I am glad to hear this. I hope the patients are followed over the next 5-10 years.

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Posted in: LDP calls for law to tighten regulation on IT giants See in context

I think that Rakuten (a Japanese company) and Yahoo Japan (a Japanese company) will also fall within this discussion? Let’s not play the mind games of Japan Companies or Industry trying to figure out Global or put pressure on them to get an advantage, shall we?

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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

We will probably see Mr. Hagiuda’s resignation in the news very shortly...

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Posted in: Body of elderly woman found floating in pond in Tokyo park See in context

She was wearing shoes..... then the investigators will likely look for foul play because had she committed suicide, she would have left them by the pond.... uh huh.

I visit Inokashira Koen often. It’s a great 90 minute bicycle ride, and the park with the big, central pond and the lovely old castle ruins (hard to see them though, because it just looks like hills) are very relaxing. Several geocaches there as well. All in all a very nice park.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

How many times have you been seated on a busy train and the seats next to you remain vacant? 

Maybe those people smell bad? There have been many times a person (Japanese as well as foreign) has sat down next to me on the train and smelled bad. I got up and left. Should I claim smell harassment? Or should they claim they were discriminated against by my olfactory senses? I don’t see that as discrimination.

As as others have said, people need to stop tilting at windmills so much; just live your life, and stop pointing your finger at others. The other three fingers are pointing right back at you.

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

I agree with everyone above. 26% would lead to everyone in Japan rising up in a “rice rebellion”! That is truly insane.

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Posted in: Docomo to lower mobile phone fees by up to 40% from June See in context

I hope the others follow, but as I’m already paying about ¥5500 for unlimited, it looks like I will continue to get screwed. It’s a great idea for the carriers to lower the price of their plans that doesn’t allow enough data to use the phone in place of a computer (email, SNS, web, YouTube, calls) so that when people go over they get gouged on the over limit usage.

Lets see see if it makes a difference, shall we?

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Posted in: Couples in first hearing on same-sex marriage say they are 'not special' See in context

If they changed a few words of the law (as if they would!), would it resolve the issue?

Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes — people and it shall be maintained through mutual cooperation with the equal rights of husband and wife — each spouse as a basis.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan raises Prime membership fee for first time in 11 years See in context

Amazon’s price in Japan is so shockingly low (love it!!) that U-Next, Hulu, and other streaming companies are really pushing for “anti-competition” and trying hard to make Amazon more in line with their ¥1000/month fees. Instead of trying to create a platform that competes with Amazon, they want to force Amazon to bill higher prices.

I love everything available in Prime. I use the videos, music, free shipping, free image storing and more way beyond the ridiculously low new fee of ¥4900/year. That’s just under ¥410 per month which is unthinkable as a global price. When I talk with my NA friends, many say they don’t have Prime because for them it is too expensive. In Japanese prices, that simply does not compute.

However, once Disney and HBO go live with their streaming platforms I fear a huge amount of awesome content will disappear from Amazon (and Netflix for that matter) and we will end up paying for several providers, ultimately pushing monthly fees up to the satellite broadcaster fees of yore

Why would I want to pay ¥1000/mo to several providers only for streaming bits and pieces when Amazon provides so much more! Go Amazon!!

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Posted in: As domestic options wane, Japan turns to U.S. acquisitions See in context

Most North Americans living in NA (that I have met) still think Seven Eleven is an American company. They have no idea that it became Japanese almost 15 years ago! Maybe that’s the way it should be to reduce “acquisition shock”.

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Posted in: NHK reporter laughed at for asking black hole team for more on Japan’s contributions See in context

So it’s OK for the ”global news” (France? Turkey? Uzbekistan? China?) to expound on and laud Dr. Bourman, but not OK for Japan to heap praise on their scientists? It’s natural for citizens of their country to want to learn about and be proud about their country’s achievements. For example, in the 2020 Olympics, Russians are going to be most interested in how many medals their superheroes win.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian studying to become attorney See in context

@zichi: Yes, with such a well-padded portfolio of impressive assets, she is sure to go far(ther).

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian studying to become attorney See in context

She can become a defense attorney for the stars!

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Posted in: Ghost of Toys R Us still haunts toy makers See in context

This is shocking news to me. As Helix says, I too had no idea they went bankrupt nearly two years ago!

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Posted in: Safety steps for foreign drivers introduced amid rise in accidents See in context

I guess they could make one of those little stickers for front and back that show an image of a Borg from Star Trek, with the words, “Alien On Board”.

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Posted in: HBO brings down curtain on TV phenom 'Game of Thrones' See in context

$15 million an episode! No wonder the graphics and settings seem so incredibly detailed and compelling! I wonder when we can get it on Amazon Prime Japan....

GoT is coming!

”I am Groot.”

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Posted in: Man on turret truck dies in elevator accident at Tokyo fish market See in context

Everyone in Japan has seen those ubiquitous “飛び込み禁止” signs in the train stations at least once in their life, one would imagine. I guess it doesn’t sink in...

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

Around one in 10 Japanese in their 30s has never had heterosexual sex and the number of adults with no sexual experience is increasing, according to a new study based on national survey data.

Does anyone else find this introductory statement rather bizarre? Why is the author differentiating “sex” from “heterosexual sex”? Is she implying that homosexual sex is not sex? Or perhaps she is implying that one in ten are into bestiality? Or sex with toaster ovens? I think this could have been worded better.

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Posted in: Fukuoka police tackle shortage of female recruits via fashion show See in context

Local police sources say that the Fukuoka police were dealing with a string of attacks and crimes connected to gangsters in the past and could not allocate sufficient manpower to recruitment efforts.

Maybe there is another reason why women are not interested in the police force in Fukuoka? Like.... oh, I don’t know.... violent yakuza crime, perhaps? Or the buff ‘n tough copper culture required to handle such violence? Nah, couldn’t be.

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Posted in: Ichiro turns down Japan's prestigious People's Honor Award for 3rd time See in context

Ichiro is a true sports legend. Just like Wayne Gretzky.

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Posted in: Ghosn's detention extended until April 14 See in context

Even Japanese people in my office are saying that in spite of whether Ghosn is guilty or not, the justice system is out of control.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context


”a cash payment...” we all know how much Japanese fines reflect the crime.

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