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Posted in: Former diplomat fears for future of Japan's democracy See in context

It took a guy with a Phd to figure this out? I thought it was "no duh" to bascily everyone. Take population and immigration for example. The day will come when ghosts towns will riddle Japan. When 80 million people inhabit this shell of an country they will be cursing the old fools in power now for not even considering the possibility of opening immigration even slighty to save Japan. It's exactly like the war! Those in power ask them under them to sacrifice them selves rather than surrender.

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Here is an idea!!! Just say "Welcome, ENGLISH friendly"

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Mazda is popular. 15th largest car company in the world. Not everyone can be number 1. They are actually a pretty small car company compared to how well they do. I mean... The do make the worlds best selling sport coupe ever! You also have to realize honda is also the worlds largest motorcyle maker. The also make boat engines and even airplanes. Mitishibushi, while also a smaller car company has a parents company that makes everything from tanks, airplanes, but also JAXA rockets. Some Japanese car companies come from the old zaibatsus. Others like honda were very good at diversifying. Mazda is a highly successfully somewhat smaller scale car company.

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Posted in: Which country has the best high-speed rail technology in the world? See in context

I have zero idea. Not the USA I know that. Japan is awesome and the only country I can compare it to is Taiwan and Taipei's mass transit is way better and nicer and about 1/3 the price. That being said it's brand spanking new. In a much smaller city than Tokyo, and only has 6 or 7 standardized lines and only run in Taipei. So you can't really measure Japan or even Tokyo mass transit vs Taiwan/Taipei. I can also pretty much promise next to know one who voted has visited all the countries in the poll, and seeing this is on a Japanese news site it seems just a little biased even if the results are correct.

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Posted in: Gundam creator expresses disappointment over current state of anime voice acting See in context

@Akkiko "Just think of it as casual Japanese." no this is just wrong. There is special "ben" ONLY used in anime. Yeah you can learn some correct Japanese from anime, of course. But there are things that if you picked up and used them in real Japanese life, causes conversation or not, people will laugh at you and know you are talking like an anime. Anime and manga have an almost total different "ben" of actual Japanese use. Nothing something people use outside of anime and manga.

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Posted in: Gundam creator expresses disappointment over current state of anime voice acting See in context

I can't hardly stomach anime for this same reason. I never realized they spoke different in anime. Then after coming to japan and learning Japanese, oh my god. Not only languge choice, weird trendy conjugations and word formations only used in anime and the way they over dramatized pronunciation of words. Even the newest ghosts in shell, which has always been pretty down to earth had a few cringe worthy efforts here in a there in terms of words choice and pronunciation. I even asked my wife a couple times, why do they keep using this word or that word. She told me it was ridiculous sounding, something you only hear in anime nowadays.

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Posted in: 'Frozen' on track to become second highest-grossing film in Japan See in context

It was such a mediocre movie. I enjoy plenty of Disney and Pixar movies. I really really didn't see what was so special about this run of the mill movie.

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Posted in: Survey shows longer periods of smartphone use can lead to lower school exam scores See in context

zombies! I am a uni prof. I have plenty of cell phone zombies. My fellow teachers and I make fun of them and call their drug "Dra-Qu" or as they like to call it "ドラゴンクリスタル". Dragon Crystal. a joke of a game that is the reason of more than a few of mu students earning an 無. And don't get me wrong. I am a video game otaku myself. I simply know the time and place. My classroom it is not!

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Posted in: Health ministry requests Y1.1 bil budget to deal with 'dangerous drugs' See in context

What a joke! Do you know why these "loop hole" drugs are not a problem in the USA? Because they are not a problem. It has been reported all week long. search for yourself selves, its all over the net: States with legal marijuana are reporting a 25% drop in pain killer overdoses. Legal marijuana lowers crime, lowers DUMB drug use, lowers dumb crap like using these loop hole drugs. If you are dumb enough to use weed you are going to use a loop hole drug. It is as simple as that.

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Posted in: 57 Fukushima children suffering from thyroid cancer See in context

Why does this article not publish the average rate of thyroid cancer among children??? XX per 100,000. For all we know 56 among 300,000 is way below average. Maybe it's ten times normal. Some sort of comparison would be nice.

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Posted in: Steel beam falls at construction site, killing 2 workers See in context

I am 100% curious and honest. Does construction related accidents and deaths happen so much more often in Japan compared to the USA or is it just they lack of reporting of such incidents in the USA. Cause it sure seems like there are a ton of accidents in japan construction. When I did a internship with the army corp of engineers I got OSHA certified. I see a lot of construction and maintenance stuff in japan that would violate a ton of laws in the USA. Plenty of times I have seen safe work practices. Safety ropes for example. But then go two blocks down to a different construction site.... And no ropes. It's like without fail they always have hard hats on.... But then are standing on a slanted roof with no rope. And what's with the baggy pants? Surely that has to be a little unsafe, and can't possible serve a valid purpose.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese students killed, 5 injured in California car crash See in context

This makes no sense. I owned a Honda Prelude. That car is small for 2 people. The back seat isn't even really meant for people. There is ZERO room. Like many sports cars they simply put in "back seats" for classification purposes. Dead serious. I had 3 people in my prelude once and it was lunacy. He had to stretch out over the back. There is literately 3 inches of leg space. There is no way 8 people fit in a prelude.

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Japan may love pets, but many owners treat them like accessories. That's not to say they are all bad. The neighbor on our right has a child that kidnappes kittens. We think he is trying to assimilate them to him. The first died. The 2nd and 3rd we rescued, but could only save the 2nd one. His parents couldn't care less. We spent nearly 20,000 yen trying to save them. We can't keep any pets in our place. Luckily the neighbor on the left is wonderful animal lover that helped us take of the 3rd cat. We got to the cat too late and after a week just didn't wake up. My wife and I would like to start a spay and neuter program for our neighbor hood. About 20 adult cats roam around here.

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than, say, 10 years ago? See in context

So sad. The answer is no. Look it up yourself. There is measurable proof that he world is safer today than 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 39 years ago. The FBI has an official file open to try and figure out the reason murder and violent crime in the USA is dropping. It was much much higher in the 70's. The same trend is also true in japan. So sad so many of you buy into the media hype machine of a self destructing murder and rape everyone world. Actually less rape and murder they are just better at shoving down our throats. So you thinks it's s worse world to live in. Please open your minds. There are many bad humans on this Earth but it's slowly getting better and better.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

There are so many better hamburgers out there.

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Posted in: Man posts live video of him drowning cat in Nagano river See in context

that's so wonderful. My wife and I just spend over 2 man rescuing two kittens.... so while we do our best to save the cats in our neighborhood these morons are out there killing them. If these idiots would spay and neuter their animals people like my wife and I wouldn't be the ones paying to save all the babies.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman killed by train in Shiga See in context

"And why are there no guardrails at the platform that could have prevented her from getting hit? This was a totally preventable tragedy that JR should take responsibility ."

Do you really think no one has looked into this problem? They have, and they are currently testing advanced dynamic barriers. Have honestly never realized that trains are different? Different trains stop at the same station. You cant just have a railing and a door open. Because different trains have different doors and different doors that are different lengths apart.

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Posted in: Is smoking pot harmless? See in context

"Is often mixed with Tobacco" all you did with this statement is show your complete lack of knowledge on the subject.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs lifting some sanctions on N Korea See in context

why? developing ICBMs. Developing nuclear weapons. Breaking UN sanctions and then lying about them. Playing game after game after game. Making the childish political games of the Japanese and Chinese seem like Nobel Peace Prize collaborations.

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Posted in: All you need is Cruise See in context

"re Japanese viewers so simple minded that the Japanese movie industry needs to change every movie title? Do we really need to know the plot or the climax in the title?" huh. All you need is kill is the orignal title. and way cooler then Edge of Tomorrow. The movie title changed for the WEST and only recently. I have been exicted about this movie for a long time, back when it was called All you Need is Kill everywhere.

"Does Tom Cruise realize that his cookie-cutter movies are no longer popular anymore? He plays the same character in every movie no matter the setting. He should get out of his comfort zone and play some supporting roles again." Huh. What are you talking about it? I saw this movie last night and it was amazing. anything but cookie cutter and IMDB, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes are all showing REALLY high marks for this movie. why are you being such a hater?

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Posted in: Japan's nightclubs weather dancing ban See in context

Great photo. Did you enlarge it??? I guess not. Just two more j-girls who can't walk in heels and look terrible in a bathing a suit.

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Posted in: Japan played too slow and lacked ideas, says coach See in context

Too slow and lacked ideas. Yep sounds like japan

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Posted in: Comedian George Tokoro voted most ideal father See in context

I pretty much 100000% guarantee you that guy smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Dad of the year for sure!

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Posted in: Japan kills 30 whales in 1st hunt since ICJ ruling See in context

Good. More whale tartar appetizers for my next BBQ. Seriously get educated. 300,000 minke whales. NOT endangered. 30 doesn't make a difference. Fukui sells tons of whale meat. Big beautiful steak. Cheap cheap!

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Posted in: 3 killed after minivan rear-ends truck in Kanagawa See in context

Let me guess. Tailgating, Smoking and using a cellphone while driving, with TV on in the front seat, no one was wearing seat-belts. Honestly I have no idea how anyone makes it home. I gave up driving a car in Japan. Made my life so much better and I have so much less stress now.

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Posted in: Honda cuts production in Thailand by 40% See in context

First off. Honda is no where near what it was in the 80s and 90s. The last decent car they made stopped production in 2007. The s2000. Not just because it was a sports, it was an all around amazing car. I'm talking even the civics and accords of today are no where near the quality and value like the they were in the 80s and 90s. The prelude. The integra. Honda just makes run of the mill crap now, when other companies are offering more for less money. The civic and accord, their bread and butter used to be best in class, and now are near the bottom of their respective classes. The only sell as many cars as they do because they are still riding he coat tails of their former glory. Their name. Like sony, Sony was going down hill for a long time, but people bought sony for a while because it was a sony. I'm mean sony is the best right? Well people finally started to realize a samsung tv for half the price and actually did better than a sony. Or an hp laptop that was faster than a sony for half the price. Honda is down the same road. Car people already know this about honda, and have stopped buying them. Soon the general public will realize this too. Hopefully Honda will turn it around soon.

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Posted in: Abe says Obama just wanted to talk trade at sushi dinner See in context

For bonding? Why 8 Japanese PMs in ten years. Why would Obama want to bond? Obama will be in the history books. For better or for worse. Abe, whether he did/does a good job will just be forgotten in hype massive lists of Japanese PMs that step done for one meaningless reason or another.

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Posted in: What do Japanese people think of when they hear the word 'otaku?' See in context

Here is my problem with otaku/Japanese soiecty. You are either otaku or you have no hobbies at all. No lone has a bunch of interests, sports, cars, video games, cooking. They have one. They are baseball otaku, and their entire life is baseball baseball. Video game otaku. They do nothing other but play games. In the USA you have a guy that will watch a baseball game on tv, play some video games with buddies. Go drive his sports car, listen to msuic, and read a comic book. That is the average guy. With average interest. Here in japan you have to be train otaku, or akb48 otaku and 99% of the time that is your only interest

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Posted in: Obama ate only half the sushi course: media See in context

20 pieces is A LOT!!!! When I eat I usually have 10 pieces (supposedly what Obama ate). I think 14 is probably the most nigiri I have EVER eaten my life. And I felt sick I ate "so much". 20? no way.

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Posted in: Robot diplomacy See in context

Pretty cool museum. I went last year. That robot was awesome.... when it was built 14 years ago!!!! That massive globe they have that is a video screen is 1000 times cooler.

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