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Posted in: 11-month-old baby falls to death from apartment window See in context

An 11 month can not walk or talk or climb.

Please, just stop spreading this ignorance right now! Every 11 month old is different, and thinking otherwise will result in harm to the babies of some people who listen to your uneducated presumption. Maybe your kids, if you have them, could not. But your kids are your kids and no one elses!

The mother may be telling the truth, which would make her very stupid though, right along with the father who, more than anyone, should have baby proofed the place long ago.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum at Ecuador embassy in London See in context

he is simply wanting to escape the wrath of the two good ladies in Sweden who are blowing the whistle on him.

Good ladies? I think they are ladies about as much as Assange is a gentleman! A gentleman would have worn a condom in those circumstances and a lady would not have pressed rape charges in those circumstances!

The charges against Assange are preposterous and only in Sweden would anyone call it rape. I would sooner send a homosexual back to Iran to answer to charges of sodomy!

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum at Ecuador embassy in London See in context

Act first, then genius-think about how to get out of the consequences of your actions later.

Sort of like the women who happily took him to bed, then later filed rape charges?

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum at Ecuador embassy in London See in context

Other than reading secret diplomatic cables that we would normally never be privy to, what shocking truths have come to light?

Details about the oppressive regime in Tunisia, which the U.S. and France supported, and the release of those details led to the Tunisian revolution and the dismantling of a police state.

Some people just consistently undervalue the truth and think certain people should be able to lie and hide anything they want from the people they are supposed to represent.

Without Wikileaks, the people of Tunisia would probably still be living in that oppressive police state. And you would sit there in France ignorant of their plight, still hating Assange but for other reasons I am sure you could conjure.

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Posted in: 11-month-old baby falls to death from apartment window See in context

An 11 month old baby can't climb, can't walk, so how did it get on the sofa and then to the window? Are we missing something here?

Ignorance like this gets babies killed. The variety of human beings is such that pretty much all age related preconceptions are very flimsy. Not all 11 month old babies are fat lumps with heavy heads. Some are pretty trim, have small heads and are very active, can climb out of their cribs

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Posted in: 2 young brothers perish in house fire See in context

I can't even imagine being too far away from my own one year old to save them from a fire. If I was sleeping either they would be right next to me or their mother. If I was awake I would be close or their mother would.

At a certain point, attempting to get your kids out WILL kill you, no questions asked.

What did buggerlugs say again?

even if it killed me.

That is a hint that buggerlugs did know the risks before you actually said anything.

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Posted in: Commuters' tolerance tested in face of declining public manners See in context

Two words: Spatial. Awareness.

Situational awareness. But I agree with your post.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum at Ecuador embassy in London See in context

I wish him luck, but dude, next time just use a condom with new partners, geesh.

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

It is sad and states a lot about the country but you can't suggest that everyone has the knowledge and availability that "we" do.

I am weighing the difficulty of getting birth control, abortions, and sex education anywhere on the globe in the 21st century against the difficulties that will be faced after murdering your own daughter. Murder is coming up short.

I do understand and appreciate the difficulties people have in certain countries and places, and so I could accept, but not agree with, disowning a family member over something like this. But murder? It truly takes a male to list that under the heading of "honor". In the mind of this male, is honor is now as low as it could possibly be. I should think if honor were so important to him, he could have found other options, even in a remote place in India.

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Posted in: 10,000 germ species live in and on healthy people See in context

One surprise: It turns out that nearly everybody harbors low levels of some harmful types of bacteria, pathogens that are known for causing specific infections.

Surprise? I thought it was common knowledge. Get old and/or weak and your own body's germs will get you.

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Posted in: Full steam ahead for Titanic II See in context

On the bright side, this will employ a lot of people. It sure beats this guy's money sitting around doing nobody any good. But if it was me, I would have it build in Ireland or the UK.

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

We can't have everyone sleeping with everyone else.

We happen to be living in the 21st century, and as long as people are careful and not completely stupid, it does not matter who sleeps with who. We have so many safety nets with regards to pregnancy its ridiculous. And if she was sleeping around, it seems she has no out of wedlock kids to show for it.

Personally, I understand their reasoning in this regard.

My understanding dried up with the 19th century.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl arrested for stabbing classmate at Wakayama college See in context

She is only 17 and didn't know any better. In three more years she will, cause that is what the law says.

Ridiculous! Try her as an adult. Then reduce the age of majority to 16 at least so we don't have to even think about this silliness any more.

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Posted in: Rearview mirror with camera and LED display See in context

So you'll have to have a power cord hanging down from the mirror to your lighter soccet?

No. You will buy an extension, run the cord to one side of the car, hiding it in the window rubber along the way, run it down the other side along the windshield still hidden and secured in the rubber, under your dashboard, and into the lighter socket. Same with the ETC sensor type that sticks to the windshield, and far, far less of an eyesore than something stuck on top of your dash, where it melts.

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

I am always amazed at how people can get so upset over sex. Shut up and enjoy it. Shut up and let others enjoy it. Is that so hard?

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Posted in: Commuters' tolerance tested in face of declining public manners See in context

I don't think I will ever understand people complaining about people noise in one of the most mechanically noisy places the average person winds up in a day. The train is loudly going along with KLACKCLACK K KLAK, the brakes SCREEEEEECH, the horn WOOOOOOOT, and somebody's headphones are annoying you??? Their conversation? Their cell phone? Somebody dared to laugh? Ridiculous!

And visual disturbances? Please! Just look away! I don't care if its porn, just look away. Same with putting on make-up, eating, playing a game, etc.

Bad odors though. Not much you can do but leave, and sometimes you can't leave. That I understand. But not when its simple food. Natto? That I understand.

Somebody having a beer? What is that? Jealousy?

Pushing is right out. That is rude. And poking or jabbing others. And failure to give up your seat for someone who needs it more than you? Also, very rude. Same with line cutting.

Manners for the most part I find to be way too subjective. People need to be more objective about them and need to patch their own needless weakness rather than start bleating about bad manners. But we see the number one complaint is about others conversations. Silly.

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Posted in: West must cut appetite for cars and TVs See in context

my car is not a luxury,

Well, that is you. The statement was not that cars must be abandoned, the statement was that we consume too many and use them too much. There are people who buy a new car just to enjoy a new car. Just making the cars produces pollution. My car is also a necessity. But I keep them for a long, long time. Then there are people who don't really need cars, but have them anyway. And let us not forget those driver complete gas guzzlers just for the sake of their weak egos.

Manufacturing TVs also creates pollution. But my excuse for having new ones is that my old ones were electricity hogs. Still, I do have one too many at my house. The one in the bedroom only gets used when someone gets sick.

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Posted in: Rodney King, key figure in 1992 LA riots, found dead in swimming pool See in context

Put yourself in their position -- you finally stop a suspect travelling at a high rate of speed who is combative --

The problem is not that they beat him when he was combative (if he was). The problem was that they continued to ruthlessly beat him after he was subdued. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW1ZDIXiuS4

Those cops were out of control.

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Posted in: Prosecutors in Nepali's case are 'sore losers' See in context

Last July fresh DNA evidence linked semen and body hair found at the scene to a man other than Mainali.

This is somewhat wrong. The DNA evidence was not fresh. How could it be after 15 years? It was old evidence that never had a DNA test done on it. So they tested the DNA in a condom in a toilet, but not the DNA left in the victim's body? Welcome to Japan! And these people have the death penalty too?

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Posted in: 6-yr-old boy injured after falling from rollercoaster in Gunma See in context

Why do they have concrete around these rides again? Because its easier to mop away the blood? Within a certain distance of all outdoor rides it should be legally required to be grass with safety nets a meter or so above that, at least. But concrete? Um, NO!

Indoors should be rubber coated. Recycle those tires!

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Posted in: Parents of ex-Aum fugitive Naoko Kikuchi apologize See in context

Remember, in a lot of Western nations an apology is seen as an admittance of guilt,

If its not, then its not an apology. It is an expression of remorse. The words "I'm sorry" could go either way depending on the context. So the problem is one of mistranslation, not a cultural misunderstanding.

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Posted in: Having a peek See in context

how... is the photographer not reflected (O.o)?

He is right there, dead center of the ball, right where he should be. That he seems to be off center is an optical illusion created by the circular pad the ball is on. He is using a zoom lens, which explains his distance from the orb and thus his small size.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga in hot water over Bangkok concert See in context

It's simple: respect the dignity of the local people and obey local laws.

Simple? Maybe to say but not to do!

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

It is simply criminal that the prosecution never even tested the sperm found inside the victim until 2012. Not only would I like to see the killer in jail, I would also like to see the people responsible for that in jail right next to him.

When does the trial of prosecution start?

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Posted in: 5,000 rally in Ginowan against Osprey deployment See in context

IncenseAndPeppermints - I'm glad someone has the courage to post the truth!

Its under the wiki on the Osprey, the April 2010 crash in Afghanistan which killed four, including one civilian.

No idea why some people buck so gawd awful hard for the deployment of the Osprey. Its like they have some personal stock in it or something. Or is it just wood for anything military?

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Posted in: 5,000 rally in Ginowan against Osprey deployment See in context

How many light aviation crafts have crashed, and how many fishing boats have in the same time?

How many of those had any chance of causing major havoc in a school full of kids?

These people have no sense of relativity.

As you point a finger at others, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself! Ever notice that?

The Osprey has had seven accidents involving injuries and fatalities,

Yes, but its very disconcerting that the U.S. government hides the causes of the crashes even going so far as to destroy the evidence of the crashed Osprey and its black box too. Yes, it happened.

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Posted in: 36 dead in Nigeria church attacks, rioting See in context

So you just hand them half of your country as a reward for their violence, in the meantime setting an example for all other crazies in the world to go out and copy?

I think you should think less of "handing out rewards", and, for the sake of the innocent people dying for the sake of standing tough, allow people the right of self-determination. There is no reason to hand Boko Haram "half the country" anyway. The lands they control is quite enough. If it saves lives, let them have their own little fiefdom.

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

He suffered 15 years in prison. I think that will teach him a lesson not to play around.

This story is about a gross miscarriage of justice and you are trying and failing to make this about your own personal morality code. I seriously doubt this will have any effect on his future sex life or any one else's. It will have a profound effect on all of our future dealings with police though, including opt to just stay away from them unless absolutely necessary. I don't even ask them for directions anymore because they tend to look me over like I committed a crime and they might one day find one. I would rather be lost on the street than lost in Japan's injustice system

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Posted in: 4 Japanese climbers presumed dead after avalanche on Mt McKinley See in context

Waking up each morning to get on a jammed packed train...

That is how the bills get paid and one gets to feed oneself and family. Climbing dangerous mountains like this sometimes wipes out breadwinners.

I'm sure there are people who might consider that uninteresting as well.

Interesting or not was not my point. My point was deadly with no tangible benefit.

At least these guys went out doing something they enjoyed in life.

In their last moments I bet they wished they had taken up a different hobby, and would have sacrificed body parts to go back in time and make the switch.

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Posted in: 36 dead in Nigeria church attacks, rioting See in context

You're assuming that both sides are reasonable smart people

Where did I assume that??? In fact, I think these backward brainless people will continue to attack each other with machete gangs and do exactly what Boko Haram wants them to do.

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