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It will surely be a hit with the ladies! It makes them all look tall and thin!

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a lot of greif could be saved with little effort.

You don't seem to realize how much effort it would take and how much grief your idea would create. You are proposing a nightmare for all over a relative handful of unfortunate cases like this one.

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How is she the underdog when she kidnapped the child?

She was not favored to win in the very country where she broke the law and where she is not a citizen or native speaker of the language. Therefore, she was the underdog. But I am not inclined to think Yuri would have favored the husband here in Japanese courts no matter which fled with the child. (kidnap just isn't the right word, you can't rape the willing and you can't kidnap your own child. People trying to force an agenda down your throat will dispute that however).

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“In ancient times the Romans used to add a little salt water to their wine,” he pointed out.

The Romans used to add just about anything to their wine. Drinking it straight was considered a practice of barbarians. And I agree with the Romans. Wine is like orange juice concentrate. Its usually not very good straight.

I would like to try these wines and see for myself if there is a real difference. But in order to do a real experiment, they need several barrels on land and in the sea, not just one of each. Any number of things could explain why that one barrel of Tellus was not so good, and its not even getting into the psychological factors.

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As a rule of thumb, I think it will be useful. But one should always be aware that every rule of thumb falls very hard on its ass every once in a while. None of those factors in the calculation are going to make a movie with an absolute stinker of a plot into a hit. And an awesome plot or other unique feature can make a hit despite the equation.

My complaint is that the Hollywood movie industry already seems to be dumbed down with unorginality and formulaic creations. This will surely add to the problem. But they have truly learned some things and are giving the dumb masses what they want. I am constantly frustrated by a complete lack of continuity in movies these days, but it always seems like I am the only one who sees it. I just had to get up and stop watching the third Narnia installment it was so bad. Yet it performed pretty well at the box office.

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This aircraft is 23 years old now, but already 2 crashes this year. I can't say if its just bad luck or if the craft is just too unsafe, but the fact remains that the people don't want it. Its them the U.S. claims to be here to protect, and if the people feel threatened by the Osprey then the Osprey must go. If the U.S. feels weak without the Osprey then the U.S. is welcome to withdraw the military completely. Its a pretty simple equation.

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The same old pattern. A handful of Muslims attack a church, so Christians go out and attack some Muslims who had nothing to do with it, thus drawing otherwise peaceful Muslims into the conflict and sowing discord that will benefit Boko Haram. This is how terrorists win.

Both sides need to go attack Boko Haram instead.

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And expression of remorse and shame is quite enough. An apology makes no sense. I think if it was me I would just publicly disown her. The parents are quite simply not to blame, but an apology makes it look like they somehow are. They didn't know she was making sarin.

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unnecessary and undeserving bit of slander.

Slander? What? Why? I have nothing against lady-boys and I know of no nation with so many of such quality. I think you may have something against lady-boys to consider my words slander.

You know full well that I meant a DIRECT insult to the king,

I'm sorry, but that was not about you. It was about Thailand's over-used and often misapplied lese majeste law. You said she avoided insulting the King, and I was pointing out that does not matter nearly as much as someone deciding to twist the law some more and create an insult to the monarchy where there is none, as has been done in the past.

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They probably thought people would be too embarrassed to report it, a sort of blackmail scheme really but more importantly, fraud.

This is yet another example where I don't find new legislation targeting computers and the internet to actually be necessary. They could have just as easily been arrested for fraud. Does it matter if fraud is committed using pen and paper, smoke signals, or computer viruses? I don't think so.

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Shouldn't the word be interpreter?

No. The connotations of Japanese do not apply to English. There is no distinction between translator and interpreter as there is between honyakusha and tsuyakusha, as if it was ever important enough to have one anyway. English is English and its fine the way it is.

Its odd to have a translator that cannot speak one of the languages or an interpreter that cannot read one of the languages anyway. Not important at all, just another fine example of over-use of redundant kanji for not good reason but a headache.

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No idea what is wrong with my first post here. -7 thumbs and no explanation. And its not even opinion! Its pure fact. DNA evidence is what it is. I don't care what you saw in a cop drama on TV.

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That he was paid to take out a double-lifed slut?

In the future she might be played by Meryl Streep in Silkwood 2! God only knows why she was murdered. Was it just for 40,000 yen? Lets remember she kept a lot of notes, and that in itself seems rather extraordinary.

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You're correct of course, but in this case what is the man to do?

That is an excellent question we should all be asking. I cannot remember ever hearing any accusations from the mother, and I find that extremely strange. Are we supposed to think she up and left on a whim? Come on, there has to be something! And that is not necessary against the father either. It could in her head, but there must be something. Why aren't we reading about it?

The first wrong created the second,

Maybe, maybe not. We can only guess what would have happened if she had not left America with her child but instead followed the rules.

You sing the man's praises based on what we know. But there is just too much we don't know.

You say Japan needs to update their laws, but the only problem I see that can be solved by the law without distress to the victims concerns visitation rights. All else is going to be a mess, because laws cannot tell you which parent is good and which is bad, or which country is better for the child. People hate me for saying this, but as far as custody goes, I err on the side of the mother at the start of custody battle simply because I have met precious few men capable of handling sole custody. But I have no problem with men having sole custody once such a decision has been made, presumably because the mother can't handle sole or joint custody. Well, I see no reason why she can't in this case. Again, the real problem here is not custody, nor a woman taking her own child to live in her country, but rather its visitation.

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This is the best news I have heard all day. Its time these mindless and selfish moms got a taste of a real justice system.

Who are "these mindless and selfish moms"? It sounds like you approve of the outcome of this case based on what happened in other cases. That is much like collective punishment. Not nice, not clever and not fair. And why only point out the moms? Japanese dads have done the same.

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"Because it's there"

That is not a sane reason. They can do what they want. But I don't want to hear about what mildly crazy people are doing unless it actually affects the world.

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This is certainly not the first time I have heard frankly insane statements from a Japanese judge. Here is a real winner for this case:

However, as the high court pointed out, "The possibility that the perpetrator left the condom on the day of the crime is not high."

What??? So if Mainali or anyone were a murderer, he would be a master murderer not foolish enough to leave a condom behind? As if none of us every forgot anything important just on our way to work! We would never slip up if it were murder! I am not convinced of Mainali's innocence, but I am convinced that the Japanese justice system, from the police, through the judges, and right up to the justice minister are 50 percent corrupt and 50 percent cat lady crazy!

They quite simply never had enough evidence against Mainali, and that is all there is. But they convicted him anyway.

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How did she not respect them Matt?? I would not complain if she wore a skimpy cowgirl outfit riding a motorcycle with an American flag trailing behind. In fact, I would give it two thumbs up!

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I have no idea why people climb dangerous mountains that they know has absolutely nothing at the top. The joy of toying with fate? I don't know. I don't care. I don't want to read about these fools anymore, not even in the headlines. I think all it does is encourage more people to be so foolish.

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after DNA tests confirmed he could not have committed the crime.

That is just patent nonsense. That is not what happened. DNA tests don't prove anyone committed or did not commit a crime. They prove your DNA is present, or fail to prove your DNA is present. His DNA was proven present, albeit in a condom in a toilet. Other people's DNA was also prove present, and they have not been identified.

This guy might still be the killer. We don't know.

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Hahaha, those are pants, Incense.

Keep telling yourself that. Pants the exact same color as her face? Right.

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What do I know about fish? But I think they move around a lot. Is there a species that would stay off the Fukushima coast? God only knows what fish hung out there for a while and moved on down to Ibaraki and Chiba and wound up on your plate. Radioactive isotopes also tend to migrate with the water, no? I don't think the water off Fukushima is a problem anymore, so fish swimming through should be about as good as any caught anywhere along the east coast.

What concerns me more is the seafood that doesn't move so much and lives on the bottom.. The crabs, the clams, the octopus and the seaweed. I don't know if any of that is coming from Fukushima. And I don't know what fish ate those, when, and where they went.

Pretty much I already put all seafood off my menu. But I don't think fishing off of Fukushima right now would change my mind either way if I were still eating seafood.

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I agree with you in parts timtak. You make interesting points. I just think you ascribe single reasons to explain away whole phenomenon too much. Consider that many extremely popular anime feature strong female characters, even if those anime are not sexual in nature. I think its the men making the sexual stuff who either don't like strong women or have not figured out how to insert them into their creations.

And certainly western porn is not all or mostly women seducing men. Its quite the opposite. We just have that genre more is all.

I especially love your Justin Bieber comment. Should inspire humility. Probably won't!

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Well, at least she avoiding insulting the King.

Or at least avoided the charge! Since blue is the part of the flag representing the monarchy, someone might call it insulting the King.

I would say the minister is an idiot. Most people would not have heard about this if he had shut his mouth. He is his own worst enemy.

And are we really supposed to be worried that Lady Gaga may have hurt the image of the Lady-boy Kingdom? They ain't got their priorities straight if its image they are worried about. Most of us here would call Gaga' performance a compliment and her comment about Rolex's a simple fact of many countries and not especially Thailand. I should think that overall Thailand came out ahead...right up until the minister opened his dumb mouth!

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Actually I don't believe that the battery technology has changed much in... a long time.

Overall, it hasn't. But its not a testament to the laziness of industry. Its a testament to the difficulty of the task. What they have done, despite the difficulty, is damned amazing, even if people are impatient for miracles.

NiMh technology has blown me away. I have an RC hydrofoil that came with a big NiCd battery that used to last maybe ten minutes. That battery was shot so I retrofitted the hydrofoil to take 5 size 3 NiMh batteries. Thirty minutes of use and it showed no sign of quitting. I quit, because I was getting bored!

Something you have to consider is that its not only very very difficult to make useful rechargeable battery technology, it is also very hard to make it safe for the average human to use. People are pretty dumb about these things, and if they weren't, there would be a lot more available.

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it is therefore not really an issue of ease of access or of gun violence in general.

One could easily make the case that security personnel would not need guns if guns were not commonly available. After all, they were only guarding money. Its not worth any security guard's life to draw a weapon to defend it.

If they were not armed with guns, it is more likely that none would have been shot. In fact, guns made this whole thing possible, because if it was one man acting alone, how would he fare against four men if they all had only billy clubs? We can believe it was one man simply because he had a gun and the element of surprise. Bang, bang, bang, bang! He shot them down before they could draw their own guns. The guns changed everything. If only he had a gun he could have taken the risk of letting these men live.

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I didn't make anything up.

You said she was happy and "fully adjusted" because she was shopping with friends and remembered a bed-time ritual. To be able to say "fully adjusted" you need a hell of a lot more than that.

Besides, none of it proves where she actually wants to be, or if she misses her family and life in Japan or if she is suffering any sort of distress. You are either exaggerating these few details or filling the gap with what you want to see. And if the father knew something disappointing, he won't tell us. He will just tell us about that bed time ritual.

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but the mother was trying to deprive the father of his child FIRST.

But two wrongs don't make a right. Since I doubt the mother will choose to live in America, and she may not even be able to now, somebody is going to be deprived either way. That is the sad truth of so many international divorces and there is no easy cure.

they could have tried to keep things civil for the sake of the child, but it was the mother that decided to take matters into her own hands and screw the father over FIRST.

Did they talk? What was the result? We don't know either way. She might have had what many of us would consider good reasons for her action. But there is not one word about her reason written here. It could be anything from he was psychologically abuse to she is just plain nuts. We just don't know.

Most have made their decision, but I just can't because the really important details simply are not here.

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It might be possible to get tobacco without any of the junk in it, unlike with prepackaged cigarettes. If so, this idea is a plus.

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Why do people have to report ALL accidents to the cops?

Do they? I have told people who hit me causing minor damage to buzz off, and they did.

I feel sorry that her accident is reported in the news with no reason other than her being a known actress. Should be barred by law.

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