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Posted in: Ships diverted after Saudi oil tanker hijacked See in context

The Saudi's oil are being put into better use then it was before. The Kenyans need that money to eat food. They are starving to death and thirst. The greedy Saudis have enough money to supply themselves for a life time. Share some wealth around to the poorer countries then just keeping them for your own greed.

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Posted in: Israel to free 250 Palestinian inmates as goodwill gesture See in context

I dont think that that plan is going to work out. After taking over their land, raping their women, killing them for so many years under the media. I believe that the Palasinians are very angry and will except more than just that to settle things down. And for the prisoners, they should stay back in jail.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida warns 'house negro' Obama See in context

The AQ are all bunch of cowardly idiots hiding in caves talking big. Its sad that they messed up the name of other normal Arabs who just want to live their lives, but i believe that u guys have misunderstood what the AQ meant by the term "house negro". I dont believe that they are racists by calling him a house negro, but theres more to it. Just look it up on one of Malcom X's videos on youtube.

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