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Yes they already had two kids..this might be a old picture or they just decided to get married

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Guys look like English teachers

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Seems like all the comments are quite one sided and all have very little knowledge about cultural value specially when it is Asian. Quite sure, there are lot more crazy things you can see in your country or may be you do it by yourself also. There is no need to change the true cultural steps while it is necessary to upgrade the things needed to complete the cultural steps. First of all they are not naked, and they are not looking ugly or odd in whatever they have dressed

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

overall, i think both the guys must have been doing this quite long time, but this time it really backfired... the girls or women who enjoyed groping from these guys in daily train should also be punished. Because definitely they created these social enemies. Also 18 minutes seems like a really long time, the girl could have moved to other place since it has been told that the train was not crowded.. or could have told them that she is just not enjoying this time but she prefers HipHop club....

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omosiroi kana!!!

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Posted in: Body of 4-year-old girl missing for year found in Aomori home See in context

The mother of three kids was living with 20~ years old guy. Isn't it little strange. It seems they love become pregnent but have no idea how to raise their kids

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Posted in: 17 arrested for selling illegal porn at DVD shops in Tokyo See in context

are there censored porn DVDs... porn is porn. censor is not really advicable

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling neighbor; hints at running down neighbor’s wife in Nagano See in context

i told many times.. the society needs a change..majority here are having this kind of problems.. you cant find much reason behind it

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Posted in: Mother arrested for stabbing two daughters in Ibaraki See in context

I have objection if someone say in 3rd world countries people have 11 children, trust me, people in third world country think twice before planning another child... they a serious about child and they raise them with lots of love

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Posted in: Man commits suicide over tainted confectionery in Fukuoka See in context

Do they have a really a big heart to face the life, killing himself is the not the solution

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Posted in: 3-year old girl dies after abuse by mother's partner See in context

I thought these kind of things only happen third world country!! why japanese family is so eager for babies always and even they think of their economic condition

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