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Posted in: BOJ says Japan's economy faces extremely high uncertainty on pandemic hit See in context

no problem! $1 trillion stimulus 

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Posted in: Aichi Prefecture to declare its own state of emergency See in context

can not understand, I wear gas mask, I can not contaminate people and can not be contaminated , I can work, drive,etc... if GOV is ready to print money and solve the problem. why it does not provide efficient method . ABE mask is a joke not targeting real resolution. wave of virus will come forever. during WW2 GOVs prepared gas mask for the population . in 2020 you have the pathetic ABE mask. sounds fishy this circus...

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Posted in: Countries start thinking about easing restrictions, even as virus death toll rises in Europe, U.S. See in context

of course , once GOVs made crazy stimulus QE with the pseudo virus as pretext . it is back to normal ...

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Posted in: Main points of Japan's ¥108 tril emergency package See in context

the main point is that ,all this money is fake. Stop working , ABE is printing!

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Posted in: Japan considering ¥100 bil investment in large firms hit by virus impact See in context

YES Print the money! the circus continue. why people have to work?? and pay tax???

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Posted in: Sony sets up $100 mil fund for virus-hit medical, education, entertainment sectors See in context

GOV is printing fake money, then it give it to BIG companies , then BIG companies give to other organization and pretend to be Hero. JOKE ECONOMY seriously. where is the Bribe???

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Olympic games screwed up and suddenly, Japan become a pro corona measures...

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 68 new coronavirus cases; 27 at Taito Ward hospital See in context

the hospital in Japan looks worse than ever. no doctors ,no space,no solution.

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Posted in: Japan said to favor home-grown design for next-generation fighter See in context

Preparing the war??

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Posted in: Tokyo's delayed Olympics: Who pays bills for another year? See in context

IMF said before that Japan tax should be 25% in coming years, now you understand who gonna pay the Bill...

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Posted in: Nikkei gains sharply to 18,000 level on BOJ fund buying impact See in context

Yes BOJ will buy all.. , can not understand why people have to work... the BOJ can support anyone with fake printed money.

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Posted in: Japan's economic package to deal with epidemic to top ¥30 tril See in context

the money become virus, the money multiply endlessly without any rationality!

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Posted in: BOJ ramps up risky asset buying, doubles pace of ETF, J-REIT purchases See in context

Japan just follow the puppet master. when trump talk , Abe bow

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Posted in: BOJ ramps up risky asset buying, doubles pace of ETF, J-REIT purchases See in context

PRINT a lot! please

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

they will organize fake Olympic game with actors

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Posted in: Australia unveils $11.4 bil stimulus to curb coronavirus impact See in context

Oh yes! stimulate me again!

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Posted in: Gov't unveils package focusing on support for small businesses hit by virus See in context

Dr MaybeToday  04:31 pm JST

OH ! an other package, how much it gonna cost us later?

If those small businesses go bust, how much is that going to cost society? It seems like a reasonable idea (in contrast to US Republicans proposing to take the chance to slip in yet more tax breaks for the wealthy).

the quantitative easing was already on schedule to give a dose to loan junkies, BOJ Kuroda was just waiting the corona excuse to unleash the money tsunami on the zombie economy .

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Posted in: Gov't unveils package focusing on support for small businesses hit by virus See in context

OH ! an other package, how much it gonna cost us later?

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Posted in: Local gov'ts urged to prepare hospitals for peak of virus infections See in context

let s make it clear:

no doctors available, no space available, no virus solution. the hospital is a virus nest.

you want to kill us or what?

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Posted in: For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer See in context

The Olympic torch relay that begins in Japan this month will start from Fukushima

that is why they opened some areas in Fukushima, not because of safety but at the contrary to lie to the wold saying Japan is safe for OLYMPIC GAME. Listen to people and close the ceremony!

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Posted in: Japan's economy shrinks 7% in last quarter See in context

It is OK, Abe will stimulate us again...

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Posted in: Kelly: Ghosn's second-in-charge, now first in firing line See in context

they paid him or tortured him to make him smile?

release him !

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

KnowBetterToday  02:13 pm JST


The Yen seems to be lock step with the price of crude oil. If you look back through the last decade or more you will note a very close tie between the two. When the oil prices drop, the Yen goes up in value and when the crude oil prices rise, the Yen drops. Check out just how low crude oil futures are currently.

We all know that Japan and other countries are capable of controlling their currency's value but unfortunately, this time it's gotten too hot for Japan and a strong Yen doesn't help them at all when they are trying sell.

exactly, it seems that a BIG STIMULUS IS COMING in April, the yen should drop.

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Posted in: SoftBank to launch super-fast 5G services on March 27 See in context

non partyToday  07:19 am JST

It is such a sham .... China is holding the control of 5G in the world with most patent. What japan is doing making bull seeeet games and keep on playing games.. Most of the intellectual brain is engaged in games either playing it or making new one. What a shame. Young people in China, India and Korea is developing 5 G and many other technologies. This is the difference. Japan has all kinds of facilities to develop 6G. But govt and the good brains all are wasting time and energy in games and stupid works.. Wake up Japan, make 6G and get patented now. Control the game industry and offer rewards and support for making new technologies in network and AI.

Japanese technology leadership is long gone with the retired generation (times changes)

Now in Sony TV , they use OLED Korean panel but hide it under an other name.

Japan looks old like its population... no reason to wake up.

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Posted in: Trump 'not concerned' as coronavirus cases rise in DC area; says rallies will continue See in context

sounds like this virus is part of the election catch ball.

face it, if it was serious matter they would cancel the election, but they do not seem to care.

media are under control, to control the public opinion.

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Posted in: Police detected record 4,192 suspected cyberattacks daily in 2019: NPA See in context

your Nenkin, bank account and cashless are under cyberattacks.

new excuse for future scams and control policies...

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

Tokyo Olympics is the responsibility of Abe not ours.

I voted to cancel it.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils zero-interest loan scheme for firms hit by virus See in context

The Japanese economy is feared to enter a recession 

Everybody knows that the JAPANESE zombie economy is doomed.

Number-1 indebted country of this planet since decades.

companies under a drip have to rely on loans to survive or prolong the zombie mode.

what about an other Stimulus...

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Posted in: Domestic violence cases in Japan reach new all-time high in 2019 See in context

when I talked to elderly about their wives , they call them ONI (Japanese devil)

I think there is a change of direction regarding DV with the time. man to woman then woman to man

my 2ct.

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Posted in: Qantas cuts more flights, including to Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka See in context

OssanAmericaToday  11:59 am JST

It's premature to claim that everything is "crashing". We still don't know if COVID19 will be contained by the time winter is over in the northern hemisphere. The economic damage will undoubtedly be severe across the board, but it's still not predictable whether or not it will be to a recoverable degree.

corona is a scapegoat for the economic recession, do not be fool by the media.

in spring , the corona will disappear magically, write my words.

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