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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreign athletes during state of emergency See in context

Japan to bar the Olympics games as well!

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Posted in: Personal info of 9,500 COVID-19 patients in Fukuoka Prefecture leaked online See in context

Welcome to the new Suga Digital society.  your data will be managed by clowns

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Posted in: Suga dodges question about running for PM again See in context

SUGA just do the Dirty Job for ABE

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Posted in: Defense budget rises with funding for stealth fighters, long-range missiles See in context

WAR on Sight!!! all profits for US. Japanese will pay for it..............

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Posted in: M6.5 quake hits northeastern Japan; no tsunami warning issued See in context

Snow and earthquake, the ultimate mess! Of course GOV is not prepared to protect people

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Posted in: All snow-stuck vehicles on Kanetsu Expressway cleared after 2 days See in context

beginning of earth changes!! more and more climatic events will come. be prepared!

the earth is waking UP!

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Posted in: Abe says he will address dinner function allegations in Diet See in context

kabuki will start! Abe uses sickness as an excuse to run away!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 664 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,827 See in context

the fear is your weakness. no need to trust GOV figures!

Fear - stress - sickness.

free yourself from the useless fears and become immortal!

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Posted in: Heavy snow strands 1,000 cars on highway, causes blackouts in Niigata, Gunma See in context

the earth is changing, please prepare yourself!

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Posted in: Lawyer for 89-year-old driver of car that killed woman, 3-year-old daughter blames faulty brake See in context

After the incident, Iizuka was indicted without arrest in February this year triggering a public outcry that he had been given preferential treatment due to his former government position

it is time to cancel all car accident-related arrests in this case. BTW the expensive car inspection is faulty as well. The GOV is guilty....

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Posted in: Vaccine carrots or sticks? U.S. businesses grapple with getting employees inoculated See in context

the totalitarian regime in place. threatening your freedom to choose.

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

expatToday  11:35 am JST

How can they be looking forward when the ceremony commemorates something that happened 85 years ago?

political strategy by playing the victim to justify the increase of Chinese military presence. the tension will increase. when the economy goes wrong War comes. history seems to repeat itself. Sadly, the War will be always the ultimate scapegoat for all troubles...

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

China needs to ask for compensation. japanese were making biological weapons to kill more Chinese.

Unit 731 was specifically created by the Japanese military in Harbin, China (then part of Japanese-occupied Manchukuo) for researching biological and chemical warfare, by carrying out human experimentation on people of all ages. During the Second Sino-Japanese War and later World War II, the Japanese had encased bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, botulism, anthrax, and other diseases into bombs where they were routinely dropped on Chinese combatants and non-combatants. According to the 2002 **International Symposium on the Crimes of Bacteriological Warfare, the number of people killed by the Imperial Japanese Army germ warfare and human experiments was around 580,000.[1] **

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Posted in: Suga tells climate summit Japan will review efforts toward 2030 emissions-cut target See in context

big mouth! , SUGA will be where in 2030 and 2050??, I never see Suga using the subway...

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

Tommy Eddy KookaburaToday  01:42 am JST

Untested new rna vaccine that contains nano particles with information to trick cell dna to produce a protein...good luck with that human test...I will watch and trust my own immune system..

Gald to see another healthy brain not brainwashed by virusex!!! in our immune system, we trust!

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Posted in: Australian COVID vaccine dropped over false positive HIV result See in context

MontyToday  02:21 pm JST

used a small amount of HIV protein as a "molecular clamp"

What??? What the hell...

exactly!!!. sounds fishy!!!! do not touch those pseudo-vaccines. Only hell knows what is inside.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

@Stewart Gale: thank you !!!

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

no mRNA vaccine has been approved before in the history. it is not a traditional vaccine as you know.

mRNA vaccines, in contrast, trick the body into producing some of the viral proteins itself. They work by using mRNA, or messenger RNA, which is the molecule that essentially puts DNA instructions into action. 

NOT vaccine, DNA reencoding technology!

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

zichiToday  07:58 am JST

The Pfizer vaccine has not been tested on enough Asians to know what the reactions and side effects might be

this is the plan, you are just a guineapig with no rights. do you remember the cow with a serial number on its ear. Humans are not so different. do not touch this fake vaccine! period!

theResidentToday  09:08 am JST

@indigo: Fake vaccine? No. Fake news from you. Retract or post some proof.

post some proof that you are not brainwashed. no proof that this liquid is not harmful, do you remember trials in Japan over dangerous vaccines??????? do you know that humans are specialists regarding biological weapons??

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Posted in: Japan compiles ¥73.6 tril new stimulus package to fight pandemic See in context

an other fake money package out of the Gameboy. would like to see the distribution breakdown.

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Posted in: Suga defends boost for domestic tourism amid virus surge See in context

stimulus package, ouhhh....... stimulate me again!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Suga tells U.N. Olympics will serve as proof humanity has defeated pandemic See in context

Suga the Kamikaze!!

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Posted in: Abe asked by Tokyo prosecutors to appear for voluntary questioning over dinner parties See in context

who stepped down due to ill health in September

You mean the excuse to run away!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Top gun See in context

preparing the war...

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Posted in: Nissan to sell redesigned Note compact car in Japan as it looks to restore profitability See in context

no thank you!

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Posted in: What does COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness mean? See in context

Dr. Shruti Gohil, associate medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention at UCI Health, says the rigorous clinical trial process used to test vaccines was developed over decades.

“A vaccine that is not useful or worse yet, not proven to be safe, risks far more injury to the public than no vaccine at all,” she said.

“These harms extend beyond the current coronavirus pandemic,” she added. “A poorly vetted vaccine could end up causing greater harm to vaccine acceptance by the public for other well-vetted and extremely effective vaccines.”

A large number of Americans are already hesitant about a COVID-19 vaccine. A Gallup poll last month found that 35 percent would not get the vaccine, even if it were free and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Posted in: What does COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness mean? See in context

healthy people do not need vaccine. now the question to know is if the vaccine is a harmful trojan or a placebo.

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Posted in: Nissan's UK business tough to sustain without Brexit trade deal: COO Gupta See in context

who want to buy a Nissan and support this corrupted and shameful company ???????

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Posted in: Suga, U.S. Marine head oppose China's assertiveness in Indo-Pacific See in context

the US AND JAPAN are looking for confrontation! As japan is a US base proxy, Japanese population will take the collateral burden.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach confident Tokyo Olympics will be safe for athletes, fans See in context

kusaisaruToday  07:03 pm JST

When did the elbow bump become an acceptable greeting? Seems weird that people are supposed to be 2 meters apart when possible, but to do this manuver you need to almost get face-to-face. :-D

it shows how incoherent and dangerous those politicians are.

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