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Posted in: 17 crows, 1 pigeon found dead on Yokohama street See in context

Seems to be a case of poisoning (maybe from bird food), the radius is too small for biological infection, and there are no external injuries. Only autopsy report would reveal the cause. Hope it's not some Sarin test by a crazy cult!!!

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Posted in: Do cities in Japan need to have buses and trains running 24 hours a day? See in context

Absolutely Yess!!

When I came here, it struck me as odd that even train services stop in most of the lines around midnight, and that too in a major city like Tokyo!!!

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Posted in: Abe vows to expel by force any Chinese landing on disputed isles See in context

time to put a weapons radar lock on the Chinese ships to rattle them a bit....otherwise their bullying will keep on increasing!!!

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Posted in: For American Muslims, dread See in context

haah...these same pakistani-americans were celebrating on Reddit and twitter when the racist "crowd-sourced" investigations by net junkies brought up the name of Mr. Sunil Tripathy (Hindu, Indian origin, missing since March) as one of the suspects. Now they are acting as victims of mistrust!!!

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Posted in: Reddit apologizes for Boston bombing witch hunts See in context

There was no real crowd-sourced "investigation" was basically racism, with anyone of middle-eastern or south-east asian origin being marked in the pics and videos for reasons such as "not looking at the race", wearing a baseball cap and so forth.

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Posted in: Victory over Japanese at Kohima named Britain's greatest World War II battle See in context

"The Indian troops “weren’t fighting for the British or the Raj but for a newly emerging and independent India and against the totalitarianism of Japan.”"

what a load of crap!!!

Indian freedom-fighters (led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose) sought the help of Japan to defeat the British in India. The Japanese were defeated in Kohima due to overstretching of their resources and low morale because defeat at other fronts.

One of the reason British left India 3 years later because they could not control the Indian populace anymore, who were subjected to abject famine and poverty due to Britain's war efforts and their power in Europe had severely dwindled due to the war.

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Posted in: Head-scratching questions from Japanese job interviews See in context

These questions are to test the alertness and psychology of the applicant. There are no "correct" answers to most of these questions. Major companies like IBM, Google, Yahoo ask mostly these type of questions, since they are not only interested in conventional knowledge and degree, but unconventional minds and creativity. another example: "If you drop an egg on a concrete floor, will it crack?"

Ans1: Yes, certainly the egg would crack. Ans2: No, the concrete floor would not crack. Ans3: What is the egg made of? (counter questions instead of answers are usually not a good idea, usually you are supposed to deal with only the info provided!!!)

It is the follow up question that's important when they ask you how do you know it was the egg/floor they were referring to, in which they perform the psychoanalysis.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles fighter jets to meet Chinese plane See in context

typical Chinese technique to see the response and keep the issue burning. they engage in similar activity near the border with India.

@tmarie: "scrambled" is a military term signifying quick response to a threat. nothing to be irritated by.

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