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Posted in: Obama's hug of Hiroshima survivor epitomizes historic visit See in context

The fact Obama didn't visit the peace museum, which would be a test of his heart is somewhat poignant. His sincerity would have been visible in the expressions on his face & in his eyes... A missed opportunity, or an event avoided...

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Posted in: TPP pact chances 'significantly' better than 50-50: Obama See in context

TPP is not at all in the nation's interests, it's in trans national corporation giant's interests, not for Japanese Agriculture, etc.

Japan doesn't want to commit - but is being pushed hard by the US. I for one would hate to see US GMO crops grown in Japan - which would result as one of the affects of TPP membership and be irreversible once started. Many EU countries have banned GMO's as has Russia.

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Posted in: Ukraine cheers U.S. vote for military aid; Russia outraged See in context

The US's activities to cause a regime change in Ukraine - controlled by the US is not going as smoothly as it had hoped. In Cohorts with Saudi Arabia the US (OPEC) has caused a 40% + drop in oil values to further try to cause as much damage to Russia as possible, in an attempt to make Putin highly unpopular, but it's also putting the western financial markets at great risk and as it now makes Shale oil production in the US unprofitable it will become a more dangerous financial gamble than ever the longer it continues. Remember this is what happened prior to WW2 also...

The US wants a regime change in Russia, hence all the negativity towards Puntin and is gunning hard for this. Putin's popularity in Russia doesn't seem to be dropping as much as they'd like it to though. Why? Could it be the Russian public appreciate why Putin doesn't want to allow the US to continue to expand NATO military bases around it's borders?

Has everyone forgotten the US promised Gorbachev that NATO's membership would be frozen as part of the agreement to end the cold war, but has since pushed hard for it to continue to grow - and it's nowadays twice the size? Has the mainstream media covered that Norway recently refused to join NATO as it would encroach over 1,300km of Russia's borders at a time when Russia is clearly not in agreement of being further surrounded?

Read between the lines of the news and search for what they're not telling you rather than reading mainstream and assuming it's the whole story.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. must lead globally but show restraint See in context

What a presstitute piece of pathetic propaganda.

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Posted in: TPP talks to intensify, but no accord yet See in context

It's better for all that Japan doesn't join TPP. It won't bring anything of worth to Japanese people. JA represents a lot of voting power and are dead set against Japan joining TPP. Farmers in Japan don't want their livelyhoods destroyed by loss of market protection nor do they want to be forced into growing genetically modified crops which have caused such widespread destruction of natural systems in the US. Bee colony collapse disorder is a major threat to vegetable & fruit farmers - and it's shocking the speed at which it has proliferated following the legalisation of GMO's in the US by the FDA. European countries banned GMO's, Russia has zero GMO's and the US wants Japan to become a producer. JA is right to be so vehemently against it.

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Posted in: Bill Clinton vouches for Hillary's health See in context

Her Karma's coming yet...

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Posted in: Insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; seek to join Russia See in context

A predictably slanted editorial, which illustrates this website's willingness to spread propoganda rather than the pain truth: Be wary when words such as insurgents, rebels, terrorists, Nazis, etc. are used - they're to paint a picture that is not altogether representative of what is really happening.

Whichever side they want, Ukrainians don't want a puppet government controlled by the US and that's mostly why they are fighting for their country, but also they're fighting for their lives - because the US is financing & pushing the unrest with independently contracted soldiers & FBI operatives now in Kiev en masse. Think of how the US might react if Russia placed military threats in Mexico... It's unthinkable, but that's the scenario unfolding in Ukraine.

If the US government has it's way, the elections will not be run with honesty: The US wants control of the Ukrainian government and a military base at Russia's doorstep, plus the financial returns that an unstable relationship with Russia will create.

The US government claims to have invested $5 billion since the early '90's in the Ukraine to "Install a good form of democracy" - where it's fairly clear historically the leadership there has been fairly corrupt. Nothing new, nothing to see historically this has been common where there is US government tampering with foreign country's ruling..


Usually if you follow money, the truth begins to reveal itself with these world conflict affairs.

Ask yourself why the US Government & military would have no interest in seeing an end to the problems developing in the Crimean region, although there's money to be made with say natural gas (CNG) sales to Europe if Russian gas is sanctioned, what about the potential profits for the US industrial complex?

After all, the US has around 1,000 military bases around the world and a huge military - how would a re-start of a cold war affect things for military investment, bearing in mind the US has 44% of the world's weapons development corporations? How would another cold war increase military budgets?


It's not hard to foresee another cold war being a reason for huge & ongoing investment in more modern military equipment development including nuclear arms for years ahead. Triillions of $US in spending would be the result, surely. One can imagine the CEO's of weapons development corporations rubbing their hands in glee when they see what's developing in Ukraine in forcing Russia to intervene.

How would the US government pay for all this? Simple - same answer as always: Borrow from the Fed. then as the money is paid to workers and contractors in the US it'll find it's way into the economy and lead to yet more creation of leveraging and more money supply... which in turn would lead to the continuing erosion of value of the US$ as a side-effect, but that's how it always works, nothing new there.

Now that the war on terror has been played out, the US military industrial complex need another fix to keep this huge military industrial complex going and a renewed cold war with Russia would seem ideal... This is why Russia is intent on seeking a peaceful solution, but it must also protect it's borders. When the USSR was broken up, Russia was promised by NATO in writing that there would be no threats to it's borders. NATO has always been chaired by the US and it's not keeping promises made over 2 decades ago.

For once, the US public should be told the truth, not more cock and bull stories shrouded in smokescreens.

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Posted in: Kerry, Hagel lay wreath at Japan's national cemetery See in context

Just some political PR really. Meanwhile Kerry & Hagel continue with US military presence in the middle East where 100's of thousands have been killed already.

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Posted in: Japan business mood hits nearly 6-year high See in context

Abe isn't interested in the better good of the Japanese people. If he were, he wouldn't be so keen to make Japan join the TPP either. Instead, he's making the unpopular changes happen which big business wants whilst no doubt lining his pockets. Shameful, really.

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Posted in: Australian PM Rudd hires Obama strategists to help him get re-elected See in context

Politicians are often professional liars and to get re-elected they lie more and hire better liars than they.

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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

Solid yellow lines in the middle of most roads are excessive. I realise it's illegal but simply use common sense and overtake the idiots who cruise at 40km/h on otherwise deserted (straight) country roads.

My pet peeve is seeing people driving slowly as I overtake them, only to find they're texting someone on their "smartphone". Maybe these phones are clever but the users can be pretty stupid! Get a Hands free setup and talk if you must communicate but don't hold everyone else up behind you whilst messaging someone something meaningless!

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Posted in: Lifelong sex? Men say yes; women not so sure See in context

Affection is an important part of marriage and making your wife genuinely feel beautiful. I think men should also study ("She comes first" is a great book!) how to bring women to orgasm - if anything it should be a part of any young man's education!

If you can keep your woman happy with what you do with her, you're a long way to winning the battle. My wife has had 2 children, is in her mid 40's and we still have a healthy (monogamous) sex life.

Cheating on a woman isn't worth it if you love her as you'll have to carry the lie(s) for the rest of your lives together. If you've committed to witnessing each other's lives for the rest of your time it's best to have complete honesty always.

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