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Posted in: Why is there so much criticism of the quake relief effort in Haiti, whether it is of the U.S., Japan, China or others? See in context

People get mad at the U.S. no matter what they do, if we don't help, its, "Oh my god the rich American's aren't saving us because they are evil!" if we do help, "Oh my god! The American's are evil and are doing things to damage that innocent country, they are imperializing the world, ahhh! ahhh!" Personally, if that is the kind of response, all these people that are complaining ought to dig into their own pocket books and fly to Haiti for the rescue efforts.

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Posted in: Seven bicycles set on fire in Chiba See in context

I hate bicyclists as much as the next guy, but isn't it more reasonable just to punch the cyclist in the face and move on? Why go through the trouble of lighting the bicycle on fire? Or how about instead of resorting to violence or vandalism, just write them an angry letter about how your disapprove of their actions.

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy detained for torching Nagoya temple See in context

bdiego, I think it should happen that way.

All this he's only ten crap. When I was ten I knew not to play with fire, as well as the difference between right and wrong. He obviously doesn't care and the fire could have spread even farther given the right conditions. Plus there was two women that were injured. As he gets older the crimes will just become worse. Its like trying to convince a weed in your garden to stop growing when its just poking out of the soil.

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Posted in: How to stay beautiful in Japan through your diet See in context

All the foods listed are good for you, and definitely can help. But it is always smart to keep a broad diet and maintain balance instead of over doing the same 10 foods.

To all the sun fearers: Actually responsible sun exposure i.e. not getting burned is better for your skin than avoiding it like its a monster. Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem in many places, especially in the U.S. and can lead to premature aging. Proper sun exposure is the best way to get this necessary vitamin and is actually beneficial for your skin. If you stay in the sun and get burned, than yes you will age from the radiation damage. So be responsible, know your limit of sun exposure then you can hide from it once you've gotten enough.

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Posted in: 2,000 pears stolen from trees in Ibaraki See in context

That's a lot of pears to suddenly just up and vanish.

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Posted in: Amnesty International says Japan executes mentally ill prisoners See in context

I think that executing mentally ill prisoners is just fine. If them murdering someone before they were on death row was sane, then what are they capable of now that their crazy? I think they should, however, execute them faster. While they sit in jail for years and years, tax dollars are paying for them to rot in their cells, when they could go to far more useful things. Not executing murderers is even worse, what if they live for decades in jail, the amount of taxes wasted on them is ridiculous. I know the United States spends more money on prisons then they do education. So I say execute the murderers and perverts of society, their victims didn't get a second chance, why should they?

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