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this info might be wrong and is confusing. They are stopping the service due a lack of flights but at same time THEY WILL RETURN THE PACKAGES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES? If the packages are already in Japan they should be delivered. Makes no sense to send them back if there are no flights. I think the information from JAPAN POST is confusing and the fact is that there are some countries they are losing flight connections to. But I don’t get the deadline and rejection part. Please Japan Today contact the source and clarify this information.

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@Ashley Shiba :

“Italians, they are touchy and feely people, and they are still having trouble getting that part of their culture under control and so their numbers are way out there.”

you must be joking if you think “not being touchy culture” is keeping Japan safe. Shinjuku and other stations are the most packed in the world, thousands of restaurants like kaiten sushi with the food rolling in front of everyone’s faces , Narrow spaces everywhere, no one using cars and using public transportation ... thinking other cultures are having worst scenarios than Japan because here people is “cleaner” is a prejudice and it’s wrong. Sorry

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I am from Spain, my country and others like Italy are completely locked down. Hospitals are full. Doctors are overwhelmed and they are having to choose among who to disconnect and who to save due to the insufficient resources. I wonder, does people from other countries think they are different? Or their immune system is better? Or they have unlimited health resources? Because we all know Japan has a huge aging population, every train, station or space is packed and there are a bunch of news during the last years about the insufficient health care system. Still Japan seems not to address the issue, not testing and sharing those ridiculous numbers of positives. And still, some people defend the strategy of NOT PREVENTION and Taking actions once you are sick. Hopefully I will be wrong . If not Japan will be collapsing in 3,2,1

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I am Spanish living in tokyo. All my family and friends in Spain are locked down in their homes and it’s completely forbidden to leave since the state of emergency was released. hospitals are full.The numbers of infected people grew from 600 to 7,750 in less than a week. Meanwhile in Japan we need to pretend nothing is happening, I still have to go to work, take the train... every day I check this site hoping the government is taking some actions or addressing the issue but it is hopeless. The “official“ numbers of infected people in Japan is an insult to everyone’s intelligence but no one seems to really care to be fooled...

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