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Posted in: MSDF anti-piracy mission See in context

looks exciting

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Posted in: Robot fashion See in context

You know people are going to figure out some way to have sex with these things eventually.

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Posted in: Japan goes up in marijuana smoke See in context

have you ever gotten really drunk? the next morning, you want to die. the day after smoking a joint, you feel like you had the best sleep of your life. but yeah, we should stop THAT. "i read it was bad for you, and is a gateway drug." get real. you are the same people who were trying to stop the hippies in america in the 60's. weed is illegal in certain places because of FEAR, RELIGION, OLD GUYS who never smoked a j, and TRADITION. people don't want to break that tradition, even if it makes people feel good. much of the time, people who are drunk can't even walk straight, they vomit, pass out, or start fights. i have never in my life seen a person who is stoned, do any of these actions. that is how backward these laws are.

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Posted in: Ripe Lips See in context

it's too bad she only has one leg

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Posted in: Cruise Control See in context

i like how katie holmes is being ignored completely

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Posted in: Nicky Hilton See in context

or we could all kill ourselves instead

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Posted in: Marui shop attendants See in context

jesus, you all are pretty lame. this is japanese culture, for kids to dress in this fashion. kids in america do it too, they just look a little different. who cares what someone wears? at least they are not boring like you.

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

suicide exists everywhere. people always will feel as if they can not handle something difficult, and kill themselves as a way out. it is the parents responsibility to make their child feel as if they can overcome a certain difficulty, and would be a shame to blame it on an entire culture, rather than a specific set of people who are involved in the case.

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Posted in: An addict’s guide to pachinko See in context

pachinko is GOD. don't study buddhism, study pachinko.

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Posted in: Japan Academy Prizes See in context

it's a japanese award ceremony. don't expect what you do with the oscars as far as outfit selection. im sure you aren't fashionable anyway...

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Posted in: Grace Park hones her skills on 'Battlestar Galactica' See in context

"whippersnappers?" that should be stricken from the english language. and SOMEONE is jealous of "tiny" asian actresses...

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