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Posted in: Australian police put a 90-day limit on draconian virus measures in NSW See in context

Sometimes Australia’s story is that of behavour by morons and consequent socio-political knee-jerk responses by institutions, COVID-19 NOT withstanding.

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Posted in: Japan Post to temporarily stop accepting international mail due to coronavirus See in context

France is exempted but French Polynesia and New Caledonia are not!

And New Zealand?!


Institutional xenophobia (maybe not) or attention to post item handling practice?

if attention to levels of COVID, some surprises on the country list.

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Posted in: Lockdown or lock-in? Fears of alcoholism, addiction in confinement See in context

Just a problem now?

Shares in Ito-en anyone?

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Posted in: Countries crack down on basic rights amid virus pandemic See in context

One aspect of current COVID-19 conditions is some otherwise flip-floppier governments discovering their balls, and a generation or two experiencing the effects for the first time.

And it’s still early days

So don’t cough, or it’s an ankle bracelet for you - even proposing that in Australia!

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Posted in: Survey ranks Tokyo as the most desirable place in Japan to live, bumping Kanagawa to #2 See in context

Maybe data from before COVID

Kochi has highest number of beds per capita.

Otherwise, after all this is over, somewhere to go for a walk - beach, forest, un-concreted river, or all three

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

Japan lives by booms and herds

70s Oil Shock and toilet paper; 1988 taifuns and ’taimai’.

Glad washlets pervade now, but so still does supply built around shopping for the day rather than week or month.

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Posted in: Japan to invalidate 2.8 million visas for Chinese amid virus fears See in context

So it begins ...

Yet, with these two East Asian players it is more like So it continues ...

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Posted in: As coronavirus spikes, so does global instability See in context

As coronavirus spikes, so does global instability

So does paranoia, impatience, emotive responses - at local and macro levels

Advice: if a routine or normalcy is possible for you, stick with it and you can avoid the hypertension and cardiovascular causes of death before the big bad virus gets you.

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Posted in: The show must go on See in context

Looks like a YouTube video of what the models look like and what normal people look like.

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Posted in: Is teleworking practical for employees at your workplace? See in context


something about faces on screen or 100 l-page word file to ‘comment ’ on making this interface medium distinct from person being in same space as me with essay or other text.”, less impressive and effective over all.

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Posted in: Swirlpool See in context

Actually you can go to the water’s edge and see water from the Inland Sea side glowing down a drop of up to 20 cm over rocks etc., just like on a stream or river.

Not flat - in a sense ships running with the tide sail downhill.

Beautiful coastal area - no industry visible in the bridge area

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Posted in: Finding a purpose: Johnny Depp plays a troubled genius in 'Minamata' See in context

one actor who needs a good strong role without magic or funny hats.

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Posted in: Because China under President Xi Jinping is likely to create its own sphere to achieve the China Dream of restoring its former glory and becoming hegemonic in the region and beyond, Japan has to work together with the U.S., Australia, India and ASEAN countries to keep the Indo-Pacific region free and open. See in context

In modern times, I always thought of China as the USA of east Asia.

Japan has experience with both and can work regionally and otherwise with its experience with that.

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Posted in: Sailor Moon on ice: Skater Evgenia Medvedeva appears in costume for first official ice show See in context

'Sailor Moon with wrench' could be a title for one of the pics - scary!

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Posted in: What's your idea of Japanese comfort food? See in context

Salmon flake onigiri, 7/11 oden, pizza man, gyoza, grilled fish (esp. hokke), sushi without avacado or mayonaise - all binge-worthy.

With old Kirin lager beer 中生で

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Posted in: World Mobile Congress cancelled over coronavirus fear See in context


The nature of the commodity to be marketed would suggest remote digital contact and interaction rather than the real f2f.

Suggesting real world interfacing is same as it ever was.

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Posted in: Do you think online friendships can be an adequate substitute for face-to-face encounters? See in context

Different types of social dynamics.

Online mode not as fulsome, but good if proximity is not required or preferred

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Posted in: In 1964, Olympics host Japan had just started its ascent See in context

Interesting statistical comparison, esp income-related, and cost of ramen!

Actual contact with ‘outside Japan’ still indirect for most people.

Recall a Chibby Mariko-chan episode -(ser just afternoon that time) - she takes her Ojii-chan around the world - places selling spaghetti, then curry rice then chuuka.

Hmm - things have changed (except in Kochi where you still need to look around for more global variety).

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Posted in: Robot bartender starts work at Tokyo pub See in context

Repurposed industrial robot ... an attached Tablet Computer smiles ...

So retrenched factory robot gets bartender job!

Not sure if redundancy payments would have been made

Hmm -

world-first, or post(-human)-Industrial Age has begun.

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Posted in: Robot conducts human orchestra See in context

Would sentient ‘robot’ rely on humans’ repertoire?

Just toy-like Extension of people.

Ai conducting music composed by AI - now that I would inspire curiosity. Or fear.

what do machines need music for anyway?

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Posted in: How useful are face masks in helping combat the spread of flu and colds? See in context

Didn’t work on the Boston part side in 1918-19.

Don’t world I on the Tokyo 地下鉄 either:

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Posted in: Australia defends choice of remote detention center to house locals evacuated from Wuhan See in context

As if a nation as wide as Australia requires an isolated island near Java, away from proper medical facilities to quarantine people not breaking any law with 2 people (2 Sri Lankan’s plus their 2 Aussie-born kids) who ostensibly did (?) defies common sense.

Quarantine is common sense - are there no medical facilities within hundreds of kilometres of an Australian international airport?

Royal Prince Henry Hospital is 10 kms from Sydney airport, and Cairns Hospital is 3 km. Other places like Townsville, Darwin and Brisbane have copious Defence space too.

The people going would be likely to have to pay for it too - just 14 days? Hahahahahahhh!!!

Government policy to feed naive public Xenophobia and distract from bad press from flawed bushfire responses and sports club pork-barreling. Responsive but a sad, bad decision all around.

Like several of the Aussies able to be returned, taking chances on the ground in Wuhan rather than trusting decisions by a flopsy prime minister’s department ironically also suggests common sense.

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Posted in: Australia to help some citizens leave China, quarantine them on Christmas Island See in context

Quarantine Station (now Museum and ghost boarding house) just inside Sydney heads held plague, Spanish Flu, other pathogen contagious people for years.

Off-shore like this suggests paranoia, Xenophobia, desperation and a publicity stunt by a government running out of ideas and originality.

Christmas Island has a family of 2 Sri Lankan’s and their 2 Australian-born kids, only in spite of accommodation for hundreds and tax payers paying for it.

I hope the Australians evacuated ‘home’ (?) have good travel insurance, because this Australian government is not the type to do all this for free.

Take note, Japanese government, your country is an island nation too. Is there any space on former leper colony islands in the Inland Sea? Or hopefully, Japanese hospitals on shore are sufficient to provide appropriate treatment? Latter I think.

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Posted in: Halep, Muguruza to meet in Australian Open semifinals See in context

Looks like cracker of final

Halep as underdog

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower to be lit up in colors of Australian flag on Sunday for victims of bushfires See in context

Red, White and blue! Same colours as 20% of world nations’ flags.

Just wonder if ‘Australia Day’ got a mention in English-language press today as well as the age-old Indian national occasion (the 26 Jan norm)

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Posted in: Ford Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in 'Bullitt' sells for $3.4 mil See in context

Interesting background story, a bit less sad than what has happened to Mad Max’s Interceptor (, which also ended up being driven legally on the road.

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Posted in: Do you think Carlos Ghosn did the right thing by fleeing from Japan while out on bail? See in context

Certainly something to have been talking about.

Gone but obviously not forgotten. - yet.

if you want attention do something outrageous or at least unexpected.

so it happened, and after the former CEO’s press conference this week we shall ignore it and god or bad will make no difference to most people.

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Posted in: Why housewives refuse to visit their in-laws during holidays See in context

Not only in Japan. Just more formalized.

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Posted in: 12 dead, several missing as Australia counts cost of devastating bushfires See in context

Far worse than ever, and season is only half over.

Initiatives at local, mid and ground level only.

Political leadership lacking.

Still most people not effected because they stay in the cities where this year lots of smoke haze - with one identifiable cause.

Sadly a few more seasons of that are needed before most people move beyond sympathy, and occasional inconvenience of a fire ban stopping their barbecue plans.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off than you were this time last year? See in context

Employed now as opposed to unemployed then.

Skill? No, got lucky!

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