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Posted in: Tom Cruise surprises Comic-Con with new 'Top Gun' footage See in context

Timely if non-disclosed Iranians appear.

And a new source for Chinese fighter jet training footage

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Posted in: Premiere of Chinese war film canceled in apparent censorship See in context

CCP is borish

Options to China abound - there is a world outside the Middle Kingdom

A pity the government there regularly forgets that

Premiere in Taipei anyone?

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Posted in: Australian watchdog readies clampdown on Google, Facebook See in context

Internet started idealistic and free. Only a matterof time before it became weapon of war and different players found ways to capitalise.

Little imagination has been required to find something to do with all that data.

Just another point where regulators are playing catch-up ... till the next time and next way that players get out of hand

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' prequel book and film planned See in context

Wonder what those three in this photo are doing there for a story set 50 years or so before their charact re were born.

woder what has been happening to ‘Thor’s brother’ in the meantime

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Posted in: Average working hours of teachers in Japan longest in OECD survey See in context

Problem is partly generational - ie. teachers and support garnering own school experience as deeper guide than Education study, prac, policy guidance and PD would have.

The bloody club-かつどう Regime doesn’t help though

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Posted in: The media has a big problem: Who will pay for the news? See in context

JT’s Model with ads here and there (not really 邪魔の pop up ones so much) which do not interfere too much is good and costs me nothing - GOOD balance, and hope does not change

Thank you JT

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Posted in: Australia's ruling coalition wins surprise third term See in context

Oh well!

At least Abbott's out and Palmer is not in.

Same old same old.

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

97-98% of eligible voters vote - a kind of constitutionally copulsory democracy.

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Posted in: Will Smith calls 'Aladdin' remake highlight of his career See in context

Disney has a big animation portfolio just waiting ...

Anyone for Charlise Cheron as wicked queen in Snow White? Again?

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Posted in: 'Carol Burnett Show' actor Tim Conway dies at 85 See in context

Ensign Charlie Parker? Wasn't he?

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Posted in: Doris Day, actress who honed wholesome image, dies at 97 See in context

The Doris Day Show comedy was always a bit funny, in the 70s I think it was.

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Posted in: Do you think the escalation in the U.S.-China trade dispute is a threat to world economic growth? See in context

China has an internal debt crisis coming (real estate, credit card-type, loans). How flexible and how competent is the regime to deal with that? Maybe can, maybe can't, maybe just here and there.

The US hs been like that for years but stil has mechanisms in place to deal with it.

'My tarif is bigger than your tarif' is hardly helpful, as market volatility shows, ignred at everone's peril. N fan of corproate capital laissez faire, but that is how it is. War, trade war - bad for business, bad for you.

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Posted in: Do you consider what Wikileaks does to be journalism? See in context

Just another player - even if hey never wanted to be, they are now.

Better without Assange, so may become less contradictory in the future.

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Posted in: As time catches up with rock's greats, can the genre survive? See in context

Rock genre - at least lots of the melodies are accessible. This assists endurability.

Hiphop - sorry, less accessible.

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Posted in: Do you think the jury system is the best method of determining guilt or innocence in criminal trials? See in context

It took many months to find a jury for Lee Harvey Oswald's trial for assassination of John Kennedy, because so many people had seen the event on tv thereby becoming prejudiced.

The theatrics and mechanistics of the US system don't help with workability, but one comment about a simpler jury selection process in Victoria in Australia places that system ahead. Better than no jury anyway - an extra failsafe.

Juries decide points of fact (evidence and so on), judges and so on points of law (eg. including legal applicability of evidence). Still, like in Japan there are instances in jury-jurisdictions which people are convicted only to be retired decades later and freed with wasted lives.

judge Dread anybody?

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Posted in: HBO brings down curtain on TV phenom 'Game of Thrones' See in context

I keep wondering what will become of the GOT Youtuber industry afterwards.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context

Another attention addict.

Please process him by the numbers - what is it, 35 days without being charged? Then the rest ...

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author to discover TV ending to his saga See in context

Hmm - give some of the GOT Youtubers a bit more speculative life.

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

So, do we all need new drivers licences like last time?

Personally I think shiritori should be the system for choosing new era names.

Heisei - sei...

If so, I had thought 'ri' could have been an inventive final component after some of the inventive economic policy of the incumbent regime.

Good luck to 'Reiwa Tenno-sama'

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

I just remember lower-down and some higher-up officials deciding my middle name was my family name (ie. gaijin therefore English therefore English order therefore final part deemed family name even though it was presented in katakana in the usual myouji - shitanamae form) - even afer seeing my gaijin card.

For me it was just a time to be empathetic towards all those patient people with names from funny places who have to spell them out incessantly.

And I come from a country where its perfectly normal for nobody at work to know the family names of other people there anyway.

Mr Kono is on to something I think.

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Posted in: How can corruption be eliminated from organizations that control global sporting events, such as FIFA and the IOC, for example? See in context

While completely removing corruption is a pipe dream, but that does not mean efforts are not made to have proper checks and balances in place

Even international bodies need to be registered somewhere - local jursdiction applies.

In principle this works if in practice it may not.

For instance the IOC and FIFA are based in Switzerland - what are the checks and balances there like?

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Besides all the above, generally the experience from reaching one airport to departing the final airport.

Security checking.

Personally I find being in the plane cathartic: there is nothing I can do about anything. From there relative discomfort kick in, felt worst on low-cost carriers.

Or, am I just past the firt-time flying thrill of youth?

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Posted in: Rich and bald or handsome and poor? Survey asks Japanese women who’d they’d rather marry See in context

Had one of these features 12 to 18 months ago on JT.

Same trend.

Time to get older and richer while losing some hair over it, guys! If that (and the J-chick to go with it is what you want. Got mine though still have my hair and less money that before to boot).

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Posted in: Are social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook changing the news gathering and disseminating process for better or for worse? See in context

When so many people in public eye, from Trump to an AKB-affiliate member use social media as a preferred medium, and news media people lack the skill or patience to look beyond, the answer is pretty clear.

With social media, the amount of discourse has expanded expotentially too. Therefore, sorting through the trash for fact or truth has become harder than ever: from Trump saying fake news media are blaming him for the Christchurch masacre to the perpetrator putting his deeds on Facebook to Chinese firewallers reportedly delaying taking the posts down for 48 hours for their governments own ends - it is distraction as well as witchhunting getting in the way of any balance or clarity.

Japan is not immune.

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Posted in: Australia to bar visitors with domestic violence convictions See in context

Difficult to argue against the moral high ground.

Yet ...

Good luck anyone choosing a rational argument on this emotive issue.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for the new era name to be announced by the Japanese government on April 1? Sensible answers only, please. See in context


Joji, or Shirotoki

Just thought that it in this time Japan as an entity is fortifying itself, in various ways, some circuitous.

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Posted in: Japanese beauty product prints English backwards on package so women can take better selfies See in context

Can't grasp the point, when the target market demographic's atention would gravitate to the Japanese text in the first instnace.

The novelty o taking the selfie is could be a selling point. a novelty that may where off.

Whatever makes the company the advertisers and the girls happy though ...

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? Has it improved since you first came to Japan? See in context

Yes and no.

Depends on the store,where and timing with the 'just-in-time' delivery of fresh and good stuff.

Still a lot of unappetising stuff if you get the above wrong.

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Posted in: Snow catcher See in context


A challenge for sumi-e artists, this image is.

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Posted in: Liam Neeson denies racism after hunting black men to attack after friend was raped See in context

Trauma not withstanding, it seems someone has been blurring their revengeful fictional roles with reality too much.

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