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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context


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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

Playing through the night?

Give some Europeans and Nth/STH Americans to watch live.

Yeah, stupid idea, like full/on physical sports outdoors in Tokyo in late July.

Still this 2020 Olympics in 2021 is already remarkably different.

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Posted in: Cleveland Indians changing team name to Guardians See in context

‘Cleveland Indi-s’?

ie. ‘Indigenous’?

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Posted in: Airport echoes with sobs and farewells in Hong Kong exodus See in context

HK - drive on left, different electric plugs, own currencies, family names not used in mainland

Now losing people, voting with feet

Looking forward, what is mainland government going to do with HK

Going to UK - good luck!

Go to Australia, with grossly insular inward-looking COVID-driven policies like 30,000 allowed to enter country at all, and 1-way flights costing 5-figure A & US$ sums - couldn’t be a worse time.

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Posted in: Coates, Queensland premier at odds after Brisbane gets 2032 Olympics See in context

So, she stays in her hotel room- so she should. That is the Coronavirus protocol.

Olympics are awarded to cities, not states or nations.

Therefore Lord Mayor of Brisbane goes - to end ceremony

And he’s a bloke and fossil Coates doesn’t have a gaff with him.

That is the public protocol.

still 11 years till Brisbane. Will Coates and Palaszczuk still be around then?

Say No

Will COVID be around then? Say Probably.

Different people can elbow each other then.

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

A few are finding out they’ve got COVID before arriving, so just one is not the real story.

The real Olympic test this time is making it to the starting line

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Posted in: Smartphone app enables users to keep COVID-19 vaccination records See in context

A no-brainer, but publicly run with some modicum of confidentiality and not corporate initiative, please.

Linking to My Number is not my favourite but it’s a start in the right direction.

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Posted in: Toyota launches all-new Aqua hybrid electric-only compact car See in context

PHEV - not clear, probably not because even marketing execs would get that right.

But the 100v socket to power from battery is a no-brainer, in Japan but also out side for SUVs of other makers.

Makes me wonder why they market a hybrid Yaris in other places

Yet dealers outside Japan almost never know what their patent companies actually sell.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

Not new

I still have something like that from the 80s, listing my typhoid, yellow fever and cholera vaccinations - necessary for visas then for a range of countries

coronavirus is pretty benign compared to them

But things have changed, haven’t they!

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Posted in: Val Kilmer documentary charts Hollywood rise and fall See in context

Top Secret:

’… Hilary! What does that mean?’

’”She whose breasts defy gravity”.’

My name is Nick.’

’What does that mean?’

’It’s just a name my father came up with when he cut himself shaving.’

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Posted in: EU prepares to send petrol cars to the scrap heap See in context

Cars - fine, OK. Electrify away!


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Posted in: Shut off from the world, Australia fosters red-hot growth at home See in context

Life is good, sort of.

Still stuck - like you!?

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Posted in: Pacific island turns to Australia for undersea cable after spurning China See in context

Nauru recognizes Taiwan, it says down the bottom

Now, that’s the he kicker!

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Posted in: Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama comes out as transgender man See in context

I wonder if this person refers to this person’s self as ‘they’ rather than ‘I’. Pronouns can be redundant anyway if one tries hard enough (in English, though less hard in Japanese).

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Posted in: Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has twin boys - Thunder and Saint Leo See in context


Except the error, that Mr Bolt ‘had’ the babies - rather Mrs Bolt I would presume.

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Posted in: Want a job? Employers say: Talk to the computer See in context

AI! Hmm!

Use such systems once reliable human cloning has been developed - no wait, then AI interviewing practice would become redundant too.

I wonder if AIs sees the bigger picture better than short-term blinkered views of insensible corporate entities which employ them.

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Posted in: S Korean designer creates 'Third Eye' for 'smartphone zombies' See in context

Um, two eyes - one for phone one for physical environment- should be all that are required

I suppose ‘man is not a chameleon’.

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Posted in: Australia's Nine Entertainment signs content deal with Facebook, Google See in context


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Posted in: iTourTranslator helps people translate a phone call or WhatsApp voice calls in real time See in context

Interesting sales release picked by JT and Business wire.

Example of technology pushing boundaries - if not this mob then certainly by someone else.

Wonder about extent to which the 英会話 market may gravitate towards the technology, even given the coronavirus situation.

Well, there still are the Eiken, TOEFL/TOEIC and school tests to give teachers a hand.

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Posted in: Once 'green' plug-in hybrid cars suddenly look like dinosaurs in Europe See in context

Demise of gas stations in Europe?

Not yet - trucks/lorries still require diesel

PHEV is a no brainer, yet it seems people with short-distance urban journeys are making decisions - in a polity defined by seasons hot and COLD.

And, is Holland typical of other markets let alone inside Europe.

As well, what are policies now for pushing people to the alternative of public transport networks?

Finally, discord in comments over germs in shared vehicles - geez, when will some people ever see wood from trees?

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Posted in: Suu Kyi's party demands her release as Myanmar generals tighten grip on power See in context

Back to the future for Aung San Syuu Kyushu.

She looks older and more tired now.

Kudos to the generals for timing - all the usual voices have their own COVID priorities now.

Feel sorry for normal citizens though, and the ethnic-cultural minorities

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Posted in: As Google eyes Australia exit, Microsoft talks Bing with PM See in context

As if a PM (especially a Morrison!) is ever going to inspire take up of Outlook orTeams over Gmail and the Google commercial pantheon.

That is solely the punters’ call.

GOOD luck!

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Posted in: Here is first look at new Ultraman movie from 'Evangelion' creator Hideaki Anno See in context

Get the old Ultraman clocks out - may get to be worth more to a generation encountering a reinvented 和SF icon.

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Posted in: James Bond movie 'No Time to Die' delayed again due to pandemic See in context

Lots of time to die, waiting for this one.

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Posted in: When you hear about the dark side of people like Phil Spector, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Kevin Spacey and so on, can you still appreciate their work? See in context

Especially for actors, big problem is audience punters and media hacks mistaking performance persona for real actual individual persona.

Also, their performances take on aura and a kind of life of their own - think of all those songs in your head and not knowing who made them.

For instance, Kevin Spacey really is a Usual Suspect, and Donald Trump really was an Apprentice’s boss.

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Posted in: Do you think climate change could lead to a greater crisis for humanity than COVID-19 or any other pandemic that might occur in the future? See in context

Coronavirus is actually benign as pandemics go - just very contagious, and no clear medication at outset - affecting not everyone (local quarantine, lockdown and mask-wearing withstanding). Watch out for combination with other ones (eg. unreported bird flu outbreaks around Asia)

Climate change affects everybody and everything - the ‘no-brainer’ phenomenon of the age.

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Posted in: Do you think the post-pandemic world will be awash with corporate bankruptcies and prolonged unemployment in most countries? See in context

2020 - People found themselves stuck

2031 - still stuck - mindset change, and with all hat changes, adapting.

Some will be left out, left behind; some to have opportunities open up which were not there before.

Tricks are to recognize change and be able to change.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven Japan to double the shelf life of their onigiri rice balls See in context

Depends what filling is:

ikura - forget it

konbu, umeboshi, even some of the dreadful mayo shi-chicken and cooked salmon - yeah

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Posted in: Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan See in context

Next is getting a mask of one’s own face and wearing it

Don’t laugh - there are always suckers

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