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Posted in: SoftBank launches used car subscriptions as telecom growth slows See in context

Been a spike in costs of cars in Tonga recently - 95%+ are mid to late 平成 Japanese models in reasonable to wheels-falling-off condition. Lots of Voxys

Maybe Mr Son’s and other used car ‘subscription’(!!) ventures have had this effect.

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Posted in: Did anything you learned at school prove useful for you in the adult world? See in context

Latin - for English and other languages

Times tables to 13 and mental arithmetic

That after school you are suddenly without input, just what you get on your own.

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Posted in: Is a completely cashless society desirable? See in context

System goes down and we’re back to barter - until a medium of exchange is established and we start again

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Posted in: Europe prepares for a winter without Russian gas See in context

European lifestyle support wake-up call.

Like oil in 1970s, things change.

Adapt, Europe, and btw, welcome to the future.

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Posted in: Is the world becoming more divided politically, socially and economically? See in context

Yes, social media help

nothing new here though

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Posted in: Do you think marriage will continue to be a key social institution in the future? See in context

Yeah - link to traditions, custom, even if reimaginedand even if the so-called institution becomes downplayed.

Then there are also attitudes, policies, processes and rules of that more tangible institution called government.

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Posted in: Do you think G7 and NATO summits, being held this week, ever achieve anything tangible? See in context

Besides tangible ‘appearance’ - for instance not too long ago Putin would rock up too when they toyed with ‘G-8’. Not there now.

Yet, things get achieved, people/contacts are met.

But so much of that is never revealed or seen by punters like you and me - which makes unseen thereby intangible.

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Posted in: Japan is a partner nation of NATO, along with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ OR

’North Pacific Treaty Organization’ OR

‘West Pacific Treaty Organization’??

Well, only the first has a mutual defence clause and trigger. And the US has bi-partite treaties with all the other listed nations anyway - for what they are worth.

Post-1945 Japan traditionally prefers softer solutions than regional sabre-rattling. However underlying that, they prefer to be linked to all options, including military links, and keeping good relations with partner nations is even more important than facing off would-be adversaries.

So, in the end, the question just reflects strategic business-as-usual for Japan.

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Posted in: What do you think of China's zero-COVID strategy? See in context

Pandemic as coercion excuse - basically a reminder of who is boss.

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Posted in: China and the U.S. blame each other for escalating tensions over Taiwan. Who do you think is more at fault? See in context

Taiwan is, or has


currency and economy


defence force


international recognition (albeit mostly unofficial)

and so on.

And a significant indigenous native demographic, not that KMT or anyone else would let them get in the way

Meanwhile the world’s biggest producer of microchips gets on which ameliorating the current worldwide shortage.

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Posted in: Hollywood is bombarding us again with prequels, sequels, remakes and spinoffs from past films? Do you tire of these sorts of films? See in context

Continuations OK

Adaptions of vid games too, to a point

Otherwise no originality any more.

Disney live action remakes of its animated works epitomise the state of Hollywood - though MeToo fallout over a remake of Snow White would be interesting to watch.

Plus the sucking up to the Chinese market.

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Posted in: Should there be an age limit for driving licenses? See in context

In Japan, yes.

Best to ask the insurance companies for their data first

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Posted in: Earn money in Japan just by walking with new backpack advertising part-time job service See in context

Already happens with brand labels on items. Think Ralph Lauren, and even Coca Cola.

’Cup Noodle’ backpack anyone? sorry, not so simple: ‘Cup noodle’ Stchar backpack anyone?

Um, we pay Stchar or Stchar pay us?

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their young children as a means of punishing or disciplining them? See in context

Physical pain as punishment; violent disposition as power display.

Hypothetically just one more mode in a repertoire, if the most lacking in reason.

Point is loss of rational and emotive control by instigator. Then some empty justification rooted in past practice and tradition.

Bottom line is it didn’t work so well then, and is likely not to now.

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Posted in: Life in the shopping 'slow lane' helping aging Japan stay independent See in context

one or two hours every Thursday afternoon

Some places here have first hour every morning for aged or handicapped only. This seems more suited to preference for more often than weekly shopping.

Good idea though

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Posted in: The Russians (or Chinese, or North Koreans) are coming! What to do: Fight or flight? See in context

People’d come around.

Sth Korea at 70-odd%! Not surprised at that. A reality and daily part of the culture (eg. In Japan for comparison, think ‘earthquake’)

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Posted in: Which do you think make better pets: cats or dogs? See in context

Easy -

you want a pet, dog (can’t look after self)

you want convenience, cat (lots oks after self)

The rest is up to you.

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Posted in: Japanese AI device reads stories to your kid with your voice, even if you’ve never read them See in context

Takara Tomy have missed something - like everything that goes with the voice: proximity, non-verbal interactivity, visual image, olfactory and touch

Another transient toy.

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Posted in: Do you think it is important that world leaders meet in person sometimes rather than online? See in context

“… meet in person sometimes”

For reasons mentioned above.

Even Trump, maybe because of rather than in spite of being a monstrous narcissist, met Kim Il Jung in person twice. And Kim meets nobody.

And it’s a good reason to ensure that our leaders do wear pants sometimes.

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Posted in: Surgeon: Johnny Depp's severed finger story has flaws See in context

While the lawyers ratchet up their fees and expenses…

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Posted in: China congratulates Australia's Albanese in hint at thawing ties See in context

While in Japan, regarding the PRC’s Premier’s congratulatory message, Albo should verse up in East Asian concepts like ‘Seiji’, ‘tatemae’ and ‘hone’ - which are less common only to East Asia than people would think.

Still message is better than no message.

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

The cost of a fine house,「オンライン カシーノに」I heard.

Well, somebody lost!

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Posted in: Netflix trims staff to weather slowing growth See in context

Sick of Netflix as lifestyle. And actually limited choice considering range of title on other providers also to pay for.

Missing スカッパ and WOWOW - actually liked the randomness of things I could choose to watch.

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Posted in: How Tom Cruise survived the end of the star era See in context

As article alludes: Cruise as brand.

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Posted in: Director Martin Scorsese said recently that many people today rarely bother to watch movies or TV shows made before their own time. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think this is? See in context

Chronologically Age becomes an arbitrary period.

Artistic merit and interest are one thing, but if you are 6 or 60 there are vastly different quantities of cinema to choose from.

Scocese’s observation is pertinent though.

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Posted in: Wim Wenders making film about fancy public toilets in Japan See in context

So, nach Der Himmel über Berlin und The End of the World kommen wir zum Toiletenwaschenkraft oder.

Which means something like, the zen of toilet cleaning latterly transcends Heaven and the end of the world.

I wanna watch!

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Posted in: If you are an employee of a company, educational institution or organization, do you like your job? See in context

Last two positions:

first work great, job sucked (organisation and most people thereが困った)

second work sucked job great (people great; admin tasks in triplicate, performance indicators and compliance as de facto work goals more than anything professional or ‘customer/student-centred’)

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Posted in: Floods, fires drive Australian home insurance crisis See in context

Insurance availability as new driving factor in urban and residential planning.

Market forces at work.

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