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Casu marzu – maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia

would do my head in - and nose and stomach

Natto is understandable, but how could they include something as innocent as Vegemite (

It seem most cultures have their nose (or tongue) out of joint over this place.

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Posted in: Japan now has only two TV anime series that air in prime time during the week See in context

More like cutlural icons for the nostalgic now.

Devices are sucking up more attention-time now than TV ever did.

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy over 5,200 troops to Mexico border See in context

Watching all of this unfold, I just think two things:

it has begun (though it probably began long ago)

Japan is an island country, where so many of the comentators reside and are not facing reality of having this problem on the national doorstep.

Maybe Canada should put troops at Niagara, along the St Lawrence, around the Great Lakes and along that 49th parallel - to keep out any Democrat caravan fleeing the US national divide.

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Posted in: There has been some criticism in Japan of freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was freed after being held hostage in Syria for more than three years, that if you go to a dangerous place, despite the government urging you not to, and are taken prisoner, you get what you asked for (referred to in Japanese as jiko sekinin or self-responsibility). Do you agree with this view? See in context

Part of the job, risks.

A bit like those Brits (like the assistant of the Archbishop of Canturbury) going off to 'negotiate' freedom for hostages in Lebanon in the 1980s and getting to be hostages themselves for 3 years or more.They should have known but were either pompous, selfrighteous or totally naive.

Yasuda was not any of these I would say and knew the risks. Maybe just guilty of something like adrrenolin junkiness.

But did you see the look on his Mum's face after it was all over? Half relief, half 'You bastard, putting all of us through that!'

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Posted in: Do you think ordinances designed to restrict hate speech and eliminate discrimination infringe on freedom of speech? See in context

In the old days, yes, anti vilification laws got in the way of free speech.

Nowadays, no, such laws rein in people (or should do) whose access and use of increasingly varied media and whose lack of self-control have made free speech get out of hand.

In the future the balance MAY swing back again.

Such questions do my head in actually

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The dress though reminds me of a headrest in a Japanese taxi.

She makes a head rest into a place where you really want to rest your head.

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Can't keep up with the releases any more.

And binge-watching is sleep depriving.

Still prefer just a movie or a book. Thank God I never got into gaming or gambling. Suppose TV is more interesting than them though (except free-to-air ワイドナショー of course).

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Posted in: A year after Weinstein, Hollywood is still soul-searching See in context

Looking at the picture, girls, yes, band together with solidarity against gender inequality.

Then if you are serious about gender inequality, stop banding together and stop banging on about it..

Equality - if you want it - can begin when we can move on from the inapporpriate behaviour and discriminatory polemic.

Personally though I think that women are oppressed and men are evil, which is how it ever was, is and always will be.

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Posted in: Would you be willing to be paid by your employer a fixed number of a cryptocurrency unit, such as bitcoin, on a monthly basis as your salary? See in context

Virtual currency is just that, virtual.

ANyway, though it looks nice when the market is rocketing up, it fluctuates far too wildly.

Then there is always the threat of an EMP.

Hmm - 'Better to be paid in gold ingots', he wished.

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Posted in: Dench says she 'can't approve' of cutting Spacey from Hollywood film See in context

The customary current confusion of reality and expression (I would like to say 'fiction', but the film is based on real events).

Spacey is quite charismatic and attention-grabbing in perfromance. I have seen only one interview, and he came across the same - that is the basis upon which people need to consider what it would be like with old Kev with the door closed.

Come to think of it, there is a measure of bad taste there - now!

In contrast, Travolta (clean) in the title role of 'Gotti', who was far from clean, but no problem (despite movie crashing). In this case maybe it would only be Travolta wanting to erase 'Gotti' from his resume. Or that from now he can give up any dreams of headlining productions again.

Money, marketing decision and investment return are primary.

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Posted in: Nintendo wins court battle over Mario go-karting See in context

The Nintendo court victory is one thing, but on seeing the pic, it makes you wonder where a line of speeding buses is in Tokyo when you need them.

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Posted in: The old and enduring mutual dislike between people of Kansai and Kanto See in context

Tokyo is just a huge yet cold but unpleasantly good place to make money with a gargantuan natural and human catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Kansai is just more human, still big. At least there, Kobe in 1993 is still in living memory.

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Posted in: Ready for a fight: Crowdfunder beats cancer and cynics to raise billions See in context

Haruka Mera is inspirational.

Not everyone is so smart and balanced (and of course focused) though.

Mera is one of the individuals in Japan (or anywhere) who can or could get what they wanted or dreamed about, to reach that level.

So, yes, it is possible, but logically not everyone is going to get 'there', nor even be that way inclined.

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Posted in: Half of Britons say you can't refuse sex once undressed See in context


Imagine carrying that assumption into the onsen!

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Posted in: See-through solar panels installed at private house See in context

Hmm - just thinking, but rather than roof, windows might be a good idea, say on west sides of buildings

Good idea anyway though.

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world, other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

If I 'could' ...

Sydney - beautiful, nice food and multicultural (but expensive, bad traffic and too much tax

SOme coastal places in Japan - quite pleasant and convenient, but sadly a bit too much necessary concrete along waterlines and coasts

However, not Kochi

Some place in the Med - Sorrento, Nice to Cannes, Spanish coastal cities - nice food, wines, climate, etc.

Better off where I am now though

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Posted in: Which do you think is better: Apple's iOS or Android? See in context

iPhone don't like to adapt for other apps providers, and so on.

Android has Google back up, which makes it easier in that sense.

But being IT-dumb, I am just used to iPhones, though I do not use or need 80% of the applications.

There is a user friendliness with iPhones that various Android makes collectively do not have (I have had both).

iPhone now is a euphemism for sumaho now anyway, and in a sense that says enough

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Posted in: China shuts thousands of websites in clean-up campaign See in context

Well, people are resourceful and can find alternative ways to do what they need or otherwise have to do.

Congratulations to the mainland Chinese government for encouraging the underground.

A few people in China are going to be burnt before this regime is finished.

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Posted in: Japanese ad showing mom doing all the housework and childcare has people steamed at dad See in context

Of course in the ad focusing on the wife/mother is purposeful, as she is likely to influence thepurchase decision more than husband/father. Not surprising in the least this ad

Otherwise, yeah, generic streotyping of aproned mother doing chores and dad just popping in to comment. Not so much these days as 20 or 30 years ago, and of coursee going to draw comments form people who think they see reality when it is just an ad with a deliberate marketing strategy.

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Posted in: Too much 'Star Wars'? Disney CEO says it will slow down releases See in context

Bad news for Ewan McGregor - he could be as old and alive as Alec Guinness wehn they come around to making an Obi Wan spinnoff.

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Posted in: Japanese ad showing mom doing all the housework and childcare has people steamed at dad See in context

Epitome of a desired household culture, rightly or wrongly, I think.

It can happen thus: He cleans dishes. She says, 'もう!まだ洗ってないないだよ。ほら見てよ - こことここ‼もうあんたはチョーへたくそ。あたしやるわ。もう、あちイケ! (What? You haven't washed them yet!. Look! This bit's dirty, here too! You are SOOOOOO hopeless! Let me do it. You, just get out of my sight!')

Does this happen in your blissful 'MyHome'? It does in mine, often.

Personally I agree with

the commenter who, perhaps based on the husband’s frequent invisibility and ethereally white wardrobe, offered this possible explanation:

“The dad is dead. That’s just his ghost checking in.”


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Posted in: Fulfilling a dream, S Korea's Moon visits sacred N Korean mountain with Kim See in context

What if from now Moon takes Kim, say, down to a golf course on Cheju?

Could Trump be sidelined? Hell, no! Trump could buy it first, or they could just name it after him - for the day at least.

Trump would like that, as it just might satisfy his attention-seeking urges.

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Posted in: When you feel like you’re the only outsider in the community, do these 2 things See in context

Not sure the relevance of the header pic of the chick on the bike in Yamanashi-ken or wherever, but the article was a refreshing look at an old issue.

I think Anisa would succeed most places she would go anyway.

In Kochi, I realised we are all the same as we all come from somewhere and there is nothing we can do about it. A bit zen, but it helps me cope.

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Posted in: Bert and Ernie a 'loving couple' claims writer; 'Sesame Street' disagrees See in context

Comes from a different age - best comparison is The Odd Couple, Oscar and Felix - they had their chicks. Come to think of it though, Felix was a bit fey but Oscar what like a proto-Homer Simpson with an IQ and a good job.

Now that is a thought: anyone in Hollywood want to resurrect that one? Admittedly though it would be pretty hard blending all the stereotypes they could come up with these days.

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Posted in: Germany rolls out world's first hydrogen train See in context

German trains made in France. How 'European'! Makes it easier for them to get the technology out there, which I think is the real point.

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Posted in: Glad company: Trailer for Disney's 'Mary Poppins Returns' See in context

The lady with the original drone umbrella comes back.

Dick Van Dyke, who starred in the original film, appears as the retired chairman of the bank.


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Posted in: U.S. Open umpire who spoke to Kyrgios gets 2-tournament ban See in context

Fair decision.

It was odd at the time, and the supportive talk to may have been subconsciously what Kyrgios has needed. But Lahyani was the only person there who was not allowed to do and say what he did.

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Posted in: Do you think volunteers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be paid? See in context

Volunteers don't get paid by definition. Still in Japan, こうつひ (transport money) is customary, maybe bento and maybe a souvenir of some sort is fine and fair.

At the Sydney Olympics, which at least locally was renowned for volunteerism, volunteers who bought or paid for their own lunches, were given funky if tasteful colourful coats to identify them.

Afterwards, it was announced they could pay $50 or something like that to purchase and keep them (a bit of money then).

The Sydney Olympics broke even eventually, but that was an act of typical New South Wales penny-pinching bastardry.

I hope Tokyo organizers don't pop up retrospective surprises for volunteers like in Sydney

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Posted in: When Moon meets Kim: Can roads pave way to denuclearization? See in context

If it is not the North Koreans who are intransigent, these days Trump's America has been doing a good job at that too:

The U.S.-led United Nations Command, which monitors activity around the DMZ, blocked plans for the North and South to conduct a field study of the North's railroads last month. The plan was to run a train along a railway linking Seoul to Sinuiju.

The command reportedly refused to approve the plan because Seoul did not supply enough details.

Officials in Washington have also expressed concern that Seoul may be moving too fast and undermining support for trade sanctions that the U.S. sees as one of its best means of keeping the pressure on Pyongyang high.

The Iran business has been a bit like that too.

Good luck to Mr Moon though - he needs it.

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Posted in: Robin Williams' Golden Globes, 'Dead Poets' watch up for auction See in context

Interesting random list of Williams's movies and TV series.

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