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Posted in: Tour buses causing traffic problems in Tokyo See in context

Yes, they do pose a problem even of they don't park. Its really good that they are discussing and thinking about the issue to find a solution . Just letting things as they are would only make them worse , even if the tourists are bringing in more cash.

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Posted in: Back off, tablets: PC companies plan a $70 mil ad campaign See in context

PCs are being used only for very specific tasks now(high end gaming, video and image processing etc. ) . it is is no longer the computing , internet or multimedia hub for the home. Tablets are slowly taking over these functions. That makes me wonder - why not spend the money being spent on ads to make better tablets or other portable products ?

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Posted in: Amazon launches video services, new devices in Japan See in context

So all videos on amaxzon prime would be free for existing members? It is great to see new , and convenient options for watching shows and movies on TV.

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Posted in: Man whose electrified fence killed two men commits suicide See in context

Sad..the accident seems to be because of negligence. Maybe the farmer could not live with the guilt and the questioning.

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