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Hmm, lots of remarks about fat Americans, while I see plenty of jiggly Japanese wandering about my neighborhood. But they aren't fat - no, they're just too short for their weight :-)

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Japan and the U.S. are vying for 1st place in "highest corporate tax rate". Who will win, they both seem to want the prize so desperately. And then we are all shocked and indignant when headquarters are relocated, and jobs are made in other countries. Even Apple, our quintessential "American" success story - manufactures iPads in - wait for it ... (not the U.S. or Japan).

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Appreciation of a meal used to be expressed verbally with prayer in the U.S., and still is by many families (though surely with the curtains drawn so the anti-religion police can't see). In Japan, school children actually sing a song to their bento, thanking mom for the care and welcoming what they are about to enjoy. Combine that with the Japanese desire to preserve all of life's small but special moments on film, and it is a perfectly legitimate thing to do.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

You know what? Life is short. If somebody finds pleasure in something that harms no one else, good for them.

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Noda - more taxes? lazy way out.

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Appropriate behavior, and her choice. She was not elected and therefore ought not have any role in govt. Sadly, Mrs. Obama sees herself as Eva Peron, spending $10 million on personal vacations and travelling with an entourage 3 times the size of Laura Bush's (I could joke about how she needs more help, but that would be something nasty that a liberal would say).

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You are woefully swallowing the liberal potion; Obama is the textbook combination of anger and passive-aggressive insecurity combined with a massive ego. He desperately needs Independent voters to not pay attention to the GOP candidates, as they are the only ones who offer him a shred of hope for re-election. In his conceit, his "I Got This" moment, he actually thought this immature stunt would work and no one would call him on it. Well, in fact, no one did - except Boehner. The GOP debate has been planned for many months. Anything the WH says to fein ignorance is just insulting. Liberals should be insulted that their guy takes us all for idiots. Get with it, folks. He is beyond his level of competence, but refuses to face up to it.

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