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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

The handling and communication here has bee woeful. All the governments effors to minimise the situation so to not alarm people has done exactly that. People aren't concerned enough to follow the new rules.

1) The testing has been deficient if not negligent. There is no mass testing, only of people who already have symptoms. Thus the numbers are low, and people are complacent.

2) The laws have no teeth. There are no penalties to ignoring the requests in the State of Emergency. There is no lockdown as seen in other countries.

3) The government actively runs a dplestic tourism campaign, then has to reverse engines when it spreads the virus.

4) Complacentcy has now crept in. Because of the governments bumbling, wait and see attitude and continual inaccurate low case numbers, people have learned to live with it.

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

At an LDP meeting on Tuesday, the lawmakers said the government should take Seoul to the International Court of Justice.

Do it. Lets see South Korea end up with egg on its face.

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Posted in: Head of medical body says nationwide state of emergency an option See in context

So what does a State of Emergency actually do in Japan?

I'm not seeing any additional resources being made available, nor does the Constitution allow for any additional meaningful measures (mandatory quarantining and curfews) to be put in place. They can't fine people for not wearing a mask or taking preventative measures, nor can they force businesses to close.

None of the tools they have on hand to manage this allow for anything more than 'asking' people and businesses to do things without penalty if they do not.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,433 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,871 See in context

RecklessJan. 13  04:07 pm JST

50% positive! Holy smokes!!!

Which again suggests that the testing being done in Japan is to confirm a diagnosis, rather than mass screening see how far the virus has spread.

In short, with Japan's gaman attitudes, it is conceievable that very few of those exhibiting symptoms are even going for a test.

The government/nor anyone in a position of authority has any idea how far this has spread. No one wants to be in the position of Ireland the US or the UK and be reporting accurate figures. The numbers would be too frightening for a public already disillusioned with the Governments handling of the crisis.

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Posted in: High schoolers to get glimpse of Osaka through local university students See in context

The first and last stop will be the Dotonbori district, followed by swimming with Colonel Sanders in the river.

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Posted in: Japanese pray for end to pandemic in annual ice bath ritual at Tokyo shrine See in context

I can still hear my Grandma saying "Come ouf of there this minute, or you'll catch your death of cold" from the side of the lukewarm bath when I was a kid.

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Posted in: A year after first confirmed death in China, coronavirus source still a puzzle See in context

Did anyone ever really expect China to co-operate with this investigaton?

They are all too willing to say all the right things when they are in front of the world media when the investigation was announced. However, when things are put into action, the everyone mysteriously has Visa issues despite China having months of notice.

In short, as they can't control the investigation, they're doing their best to stall it.

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Posted in: Body parts, debris found after Indonesia plane crash See in context

Dropping 3000+ metres in less than a minute says that something catastrophic while in flight. That is backed up by FlightRadar data showing things were going normally up until just after 07:40 UTC when it just dropped out of the sky.

This indicates a single event, rather than a more complicated chain of events (decompression, uncontained engine failure etc) and subsequent maneuvers caused the downing.

There were also initial reports of debris landing on a neighbouring island, which by looking on the maps indicates a significant debris field.

The "B" word must be high on the investigators list.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,268 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,790 See in context

Only 13,600 tests per day in a highly developed country of 126 million? That's pathetic.

In reality with those testing numbers, Japan has no idea of the rate of infection.

Some interesting comparisons here:

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Posted in: High school students create petition to change the name of FamilyMart’s 'Mom’s Diner' line See in context

FamilyMart have clearly labeled it this way to elicit nostalgic feelings of good home cooking. Ironticially if you asked any of those who signed the petition who does the majority of cooking at their individual homes, statiscally in Japan this would be a mother or grandmother.

Until they can 'put up or shut up' and suggest a suitable alternative, I'm not giving this a second throught and nor should FamilyMart.

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Posted in: Japanese approval of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine unlikely until May See in context

Moderna Inc's COVID-19 vaccine is unlikely to win approval in Japan until May due to requirements for local clinical trials, the distributor said, casting doubt over a nationwide vaccination rollout before the summer Tokyo Olympics.

This is a classic example of Japan erecting protectionist measures designed to prevent competion with its own domestic industries.

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Posted in: Abe questioned by prosecutors: report See in context

Tokyo prosecutors said they do not comment on investigations. Abe's office declined to comment and requested that questions be sent by facsimile.

With a rubbish bin strategically positioned below.

Somewhere out there a bus ticket is soaking in a glass of water ready for when the punishment is handed out.

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

New Zealand. No COVID, a resposible proactive government, and people are going about their lives as normal.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

20 odd years ago when I came to Japan as a bright eyed ALT, we were presented not only with our contracts, but information on living and notes/rules about dress standards in the schools that I taught in. These included the requiremnt for smart or smart casual clothes, limitations on jewelry, make-up etc etc etc according to Japanese standards. We were expected to dress on par with Japanese educators.

Yes, you could argue that she is some sort of cultural ambassador, but she is also an employee of the Board of Education, working in a Japanese workplace and subject to Japanese rules. The BoE probably throught that having the school make the request was a far gentler way of broaching the topic than having a formal directive from the BoE.

Workplaces have expected standards of dress, regardless of country.

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Posted in: Fewer tourists seen after suspension of Go To Travel for Tokyo, Nagoya See in context

This GoTo Campaign has to rank as one of the worlds most stupid ideas of 2020. Effectively paying people to go on a mass tourism campaign while at the same time trying to contain a pandemic.

You have to ask . . . . would this have even got off the ground had the JP government stacked the panel that was advising them . . . . not with health professionals to contain and eradicate, but with individuals who wish to promote the intertests of business.

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Posted in: How New Zealand essentially eliminated the coronavirus See in context

If you want to compare leadership and direction between NZ and Japan consider this:

1) NZ closed the borders very early on. Japan tried to keep the borders open for the Olympics. Money talks!

2) NZ rapidly sets up a wage and salary compensation scheme. Companies kept running and workers didn't feel the need to come to work to keep food on the table. They stayed home and had family time.

3) NZ has gone through a sequence of lockdowns to contain and then eradicate the virus. Japan encourages mobility by setting up an extensive domestic tourism campaign in the midle of a surging pandemic.

4) NZ lockdowns only kept essential services (ie the lights on and food on the table). Japan politely asks nightclubs and izikaiya to close at 10pm but you could still get your hair cut and your nails done and go out for a meal.

5) NZ citizens followed instructions and stayed home and they saw their leaders largely doing the same (apart from one who subsequently lost his job). Suga is holding a series of year end dinners with elderly friends despite telling the nation to do exactly the opposite, then starts making excuses when he's called out.

6) NZ businesses rapidly deployed online work tools and remote working. Working from home becomes the norm. Japan struggles with not having the bosses hanko on the timesheets, and being able to 'supervise' employees.

7) NZ schools deploy online learning. Schools deplloy laptops and the government pays for internet connections to low-income earning families to make sure no one misses out. Japan, stubborn resistance from educators insisting that all kids must come to school.

8) NZ. Strict quarantine measures were employed at the border. No visitors are allowed. Citizens and foreign residents were allowed but were required to stay in managed isolation for 14 days and pass COVID testing. Japan . . . . eventually bans everyone except citizens from returning, leaving long term foreign residents out in the cold. Returnees are allowed to return to their homes but are required to self-quarantine . . .please.

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Posted in: New Santa look See in context

Looks like someone has just randomly assembled some parts from an old police Identikit tool.

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Posted in: Setagaya family murders remain unsolved 20 years later See in context

Does Japan still have a Statute of Limitations for murder cases? It used to be something like 21 years.

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Posted in: Japan eyes new infectious disease data system for vaccine development See in context

SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Ebola, ongoing issues with TB, and COVID this years and Japan is only ow getting off its backside for setting this up?

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

vanityofvanitiesToday  09:00 am JST


NZ population is 5 million while Japanese 126 million. You cannot compare the two countries.

You certainly can. All that differs is the scale and the leadership.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

A 23-year-old woman from Chiba Prefecture who visited central Tokyo to have drinks with her friends said, "I'm not so worried about the increase in infections. All we can do is to take precautions like washing our hands."

And not traveling, and keeping your socializing to a minimum . . . . .

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Posted in: China slaps more taxes on Australian wine amid tension See in context

Why even bother doing trade or any other deals with China?

They are worth nothing. China only enters into these agreements to further their own interests and to look good in the face of wold opinion.

When things get strained, all kinds of issues appear from the Chinese end and they don't respect the agreements they have entered into, or just point back reneg on them

UNCLOS and the Nine Dash Line. The UN ruled against them even though this was a UN agreement they have signed up to.

Hong Kong as par of "One Country Two Systems" was agreed and signed with the UK. This was suppoaed to run until 2047, but China has renegged.

Trade deals with Australia . . . .mysteriously encounter issues.

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Posted in: Japan to put new Aegis radars on warships after cancelling ground stations: report See in context

In June, then defense minister Taro Kono suspended plans for two Aegis Ashore sites, citing the possibility that interceptor missile booster rockets could fall on nearby residents

I'll take a booster possibly falling on a house, over a nuke falling on a city any day

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Posted in: Some medical groups and experts believe the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign has fueled the surge in coronavirus cases nationwide since early November. Do you agree? See in context

You'd think that Japab would have learned from China that encouraging mobility at a time when you should be trying to contain the virus is a stupid idea.

Just look at how the ourbreadk spread from Wuhan to all parts of China, during Chinese New Year

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Posted in: China prepares large-scale rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

So you have a country that has issues with transparency, has been caught out on numerous occasions either downplaying or outright lying on issues surrounding COVID-19. They then come up with a vaccine, which they have not published data on how well they work, safety or how they plan to roll them out.

But hey . . . . Trust us. The CCP is here to look after you.

Yeah right!

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Posted in: Less contact, short trips: Tokyo Olympics organizers set out rules See in context

A ban on cheering, and avoiding speaking loudly.

Well the North Korean athletes are going to feel right at home!

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to lower mobile phone charges See in context

The new service plans from Japan's leading mobile phone operator by subscribers could spark price competition in a market in which the three largest carriers, including KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp, control roughly 90 percent.

So with three big carriers and a decreasing population, you'd have to ask why there wasn't competition prior to this point . . . . .

Some kind of cosy arrangement?

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Posted in: Schizophrenia sufferer challenges Japan's isolation of mentally ill See in context

In 2014, Japan still had a very high ratio of psychiatric care beds per capita among member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with 269 beds per 100,000 people compared with the average of 68, based on a 2014 OECD report.

The average length of hospital stay, meanwhile, was about 290 days, which is exceptionally long compared with other countries.

Says it all. A long standing practice of removing mental health patients from society as a matter of routine, rather than assisting them while they are part of society.

I wish him luck, but how many others are there with similar stories?

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Posted in: Enjoy a virtual Shikoku Pilgrimage experience with the ‘Ohenro Walking’ App See in context

Where's the Android version?

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Posted in: Japan, China restart reciprocal business travel See in context

What'll be interesting is if any passengers from China test positive after getting off the direct flight.

After all . . . . China has no domestic transmission

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