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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

You'd think at a time when the SDF is struggling to find new recruits, they would be trying to make serving in the military as appealing as possible to women.

Stamping out sexual harrasment and bullying should have been first on the list decades ago.

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Posted in: Kishida grilled in Diet over son's excursion during overseas trip See in context

that his son, Shotaro, who is also his secretary, 

I'm certain a rigorous recruitment process involving many suitably qualified candidates took place prior to his appointment . . . . . .

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence included in state secrets leaked by MSDF captain See in context

So why would a former Admiral have any right to request a briefing?

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Posted in: Canadian polar bears on southern edge of Arctic dying at fast rate See in context

JT. Please fix the headline *"Canadian polar BEARS on southern edge of Arctic dying at fast rate"*

Moderator: Thanks for pointing that out. It has been fixed.

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Posted in: Russia deploys defense missile system on Kuril island near Japan See in context

This deployment comes a year after Russia set up the Bastion systems on the island of Matua, in the central part of the Kuril ridge, the ministry said in a statement.

Matua Is (with the closest battery) is about 750km from Rausu, Hokkaido, the nearest Japanese town. The improved version of the Oniks-M missile has a range of 800Km. Japan is only barely in range, even if they decied to use this for land based targets. This is primarily designed as an anti-ship system.

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Posted in: Free Skating winners See in context

Crikey. She's tiny.

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Posted in: Emperor found to have enlarged prostate See in context

I don't get it. With a country so obsessed with privacy, news of the Emperor getting a prostate exam, then having an enlarged prostate are widely published news.

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Posted in: U.S. privately asks Ukraine to show Russia it's open to talks: Washington Post See in context

Smart move.

Firstly it paints the Russians in a bad light when they don't come to the table in good faith.

Secondly, Putin's reign depends on him maintaining is position as the strong man of Russia. Any weakness or perceived weakness in his strategy dents this image. If the Ukrainians drive the Russians back, or the carnage gets too much for the Russian people, Putin can negotiate, rather than reaching for the WMDs or a full mobilization.

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Posted in: New Zealand women lawmakers outnumber men for first time See in context

I don't think anyone in NZ really notice. It has become normal.

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Posted in: Chinese JETs cherish links to Japan despite soured ties See in context

dagonToday  07:28 am JST

It would be interesting and hasten their integration if Western JETS were also required to have similar abilities.

They are in a different role. If they are working in a Co-ordinator for International Relations (CIR) role then all JET participants must have have passed N2, regardless of nationality.

Assistant Language Teachers have no Japanese language requirement, as their role is almost always to assist with English language instruction, who requires a Degree in any subject which was taught in English. The assumption being if you can pass a degree taught in English, your language ability should be good enough to teach Elementary - SHS students.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't investigating mistreatment of pregnant foreign trainees See in context

These trainee schemes are viewed as nothing more than cheap foreign labour to be exploited. In many cases the 'Trainees" are just desperate to leave their home countries for economic reasons, than for trainining purposes.

If this was truely a training scheme. it would be tied to the aquisition of formal qualifications in the chosen field, rather than arbritraty work experience. I've never heard of this as being a requirement.

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Posted in: Chemical tanker, cargo ship crash near southwestern Japan See in context

The Chinese crew told the coast guard the tanker had suddenly veered toward them, the official said.

Typical response from the Chinese side rather than letting the investigation occur. "Nope, not us. It was all their fault"

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Posted in: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey See in context

Tip of the iceberg.

The discussion is only about the Unification Church at the moment. How many other weirdo fringe groups have connections to Japanese politicians?

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called for a self-check and review to appease a wary public

Self-check eh? I'm sure that all the lawmakers will be dilligently reporting all their connections . . . .

20 just sounds like the ones who aren't embarrassed about their associations. The ones who are embarassed will be trying to hide/distance and obfuscate their way out of this.

Tip of the iceberg.

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Posted in: Remembering JAL crash See in context

All caused by a botched repair by Boeing. Compounded by Japanese authorities calling off the USAF who were hovering over the site so the Japanese rescue teams could go in. By the time they got there, almost all of the survivors had perished.

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Posted in: Disclosure of employees' birthrate sparks blowback at Japanese firm See in context

Ugly and not classy at all.

Focus on the efforts of the company to support those with kids (regardless of sex or orientation) rather than benchmarking females employees and their offspring.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese navy ships circumnavigate Japan as Tokyo remains on alert See in context

Japan should just say "We'll be watching, but you're free to do that in International Waters. Why? We abide by international conventions and treaties . . . . ."

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Posted in: Visit from a princess See in context

Royalty in other countries would be hugging and making the kids feel loved. This kind of photo just reinforces the enormous gap between the Japanese royal family and ordinary people.

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

Western Company: "Your son was just born prematurely????? Why are you still at work?

Japanese Company: "Your son was just born prematurely????? Get back to work!

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Posted in: City in Hyogo Prefecture loses memory drive with info on all 460,000 residents See in context

The information was copied onto the USB to facilitate its transfer to a call center in nearby Osaka.

Welcome to Japan. A country that has only recently made the technological jump from floppy disk to USB drive.

If only there was some way of retaining the data, and granting secure access . . . .


Transferring the data decurely without the use of a physical device which could get lost . . . . . .

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Posted in: Gov't to fight damages suit filed by family of dead Sri Lankan See in context

So many things missing from this article

1) After complaining about health issues what medical attention (if any) did she recieve? Was it delivered in a timely manner?

2) What exactly did she die of? It says that a cause of death could not be determined, but surely an unexplained death in custody would trigger an automatic autopsy?

3) Was the cause of death preventable, if treated promptly?

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Posted in: Japanese business established to rent out ad space on lazy comedian’s backpack See in context

Saya is the founder, president, and acting CEO of Lemon Jam,

So it's a company of exactly one employee?

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Posted in: Watchful eye See in context

As long as the pigeon doesn't turn around and leave its own contribution.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

It is "the current generation's duty for the future generation" to seek closer ties between Seoul and Tokyo, Moon said in a speech

Clearly we haven't reached the portion of the South Koran election cycle where they all become vehemently anti-Japanese to whip up public support.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe now a model for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection See in context

Her international presence is limited, and after appearing to move to the US last year, it now looks like she is back in Japan.

This has all the traits of a paid PR story.

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Posted in: Exclusive luxury experiences await travelers to Japan See in context

Someone needs to mention to these businesses that Japan hasn;t been this closed for travel since Perry and his Black Ships in 1854.

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Posted in: Peng Shuai emerges at Olympics; gives controlled interview See in context

Who the hell does the CCP think they are fooling with this stage managed garbage?

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Posted in: Peng Shuai says allegation was 'enormous misunderstanding' See in context

The newspaper said it had to submit questions in advance and that a Chinese Olympic committee official sat in on the discussion and translated her comments from Chinese.

The newspaper published her comments verbatim – which it said was another pre-condition for interview – in question-and-answer form

That's not really an interview then is it? Answering pre-submitted questions, all while being watched by a minder. . . . .

Peng Shuai speaks English, and has conducted numerous post-match interviews speaking the language. She doesn't need a translator.

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Posted in: Symbol of Japan #MeToo movement again awarded damages in rape case See in context

Good to see that this is now being referred to as a Rape case . . . . . not the slimy term "forced sexual intercourse"

Japan has a long way to go if it keeps hiding behind gentler PC phrases when dealing with tough issues. It tries to dimish the severity of the perpetrators actions.

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Posted in: Singapore-bound plane returns to Japan after pilot falls ill See in context

Wasn't this how the movie Airplane started?

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