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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, lawmaker wife indicted for suspected vote-buying See in context

There is a bus ticket soaking in a glass of water somewhere ready for when the punishment is about to be dispensed.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Can I sue my husband's mistress for psychological stress?' See in context

The husband was with the woman before. The wife knew she was still in the picture as they used to argue about her. He then has an affair with her as well as well as employing the services of sex workers.

His behaviour is getting worse, and no amount of counselling will change his ways. There is a pattern here.

Suing for damages achieves nothing and will just drag things out. Will the husband of the mistress sue her husband for damages as well?

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Posted in: Sushi meets AI: Japanese inventor's app scopes out choice tuna cuts See in context

The highest quality fish - which can each weigh around 300 kilograms - have sold for more than $3 million in past tuna auctions.

I wish they would stop quoting these ridiculous values for the Tuna. Those multi-million dollar purchase prices are purely down to a couple of sushi shops competing to pay the largest amount at the New Years auctions for marketing/PR purposes. On a normal day that same fish would have gone for about $60,000

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

Nothing says "I Love You" more than a slashed tyre.

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Posted in: Zombie squad See in context

I've got this mental image of a horde of Zombies carrying off a light weight Kei car on their shoulders, in a desperate search for a can opener.

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 14 missing after floods in southwestern Japan See in context

Kyodo News is reporting rain at the rate of 98mm of rain per hour in one area.

Good luck everyone.

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern launches election campaign with promises of jobs, financing See in context

Labour are great on PR, but absolutely atrocious on delivering. 100K affordable houses anyone? It is easy to be popular when you are giving money away.

Their ministers lack depth and experience, and when screw ups occur, Jacinda refuses to fire anyone (primarily because there are few few able to set up into the the positions.

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Posted in: As coronavirus cases in Tokyo surge, gov't gives expert advisory panel a makeover See in context

But amid tumbling corporate sentiment, Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura disbanded the group last week and pledged to reassemble it with members from various specialties including economists. The expert group, under the four new advisers, has not yet been identified.

Thats' a joke. Panel advising on managing a serious health crisis should be formed primarily of Health experts, not yes men and economists

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Posted in: Food poisoning hits 3,453 teachers, students in Saitama schools See in context

Poor kids. The only way that number could get sick is through contamination at source.

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Posted in: Only 60% of municipalities have emergency supplies for infants, elderly See in context

The survey found that while all municipalities had stockpiles of emergency food supplies, only 66 percent, or 87 municipalities, had powdered milk for infants, and 64 percent, or 85 municipalities, had rice porridge for the elderly.

Every time there is a natural disaster in an area they 'discover' the same thing. I remember the same things being raised after the 2011 Tohoku quake. Nappies, adult diapers, baby wipes to name a few things.

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Posted in: Suga goes mask-free in briefings as Tokyo fights virus See in context

Tokyo, however, is still struggling to curb new infections amid growing worries about a resurgence. Just as Suga started to dispense with face masks at the podium at the prime minister's office, the Japanese capital reported 67 new cases, the highest daily count since the lifting of the state of emergency and topping 50 for a sixth straight day.

So the government's top spokesperson now can't even be bothered following the practice they have been advocating. Is social distancing the next thing to go at these briefings?

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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

So . . . . lets move away from using hard science to measure and track our ability to contain and control this. They're kind of embarrassing.

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Posted in: Infant left at entrance to Japanese Red Cross nursery in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

The baby is safe, well and being looked after.

I only hope that baby and mother receive all the help they both need in the years to come.

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Posted in: Online recruitment gives students insufficient info on firms: survey See in context

A Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co interviewer meets a student online in Tokyo

Presumably the person in the photo will be conducting a multitude of interviews, and all the company has given her is a 10" iPad?? Of course the interviewer is going to this the process is sub-optimal.

In the survey, 51.1 percent of interviewees said they were anxious about showing their personal space to recruiters

Custom backgrounds anyone?

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Posted in: JR Central to delay planned start in 2027 of maglev train service See in context

as a local governor did not approve the start of preparatory construction work, citing concerns over environmental damage

I'm calling BS on this. The environmental concerns are just an excuse, as historically Japan hasn't had much concern for these issues when big business and government connections are involved. I suspect it is more likely that the local governments involved haven't received enough 'greasing of the palms' one way or another for this to proceed.

The old incentive used to be promising a station somewhere close to the aggrieved area. However this completely goes against the concept of high speed rail (and more so Maglev) if the train never gets to its top speed if it has to keep stopping every couple of minutes.

As it stands, the areas will never see any economic benefit from it, but reasonable disruption during the construction process.

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Posted in: Ramen restaurant in Chiba offers lifetime free ramen plan for ¥100,000 See in context

The Nishi Chiba branch of ramen chain Musashiya, located in Chiba City, recently announced a special offer: for a one-time flat fee, you can eat there for free for your entire life.

So what happens if this single branch closes for whatever reason? If it was valid for the entire chain that could be a bit more tempting.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

Three thoughts here.

In any 'normal' workday, workers would generally commute to their places of employment. This travel time would normally be in the region of 30-90 minutes depending on the person. As the person telecommuting is not traveling, are their overall hours of work, including what would have been their travel times longer or shorter when compared to working from home? What we are seeing in our environment, is although the actual number of hours worked is slightly longer, the overall work day is shorter.

Secondly, France and some companies have instituted compulsory lockout times in which no company correspondence but be transmitted to the individual. Eg, the email server stops syncing with the employees devices at the end of the normal business day, and starts again the next. No business calls may be placed after hours. Worth considering in Japan?

Lastly, all the information on teleworkers actual work hours are available if the companies actually pull finger out and look for them. Login times and times available to take calls etc. I guess its far easier turning a blind eye and going by the hours the employee submits, accurate or not.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

You really have to wonder. A quick look on Hyperdia shows that most evenings you can get a Shink leaving Tokyo and get there in 2.5 hours for under a man.

I'd be asking either to see the cash first, or get a CC deposit.

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Posted in: McDonald’s starts new Japan campaign featuring burgers from its overseas restaurants See in context

Now for some Foreign, Foreign food!

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Posted in: Cities in Japan recognize 900 LGBT couples since 2015: survey See in context

Great. Now just for a bit more legal recognition from the central government and all the agencies.

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Posted in: Japan detects foreign submarine passing near Amami-Oshima See in context

The ministry did not specify to which nation the submarine belongs but did confirm it traveled westward through the contiguous zone around the island on Thursday afternoon.

They know. It is only likely to be one of 3 candidates, with two more likely then the other. An analysis of the acoustic signature would have been pointed the finger at someone.

I wonder if they 'ahem' let them know to try harder next time.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ to ban financing for production of nuclear weapons See in context

So they're basically not going to extend loans to anyone in the US/European aeronautical arms industry. I would be interested how many of these loans are currently in existence? I suspect very few.

This is pure virtue signalling. Japan doesn't have a nuclear weapons programme, which largely excludes Japanese companies being affect by this unless they are working with an overseas partner. The US and European arms industries, would in all probability, seek loans from local banks and their respective governments before going to Japanese lenders.

It has no effect on anyone, but generates positive PR for them for making the announcement.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing New Zealand police officer appears in court See in context

How can a policeman, or anyone for that matter, be murdered with a gun when the nation has strict gun control laws?

Because generally only the criminal fraternity have firearms they have acquired through theft, and even then they are not usually sophisticated weapons. When NZ police post pictures of weapons they have seized, almost all are single shot shotguns and rifles hacksawen down to be pistols etc or intimidating looking air rifles and pistols.

The gun control laws NZ has had in place until stricter laws came into effect this year have prevented the general populace (except from highly vetted individuals) from accessing handguns and military style weapons.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing New Zealand police officer appears in court See in context

They've apprehended the woman in the car that helped him get away.

By the sound of it, they saw a 'vehicle of interest' tried to stop it and it fled. They then found it again after it had come to a stop after colliding with another car. When the officers approached it, the male got out with a long barreled firearm and immediately stared shooting, hitting both officers. The offenders then stole another car and fled.

Lock them up forever.

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Posted in: One-person mini tempura pot See in context

Being smaller and having a reduced footprint, you'd wonder if it would sit correctly on a lot of gas stoves.

This might be a "recipe for disaster . . . ." Ba doom ching!

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Posted in: New Zealand confirms two new cases of coronavirus See in context

It does make you wonder how many they were in contact with at the funeral. CONTACT TRACING!

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Posted in: The odd phenomenon of some Japanese husbands making their wives put their socks on for them See in context

And when they come home from work, they expect the fireplace to be stoked, and their favourite slippers to be next to the Lazy Boy with a freshly ironed newspaper hanging over the arm.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un's sister threatens S Korea with military action See in context

Here we go again using the same old cycle.

1) After a period of stability, North Korea starts to manufacture a crisis. Eg Cutting off the phones, sending workers in a free trade zone home, launching missiles, conducting nuclear tests etc etc. Often this is timed around an election in the US or Sth Korea, or to divert attention away from a domestic issue (in this case probably Corona in North Korea, or recent concerns about the Fat Mans health and succession, or timing it to a possible change in President in the US).

2) This will be ramped up over the coming weeks and months. Expect more missiles and a possibly a nuclear test. They are also experimenting with submarine launched missiles.

3) South Korea, Japan the US and to a lesser extent China start talks with the hermit kingdom to try and release some pressure.

4) North Korea gets some concessions (some sanctions relief, deliveries of food and fuel etc) in exchange for calming down.

5) Things go on their merry way for a few more months until North Korea ren-negs again citing some perceived slight and starts the cycle over, and manufactures yet another issue to get more gains.

North Korea is playing the long game. They just wait out the sitting leader in the US , Sth Korea and Japan. When the new leaders get elected, they all go down the merry path again of trying to work with the North so *they*** **can be the one that fixed things, only to be worked over again by the Kim family.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers ask Zoom to clarify China ties after it suspends accounts See in context

They've shot themselves in the foot with this one with the amount of bad P.R they have received.

Why shut down entire meetings? Why not just make those meetings unavailable in China only and let them continue elsewhere?

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Posted in: New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake See in context

I get sick of this. Why not just get/rewrite a plaque explaining that persons historical significance to the city and tell the full story (good and bad) rather than trying to erase them from history.

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