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Posted in: One man killed, another seriously injured following subway quarrel in Osaka See in context

You've got to be pretty drunk to be leaning over the tracks and not know a train is coming. Or maybe he realized he'd gone too far and was trying to help? Moral of the story is don't get drunk and fight near trains. Keep it in the izakaya.

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Posted in: Heavy help See in context

Wow. Use the same vehicle to cool it down, then bury it in concrete...

Putz to the rescue

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Posted in: Dog days See in context

Cute dogs slowly being poisoned by radiation

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Posted in: Have it your way at Burger King this spring See in context

Does "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" really mean have it your way, like in the old Burger King commercials, or does it must mean they've got two new burgers?

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 2-year-old girl in Sapporo See in context

They were in another part of the arcade playing video games

parenting FAIL

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Posted in: Safe sushi See in context

Generally speaking, how full are most sushi joints on late Tuesday nights?

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

This is the absolute WORST PR move ever for Japan Inc. One they won't recover from for some time.

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Posted in: Beyond borders See in context

The hidden secret of humanity.

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Posted in: Telltale signs that you’re turning into an office deadweight See in context

nice idea for an article, poorly written and executed

Concur. Some of these are too ambiguous, and could be applied to almost anybody: workaholics, office dead-weight, getting old in general (regardless of work performance). Some(well, at least one) are on the mark, though:

If you submitted your resignation today, your company wouldn’t try to stop you

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Posted in: Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near nuclear plant due to radiation fears See in context

This is quickly turning into a hellish nightmare. Japan does not have the resources, the knowledge, nor the governmental leadership to deal with this. This is one problem that will not go away by bowing and apologizing. They need to use Chile as an example. A whole slew of international experts were called upon to save those trapped miners. Japan needs to do the same. Obama said the U.S. would do all it could to help, time to take them up on that offer.

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Posted in: TEPCO to scrap 4 reactors at crippled nuclear plant; president hospitalized See in context

I fear this horrible trifecta will be Japan's Vesuvius...

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Posted in: Unceremonious burials in quake-hit towns deepen tragedy See in context


I was thinking the same thing. Expect outcries (justified) from citizens in a couple years when this promise goes unfulfilled.

so incredibly sad

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Posted in: No more nukes See in context

Why doesn't Japan have more wind farms?

Because wind farms take up HUGE amounts of space, something Japan doesn't have. Same with solar power. Unless Japan develops some kind of ocean current power, they're stuck with either coal or nuclear.

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Posted in: Radiation discovery fans food fears in Japan See in context

There was an episode of Gilligan's Island where they got some radioactive vegetables. Gilligan ate radioactive spinach and became super strong, while Mary Ann ate radioactive carrots and got good eye sight.

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Posted in: More movies pulled, delayed following earthquake disaster See in context

This was a business decision. Nobody wants to go to a movie, with hopes of escaping reality, only to be reminded of it. I say it's a smart move by the distributers. Few years ago in the states, the movie "Phone Booth" was held from release for a while because of the DC Sniper. And there was an Arnold movie regarding terrorists that was released shortly after 9-11 that received much criticism.

But as an avid moviegoer, while I understand the reasoning behind these decisions, I'm rather disappointed. I wouldn't have found it offensive, but as I've said, it's a business decision.

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Posted in: Precautions See in context

little dude looks scared, but at least he's got warm clothes and a mommy watching his back.

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Posted in: Quake and tsunami a blow to fragile Japan economy See in context

only about 10% of Japanese households buy earthquake insurance.

So all that damage isn't covered, and those people are just SOL? That's horrible.

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