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Posted in: MPs debate banning 'fool' Trump from Britain See in context

575,000 is around 1/6 of the number of documented muslims in the UK (3 milllion), so I'm sure that they'll be able to achieve such a number by themselves.

I don't think he should be banned because he is outspoken. The UK has a culture of allowing free speech. The UK has always simply allowed speech it doesn't like, just like the USA.

Many Europeans now agree with his views on Muslims and it would be explosive if he was banned, and might in fact spur a reaction from people who only mildly support him. Remember that at least 10% of Brits voted for UKIP and 30% of French voted for FN.

It's the free speech that allows Muslims to speak out against gays, and it's the same free speech that allows gays to speak out against Muslims.

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Posted in: At least 41 migrants die in 2 shipwrecks off Greek islands See in context

There appear to be the grand collation of everything the right-wing hates: The cultural incompatibility of Islam. The xenophobia bomb that is associated with Latinos. The lower class culture that is associated with Blacks. And they belong to two of the most hated races on earth.

My biggest problem with this is not that they are fleeing war and seeking help, but that they come from countries that haven't seen any major surge in war-like activities recently; I'm reading about people from Pakistan and Somalia coming in on fake passports - why the hell should they apply for asylum when pretty much the entire undeveloped world is no worse!

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