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Posted in: Rolf Harris jailed for 5 years, 9 months over sex assaults See in context

Of course it wasn't just him, it turns out a significant proportion of children's entertainers over the last 40 off years were serial abusers of children. Makes you wonder if anything like this is going on in Japan, seems hard to believe it isn't and as in the UK everyone is in denial or covering it up in one way or another.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

I suspect that this guy is a narcissistic sociopath and honestly believed this would convince people he was innocent or should be let off. It looks like partly an attempt to fake remorse, but at the same time he seems genuinely angry in a toddler tantrum kind of way that he has to explain himself.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes for LDP member's sexist jeering See in context

I don't see nay mention of a resignation here. For something like that surely any honourable person would resign and seek re-election if they think they deserve a second chance.

Honestly its worse than little school boys.

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

Given the dire lack of the most basic common sense health and safety precautions in Japan, I think it is inevitable that parents will want to use these. For example barriers around drops into rivers and off bridges are often completely inadequate to prevent a toddler falling through, then you have a lack of barriers on train and subway stations and frequent situations where only stairs are available and no elevators. Then there are the crazy drivers in Japan that make every road (most of which have no side walk) death traps.. the dangers go on and on...

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Posted in: 66-year-old driver kicked to death in Osaka; motorcyclist arrested See in context

It's one of the areas Japanese behavior fails in. Drivers here are just so often not paying attention, can't remain calm and make unnecessarily dangerous maneuvers.

I don't have all the answers but starting by banning drivers from watching television at all times when driving a car and ensuring there is not a substantial gap between passing the driving test and actually driving would be two good ideas. Drivers should see driving as being as serious as flying a jumbo jet, people's lives are in your hands, it shouldn't be seen as a mad scramble either physically or socially.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

Now is not the time to negotiate over these islands, it is only an attempt to drive a wedge between Japan and its western allies, Russia will just string Japan along and then force it to choose between some of the islands or its alliance with the US and of course Japan will go with the alliance, so a complete and humiliating waste of time. Furthermore Putin is the last Russian leader that will give up any territory.

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed after car-truck crash in Gifu See in context

So, so tragic, my heart goes out to the father/husband and family left behind.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

A rather shallow article with some strange examples. I don' t know a single foreigner who has lived in Japan for more than a week that has a problem taking off their shoes in the house, indeed plenty of people in the UK and Europe always remove their shoes when they enter a house. This article just has more of the same old cliches about non-Japanese thinking and indeed Japanese thinking. Not impressed.

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

Don't worry about article 9, it is the other revisions Abe wants to make at the same time, the ones restricting freedoms the Japanese people have enjoyed for 60 years.

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Extreme nationalism is ridiculous and dangerous whichever country you are affiliated to. Such thinking and activities only serve to keep politicians in office (on both sides), provide cover for violence that primarily hurts the most vulnerable in society and funds weapons manufacturers and other war profiteers. People need to grow up.

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Posted in: Emergency services worker arrested for exposing himself in subway See in context

Her brave actions may have saved some very vulnerable people in future from abuse - a rescue worker could well come into contact with vulnerable children and adults in situations where police protection is greatly reduced.

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

I'm still good friends with my ex's, one was serious. But after more than a decade I never cheated on my wife. Still I know people that did go back to exes so I guess while it's not an absolute it could be a risk, depends on the person. You can't eliminate all risks and if you try to control someone too tightly it creates its own serious problems.

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Posted in: Car plows into group of children, injuring 5 See in context

Parents that irresponsibly give their spoiled rich kids sports cars when they are new drivers should be held liable for the inevitable accidents that then follow. There are so many stories of rich kids getting powerful cars for their 18th Birthdays and then within hours killing themselves and others as they aren't able to handle them competently and responsibly. AS such an accident is reasonably foreseeable the parents should share civil if not criminal liability. Also would it not be a good idea to age restrict (or experience restrict) powerful cars as they do motorbikes?

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Posted in: Canada See in context

Either the Japanese government have made promises he will not face the death penalty, or he has been extradited on a technicality, that being that they are only after him for a passport violation that doesn't risk the death penalty - not Canada's fault if they then also investigate the murder....

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Posted in: Osaka man saves wife after she tries to kill him in fire See in context

That woman needs to seriously take a look at herself, realise she has been acting like a spoiled brat and spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to the man that is obviously a lot kinder than she is. Some people can never admit they are in the wrong.

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Posted in: Aso compares Senkakus dispute to Falklands See in context

This childish argument over the Senkakus is ridiculous and really just an excuse for both countries' governments to boost defence spending and crack down on progressive elements at home.

That said, a clear, tough stance on the Japanese side might be the best way to prevent a situation over the Senkakus escalating. If the Chinese see any sign of weakness, they might, in the case of internal crisis decide to challenge Japan over the islands. It's very unlikely under current circumstances, but in the event of unexpected trouble in China or worse a change of leadership to more authoritarian individuals, there is a risk. If they know there would be no hope of taking the islands they may hush up an issue they know they cannot win.

It wouldn't hurt to declare the islands some kind of national park though and ban all development of them and the surrounding waters, kick the issue into the future by at least 50 years...

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Posted in: Nissan to have self-driving car on market in 2020 See in context

Once these cars are proven to be safer than human drivers (as the google car has already anecdotally done), it just won't be possible to argue that we are better off keeping humans in the loop, of course we need to avoid the risk of hacking as may have been involved in the death of journalist Michael Hastings in the US recently.

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Posted in: Corporate tax cut in Japan: Be careful what you wish for See in context

Perhaps 38% is a bit high, but these are taxes on profits, so if companies want to reinvest revenue they can, they won't be affected by the 38% tax. Reducing taxes on company profits really only benefits the rich, whereas increasing sales tax hurts the poor the most. The last thing Japan needs is inequality to rise as it has in a despicable and frightening way in the US and more recently the UK. Inequality is at the root of most of the problems in the west and the lack of inequality in Japan underpins most of the relative peace, prosperity and social harmony seen in Japan today.

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Posted in: Man jumps onto train tracks to save woman See in context

I caught a young lady a few months ago who was falling towards the tracks after being struck from behind by a collapsing drunk salaryman. We were nearly both pulled onto the tracks. The guy was obviously a danger to other passengers, but despite the drunk being flagged up to station staff before the incident happened, the guards on the platform refused to take any action. They really need to ban legless passengers from the station. I am surprised they want drunks vomiting all over the trains and platform anyway, never mind knocking people onto the lines. The incident I referred to was also in Nagoya, not sure if they deal with things differently in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

Thanks to Aso, the Japanese people can see the true intentions he and his colleagues have regarding constitutional change. The aim is to remove the modern democracy that has served Japan so well for 60 years and return it to fascism where a small elite control the destiny of the population who work themselves to death for their masters. In Japan, much truth is said in gaff. These remarks are unretractable as they clearly explain the true motivations behind constitutional change.

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Posted in: 94% of Japanese women don’t feel confident in a swimsuit, survey reveals See in context

That's so ridiculous, I've been all over the world and Japanese women are pretty much the slimmest, healthiest look women in the world, on average at least, the vast majority would look fine to stunning in a swimsuit. There is a problem in Japan with women idolising a western figure which not only barely exists in the west itself these days (a huge proportion of western women are extremely overweight), but is simply incompatible with their own genetic inheritance. To modify the phrase "You fight with the army you have, not the one you wish you had", "you need to live life with the body you have, not the one you wish you had."

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer any soda of any size for Y100 See in context

HFCS might not be more calorific than other sugars but it is metabolised differently and may have certain negative effects especially on the liver. Yes many drinks manufacturers outside the US do reformulate to avoid HFCS (e.g. Coca Cola in the UK), but unfortunately most seem to have a disdain for their Japanese customers and don't bother to do so in Japan. A bit like McDonalds Japan and their blase attitude to trans fats, but that's another story...

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Posted in: Aging Japan complains over the noise of children See in context

Seriously, some old people need to grow up. I'll take the noise of children playing over certain old people moaning any day...

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer any soda of any size for Y100 See in context

Agree about the super sized fries, but don't knock the cheap large sized sodas - as long as you order Coke Zero, it is calorie free and won't be adding anything to your waistline, in the sweltering summer heat, here I for one welcome reasonably priced drinks...

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

This guy just doesn't get it, Japan had a state sanctioned system of abduction and sex slavery, the Americans had nothing of the kind during the occupation of Japan, and neither have any other army in modern history as far as we know. He needs to resign and go back to being a blood sucking lawyer.

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Posted in: Chinese general says Ryukyu islands do not belong to Japan See in context

Well any benefit of the doubt anyone was giving China over the Senkakus, just went out the window, by making these comments Japan knows it can't give a millimetre without China taking half of Japan. Pretty dumb move by China there...

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

I`m sure it is coincidental, but it is still a ridiculous cock up. How do things like this happen?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing his 2 teenage children See in context

The truth is brains are just complex computers, they malfunction and frankly any result is sadly possible. Until people wake up to that reality this kind of thing is going to keep happening, because everyone will think, oh he's a caring father, he could never do anything like that.... That said if this turns out to be revenge against the ex-wife rather than insanity, he should be shown no mercy.

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Posted in: Abe warns of possible military response to intruder subs See in context

Frankly Japan can`t allow unknown subs to enter its waters, the North Koreans are the real threat, they have kidnapped Japanese citizens (including children) from Japanese beaches in the past and frankly a North Korean sub entering Japanese waters would be the only viable method of delivering one of their primitive nuclear weapons. Chinese subs need to be careful they aren't mistaken for North Korean subs.

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Posted in: Microsoft Windows 8 update will be free See in context

Windows 8 is a fantastic operating system, people who were whinging about the start menu need to invest 5 mins of effort updating themselves. The "metro" interface is just a giant start menu with live tiles, which makes things easier with or without a touch screen. Windows 8 is much faster than windows 7 on the same hardware and rock solid, it NEVER crashes. The pace of progress is accelerating, how are these kind of people ever going to keep up!

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