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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

Honestly this happens all the time though. Ladies, you know what I mean. Wear a bra long enough and it's bound to happen. Fortunately some of the more quality bra makers know about this little problem and put a drop of acrylic coating on the ends of the underwire so it doesn't stab you in the boob.

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Posted in: Sony cancels Dec 25 U.S. release of 'The Interview' after threats See in context

The terrorists win.

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Posted in: Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters See in context

All this bad hype about the movie only makes me want to see it even more.

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Posted in: Police find cyanide at home of 'black widow' suspect See in context

"I did not do it. ... I'm not that stupid."

"If people suspect murder, I'd find it easier to bite my tongue off and die."

Hope you've got some strong chompers lady, get to work!

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Posted in: Swimmer Tomita suspended until March 31, 2016, for camera theft See in context

Tomita has denied stealing the camera, saying that it was placed in his bag by someone else.

Nice try honey, too bad they got you on camera.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

This man is a hero! Good job and quick thinking. I hope that someone like that is around if I ever get into trouble.

Yes, it's unfair that the driver called him a pervert, but she was probably just trying to defend her friend. (From what I gathered, the unconscious woman was a passenger in the driver's car). Obviously she was scared and didn't know how the AED worked, but she was lucky that she survived. I just hope she apologized and thanked the man.

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Posted in: Man says he killed his wife because she wanted to die See in context

So many questions here. If she wanted to, why didn't she just do it herself? Why no note? And was she tied/incapacitated/trapped in the car in any way? If not, it seems like she could just get out of the car if this really was foul play.

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Posted in: Passenger arrested for sexual assault on Hawaii-Japan flight See in context

MarkG, I appreciate your sentiment, but you have absolutely all the wrong reasons for it. You're saying we shouldn't hurt women because they're pretty and make babies? (What about women who don't fall into your narrow definitions, it's okay to assault them?) How about we just treat women like PEOPLE. Radical notion, I know.

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Posted in: Body of second newborn infant found in Shizuoka home See in context

Downvote me all you like, but I think fathers should be named and shamed too, where appropriate. It takes two to make a baby. Even if he had nothing to do with the deaths, part of the shame should be made public if it's appropriate, e.g. "The father, Taro Tanaka, had no contact with the mother, as he left her as soon as he found out she was carrying his twins."

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Posted in: 24-yr-old man admits inhaling herb prior to accident See in context

It is most likely Salvia divinorum which is a member of the sage family.

Salvia has been illegal in Japan for quite some time. Not only that, the salvia "high" (if you can even call it that) lasts 10-30 seconds tops. But, that's a very powerful half minute, you certainly could NOT drive while doing it (nor almost anything else but sit down).

It was likely "spice" / K2, which is one of those loophole drugs. It's synthetic marijuana, but it's much more harmful, imo. It's made of chemicals and often sold with a label that reads "incense, not to be consumed."

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Posted in: Black burgers See in context

I don't care, I'm totally gonna try one.

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Posted in: Minibike rider dies after hit by car, dragged for 1.3 kms See in context

Just curious, what's a minibike? Google tells me that it's a miniature motorbike, but I was also picturing one of those collapsible bicycles.

Not that it matters of course, it's a heinous thing that happened to her either way.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

"Ev'rybody was doing it!"

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Posted in: Trial opens for ex-plant worker over tainted frozen food See in context

Abe... was arrested in January after going absent without permission on Jan 14. He was taken into custody in Saitama Prefecture.

Is this a crime? So if I stop showing up for work, I could get arrested?!

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Posted in: 10 dishes Japanese men want their girlfriends to cook for them See in context

I wonder what the top 10 dishes women want their boyfriends to cook for them.

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Posted in: Police arrest man over attempted kidnapping of 14-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

What an amazing, brave girl! She must have been scared to death. I'm so happy she escaped.

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Posted in: 3 children, mother fall to deaths from 14th floor of Chiba condo See in context

Using the word "fall" is a bit misleading...

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Posted in: Man flees after luring 6-year-old boy into mall toilet See in context

I love that the filename of the guy's picture is "weirdo.jpg." LOL, APPROPRIATE.

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Posted in: Hot springs are popular among foreigners, but I think bathing in a traditional sento will also create fun memories. The entire industry has to unite and come up with ideas to incorporate foreign touri See in context

I won't disagree that they can be vanity and consumer items. That's how people treat them, I guess. Thanks for trying to school me on the beginnings of tattoos, but you need to go further back in history though. Google "Otzi the Iceman" or "Siberian ice princess." People have had them before we even had written history. Tattoos are cultural as much as anything else. And the fact that they are mostly banned here is xenophobic. "We only want our culture here."

I get the "we're all the same in the bath, rah rah!" sentiment, really I do. And that would be nice, in an ideal world. But I don't agree that that is the case presently. If it were, then why aren't other consumer or vanity goods banned in the bath area. Why don't they ban people with dyed hair? Or who are wearing jewelry? How about people that bring their basket of designer cosmetics into the bathing area? I have literally seen women carrying Yves Saint Laurent towels in the bathing area, so don't suggest people have forgotten their status just because they're not wearing clothes.

PS. Don't throw your "your generation" BS around, people of all ages have tattoos.

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Posted in: Hot springs are popular among foreigners, but I think bathing in a traditional sento will also create fun memories. The entire industry has to unite and come up with ideas to incorporate foreign touri See in context

First of all, it's tattoo. Three Ts, two Os. Second of all, there are plenty of young Japanese with tattoos. Not nearly as many as in other countries, true, but the attitude about tattoos is slowly changing. People here aren't sporting full sleeves, but discreet ones are more common than you seem to think. Easily hidden. Looking for jobs? Every inch is covered by a business suit.

tattoed foreigners will never be comfortable with japanese men who have no tattoes

Oh, how I love sweeping generalizations about how foreigners should feel in a sento. Granted, as a tattooed female, I don't have any experience bathing with Japanese men, but I go to a sento once a week and have never felt uncomfortable. Sure, those silly "no tattoos!" signs at the entrance irk me a little, but I've yet to offend anyone, including the staff.

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Posted in: Hot springs are popular among foreigners, but I think bathing in a traditional sento will also create fun memories. The entire industry has to unite and come up with ideas to incorporate foreign touri See in context

Then they've got to change their geriatric opinion on tattoos. Young people have them these days, and LOTS of foreigners have them. It's not just the yakuza anymore.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 16 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

16 years for murdering someone? That's it?

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for murdering grandparents See in context

What the heck?! This is baffling. Obviously the kid felt desperate, but how could a 17 year old feel he needs money so badly that he'd kill someone...but not just anyone, his grandparents!! He had a job, too! And it sounds an awful lot like Mom was in on it too. What happened here? I can't wrap my head around this one.

Really hope there will be a follow up or more details posted.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shining spotlight on police copter See in context

So where did he get the money for a "spotlight"? THose cost about 500 to 20k U.S.! people are strange!

It might've been a handheld one. You can get them as cheap as US$50 and they are VERY bright! Google it.

My guess? Boredom. Curiosity. Too much alcohol. Could be any of those. I'd like to think that he just didn't realize the gravity of the situation, not that he was trying to bring the helicopter down.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shining spotlight on police copter See in context

Pointing flashlight into the sky shouldn't be a crime.

It isn't. This person was shining a spotlight (MUCH brighter than an average flashlight) at a helicopter. Not just some guy waving around a flashlight at night. That could've caused a very serious accident.

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Posted in: Japan should stabilize population at 100 mil by 2060: panel See in context

Let me suggest a radical and desperate idea. Pay women to have children ... and agree they don't even have to take care of them - they'll be institutionalized (yes, you don't have to tell me institutionalized children have it tough - but if the point is to keep the population up no matter what and you don't really want immigrants and parents really don't want the burden of too many children how many options do you have).

So basically you're saying quantity over quality. What kind of society would this create?

This sounds like a bad sci-fi film.

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Posted in: Workplace harassment possible cause in police officer's suicide See in context

"You all are worthless! I suggest you talk to your families about what you plan on doing to support them."

Yeah... about that. I hope he had life insurance. :(

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Posted in: Homeless man arrested for theft after mistaking phone straps for food See in context

It's wrong to steal, but this is really sad.

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Posted in: Man of the moment See in context

I went to Madam Tusseaud's in Odaiba a few months ago. They have several other figures of deceased people (Princess Di, Steve Jobs, etc) so I doubt Mandela's will soon be removed.

I agree with the others, the peace sign is really inappropriate here.

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Posted in: Yuma most popular name for baby boys in 2013; Yuina for girls See in context

I'm from Arizona--there's a small town named Yuma. Trust me, if you'd been there, you wouldn't name your kid Yuma.

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