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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

When I as a white guy do stupid stuff and no one calls me on it, is that too racism?

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Posted in: Okinawa fashion: New style for Japan's tropical islands See in context

Look out Sioux City, Ottumwa, Burlington! I'm gonna be a trend setter!

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Posted in: Roman coins ID'd in Okinawan ruins, but how they got there remains mystery See in context

So Rome too now has a claim to parts of Japan?

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Posted in: At what point does ordinary childish horseplay become bullying? See in context

When you try hurt another.

Don't ignore it. Correct it.

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Posted in: Clinton wants Democratic Senate; Trump says she has to go to jail See in context

Clinton will win, Trump will not. Discussion won't change it. Enjoy it with popcorn.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers regenerate monkey hearts with lab-grown stem cells See in context

Did they try flowers first?

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Posted in: Clinton wants Democratic Senate; Trump says she has to go to jail See in context

Trump is spontaneous and bombastic--reckless qualities for being president. Clinton will do lots of stuff the GOP hates, but Trump would do things that they'd hate even more. A Trump presidency could be the end of the GOP. Many Republican leaders and insiders know this and so fight against him. They can bounce back from Clinton but not Trump.

What a pickle.

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

A Trump presidency would be the end of the GOP. Every stupid thing he did would be associated with Republicans.

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Posted in: Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired See in context

Many Republicans (Trump's own party) do NOT want him elected. They fear he would end the Republican party: bombastic comments, reactionary policies, shoot-from-the-him diplomacy, while everyone associates his actions with the Republican party. They don't want him as president.

PS--Sensational and negative news about both Clinton and Trump will be told in the next three weeks--it's an election, and somebody, somewhere has been waiting for the right moment to splatter their secret.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe flips burgers in contest inspired by U.S. election See in context

Sorry Japan. On behalf of America--we screwed up. No excuses, these candidates are wrong. Our bad.

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Posted in: Creepy car See in context

Glad it's not a kayak.

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Posted in: Olympic report See in context

And no one did anything until the lowest assistant with no one to ask said, "Perhaps."

Then they had an action plan!

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Posted in: Official envisions a day when millions of drones fill skies See in context

I see this never happening for fast food: 1. white noise, 2. personal-injury accidents and lawsuits, 3. damage to drones deliberate or otherwise, 4. damage to property.

I already see this happening for farms fields, utility companies, emergency management, insurance companies, search and rescue.

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Posted in: Top 20 most popular castles in Japan, according to TripAdvisor See in context

Hogwarts at Universal Studios Osaka.

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Posted in: Gov't studying ways to prevent heatstroke, cool down streets during 2020 Olympics See in context

Solution: Have it in winter.

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Posted in: Yasukuni gathering See in context

No comment.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' trailer teases return of Darth Vader See in context

With Jar Jar and Olaf, too! Go Disney!

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Posted in: Rihanna, Anne Hathaway expected to join female 'Ocean's Eight' See in context

(Face palm)

More power to 'em if they can make it work.

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Posted in: Seeking wider digital audience, Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8 bil See in context

Yahoo will still $&(# !

Why do I click on it? Oh yeah--that dinosaur email account used by my friends still stuck in 90's tech.

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Posted in: The key to loving Japanese TV if you're a foreigner See in context

Ugh! I'm here now--watching it. Nuisance, annoyance, repetition, predictable, cluttered, colorful distraction. I can do without. Note: the editing is professional and creative. I can appreciate that the clips are carefully done. Yet, (WOW!) how many do we need of audience "oohs" and "aahs"; close ups of audience; single-frame, in-depth, zoomed-in images; or text in all corners?

I'll go back to flash games.

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally leaks names, health records of students on school website  See in context

Oops! I attached INSTEAD of --my bad, y'all.

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Posted in: Less is more as Japanese minimalist movement grows See in context

My parents' house (and the home I grew up in) was big: A Victorian with three porches, attic, crawl spaces, etc. However, it was cramped because of all the junk my mom used for decorating--all space needed something.

Now I have my own home (new construction, 1700 sq. ft.) with nothing on any wall--it's big and it feels big.

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Posted in: Darth Vader to return in 'Star Wars' spin-off See in context

Jar Jar as the new voice of Vader.

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Posted in: Football for Friendship 2016 See in context

Soccer [cough]

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Posted in: Fukushima plant's new ice wall not watertight, TEPCO says See in context

Did they intend for it to be water tight?

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Posted in: 7 things Japanese people in int'l marriages wish they’d known before tying the knot See in context

Have money saved for emergency travel back to the other country (funeral, illness, ???).

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Posted in: Should Japan stop identifying Buddhist temples on maps with the traditional "manji" symbol that is often confused with a Nazi swastika? See in context


Sooner or later everyone learns the difference and then feels stupid, embarrassed, and smarter for learning the difference.

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Posted in: Cruz defeats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders in tight race See in context

I agree with Lostrune2.

No candidate claimed a mandate. Sanders has momentum. Rubio is most electable in general election. Trump will run as independent and split the vote.

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Posted in: With one week to Iowa, Trump and Cruz deepen feud See in context

Knowing what friends and coworkers think, I'll say people of Iowa will go with Rubio (R) and Sanders (D). We like Trump's bombastic, outsider disruptions to the Republican status quo, but think he is unqualified to govern (like helping a drunk person get more drunk to see what stupid thing he'll do next). Cruz is popular with evangelicals but we're cautious with extremism, and he seems extreme. Rubio is the happy middle. Sanders? We're just tired of Clintons. (That's the vibe I get. We'll see.)

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses reunion set for April See in context

April of what year, G&R?

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