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Posted in: GLAAD calls for LGBT characters in 20% of movies by 2021 See in context

How about just make good movies that people want to see? There shouldn't be any limitations to who or what you can have in a movie... it is fiction and if people dont like it, the movie doesn't get good reviews or revenue.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

All the haters and "liberal"/"right" name calling. Face it, everyone needs to get off their high horse and hope that something good comes from these talks and quit comparing to what the "left" would do or how unreliable Trump is.

I hope this starts the movement of NK going in the proper direction.

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Posted in: Man on platform hit by train after argument with commuter See in context

According to police, the suspect, who works as a chef, and the victim, a company president

Chinese chef vs Japanese company president... obviously not going to play out too well for the chef despite him drinking and "forgetting". I see little spats like this quite often where more Chinese tourists/residents are. Just one of those cultures that don't whisper when they are on the train or try to "tone it down". But then again, when in Rome...

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Posted in: Mixed martial arts-ONE vows to succeed where UFC failed - Japan See in context

The UFC didn't fail due to xyz... When the UFC bought out Pride and were doing the transition, the Pride bronze were already developing another organization in side UFC offices. Since then Dana White has been extremely bias towards Japanese fighters and Japan in general. This has been elaborated a few times on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Despite that, other organizations like Bellator and ONE are great. It allows young fighters to get the experience and camera time to make it into the UFC and fight with the best. But, this BS about the Asian approach/cultural treasure is nonsense. The scene died and isn't returning to the old days of Saitama Super Arena being packed, despite the Asian ran ONE. As much as I would love to see it boom again... I don't think Japan is in that phase. Other parts of Asia will have that same vibe, but not Japan sadly...

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Posted in: Lawmaker who brought baby to assembly receives written warning See in context

I am not really keen on government officials bringing kids/friends/family/pets into serious environments like this... BUT, for the amount of funding, connections and ability to implement laws, they must really not want women to be a part of their "ol boys club". What excuse do they have for not providing a nanny, daycare or support for women in the assembly?

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Posted in: Creators behind 'Game of Thrones' stir race controversy with 'Confederate' See in context

If you dont like the show, dont watch. And what is up with "progressives" getting angered over what race the cast is? These SJWs are getting too petty over everything. It is fantasy that someone made up.. So what if there isn't "X" race or a mixed batch of races. Is the story good? If so, watch it. If not, do not watch.

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Posted in: Transgender convict seeks to be treated as female inmate in prison See in context

Mikiya Nakatsuka, professor at the graduate school of Okayama University, a specialist on gender identity disorder

Yup, stop here. GID is a psychological issue and a sex change is just using cosmetic surgery as a medicine, not going to work out well. Does this human still have a prostate? Well, he is a male. He can act, dress and choose his sexual desires, but he cannot choose his age or gender. Lock the thief up.

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Posted in: Charlize Theron on equal pay, female action stars and Bond See in context

We don't need to lose a child or a husband or have some kind of revenge story to become a warrior," Theron said. "(Lorraine) exists. She's simply her. We don't ever over-explain why she exists or why she's any good at her job.

So kill the story build up? These people just don't make sense. If it is a great story and great actor, then the character will be developed and thus the female actor will get more money. Can't expect a movie to be good and liked just because there is a female lead. Life is not fair /:

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Posted in: Vice minister's use of official car for daycare sparks controversy See in context

Kaneko, who is parliamentary vice minister of internal affairs and communications, argued that there is not an issue as the nursery, Kids Square Nagatacho, is in the same building as her office.

The only other thing you could say is that the child should not even be riding in the car.

But lets be a bit more realistic... she was taking her child to daycare so she could work, the daycare is conveneintly in the same building. Win/win situation for this women and a great use of time/taxpayer money.

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Posted in: New law a big step toward commercial whaling, Japanese officials say See in context

These are a great source of food and my position is that we should harness this.

So it is out in the open now... not for scientific research.

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Posted in: Chiba Univ medical student given 4 years for gang rape See in context

Prosecutors had sought 6 years for the fifth-year student at the university's school of medicine, while the defense team had asked for a suspended sentence, saying his acts did not involve the use of force.

Had to read this twice, thought I read it wrong the first time... but nope, I read it correctly. Drugging someone is not the use of force, just jokingly putting something in their drink with a predetermined outcome. Scum level human beings here.

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Posted in: Japan should push back against U.S. attack on yen policy, says Abe adviser See in context

QQE is currency manipulation, full stop. Japan has a "different" currency policy from China, yes, but it does not mean that they are not using this method for their own well being.

Stop this QE mess, it is just putting a band aid on a stab wound. Just think of it like credit card debt, do you want to get into credit card debt? Obviously not, so countries shouldn't do this either. The euphemism of QQE is horrible, nothing qualitative and no ease about it, just makes the economy look good when someone is in power at the time, but the mess screws us

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Posted in: Premium video on demand is a future few filmmakers want See in context

“You really want your film to be in theaters as long as possible because that’s where they are meant to be seen,” Nolan said.

No... that is where you have a revenue stream. Someone else is going to make that money and they don't like it. I would prefer to watch at home, have my own food and relax. For some movies, yes the theater is a must do experience, but not for all movies.

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Posted in: Hollywood's gender pay gap is crazy, says Natalie Portman See in context

I cannot understand why they complain... it is not like actors have a standard hourly wage, they have agents and lawyers to negotiate their contracts. That and the roles are very specific on your appearance, voice, acting skill and likeability. One side of this story was that when women age, they do not have as many roles as older men. Well, tough luck. Go make a movie that is likeable based on older women?

They know what the job is like and what it requires and like a pro athlete, your prime does not last forever and becomes a huge reality check when that time comes. Dont blow your money on needless stuff and prepare yourself for the end game of your career. But nope... lets blame it on a pay gap.

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Posted in: Refugee crisis - a new year, same tragedy See in context

Well, if they are refugees, they should be put into daily programs because:

They new residents from a different culture and need to comply with their host country's standards/morals

They are being granted an opportunity to start a new life in a safe environment

They will be getting money and more benefits that they would not have had

This should be considered a privilege, not a right.

How to do this? Daily moral and rule explanations, with language lessons. They must report when they leave their designated residence. Picture ID must be present at all time along with a copy of a document that shows they are a refugee. Any crime done gets them the boot.

Why? because obviously letting in over a million people caused major issues that is being swept under the rug because it is not PC or is considered discrimination. Screw that, they are refugees from a war zone and have a huge difference in morals an ethics.

Sounds like a lot of money and resources right? Well, if it cannot get funded or there is not enough people to carry this out, countries shouldn't take in so many refugees. Common sense right there.

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Posted in: Thousands of demonstrators plan to disrupt Trump inauguration See in context

Looks like the HhilTrain came through town... because anything not negative about Trump was down voted.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

"Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts."

An anti-discrimination speech but then is clearly discriminating MMA and American Football? How are people really taking actors seriously... Way of the dodo America, don't listen to people who fake for a living.

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Posted in: Sessions says he'd defy Trump as attorney general if needed See in context

@turbotsat, I wonder why hugh... Pays off to be a career politician who is bought and paid for.. as well as buying out key people.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for attacking stepfather with scissors See in context

With all the news about step-fathers mistreating their step children, you would think that the the kid is stepping up and defending him or his mom. I mean, the step-dad is not much older then the kid but much younger than the mom and there are 5 people in the house. Something not right, but it seems like the kid is a product of his environment and acting out.

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Posted in: Donald Trump's avoidance of formal news conferences continues See in context

So he is not doing what all the other Pres-elects have done and they complain... Sounds like journalists are complaining more about the lack of articles they can write more than anything.

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Posted in: Japanese kindergarten teaches students pre-war ideals See in context

Well, next you will see more cartoons like G.I. Joe, training these kids up for war like they did to us 80's kids.

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Posted in: Matt Damon defends being cast for 'Great Wall' See in context

Matt Damon criticized “outrageous” stories in the era of fake news as he responded Tuesday to accusations that his role in the new China-Hollywood co-production “The Great Wall” should have gone to an Asian actor.

Critics are always off the mark. Matt Damon is just doing his job... acting. It is a movie for crying out loud... if you don't like what the movie is about, who is in it, blah blah blah, then don't watch it. Just another non-issue to write about and get people to complain about :

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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes long-awaited casino bill See in context

“Gamblers’ losses are what makes the casinos money,” it said in an editorial last week. “It’s truly unhealthy to build a growth strategy on exploiting others people’s misfortune and bad luck.”

Good to hear! When are pachinkos, horse track racing and the lottery going to be abolished?

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

Man... if it hasn't been thought of/attempted already. Can't one of his friend's parents adopt him and save him from getting deported? Poor kid.

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Posted in: Japan considers North Korean Winter Games request See in context

No... stop with these ideas please.

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Posted in: The top three global winners and losers in a Trump presidency See in context


"The real difficulty is with the vast wealth and power in the hands of the few and the unscrupulous who represent or control capital. Hundreds of laws of Congress and the state legislatures are in the interest of these men and against the interests of workingmen. These need to be exposed and repealed. All laws on corporations, on taxation, on trusts, wills, descent, and the like, need examination and extensive change. This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. — How is this?"

Rutherford B. Hayes - 11 March 1888

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Posted in: 'Ghost in the Shell' makers defend Johansson casting See in context

Major Kusanagi fought in the Japan military, wore the Japan flag in her NATO deployment and works for a Japanese government agency, why they take her character out of context, no clue. Need big names for movies to be good now?

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Posted in: Man whose wife was killed by stalker sues Zushi City See in context

"Kozutsumi had tracked her down by using the services of a private detective agency, which, in turn, “outsourced” the job to a research firm. An employee of the research firm then contacted someone at city hall and found out Miyoshi’s full name and address.

The private detective involved, Hirotoshi Kohama, 61, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, suspended for five years, in January 2015."

So what about the charges on the agency, research firm and employee at the city hall?

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Posted in: Apple adds keyboard touch functions to Mac See in context

"The Touch Bar... our new reason to jack up the price.... We are brave... This is innovation!"

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Posted in: 16-year-old student arrested for stabbing 3 at school See in context

Sounds like an ijime victim that could not take it anymore. Teased is a huge understatement and I have a bad feeling this kid was getting picked on for quite some time.

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