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Posted in: Free trade flip-flop dogs Clinton in White House quest See in context

Ok Black Sabbath, do you have your Clinton filters blocking all her criticism or something? There is so much dirt out there on Clinton and Trump. Just an insult to American voters to have either of these people represent America...


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Posted in: Trump, interrupted, heckled in visit to Flint church See in context

Well... I rather have Turmp screw the system up so bad we need to "reboot" and start anew, rather than Clinton continue making millions from her political connections and feed her investors.

I don' like either candidate, they both are insults to America and they both are ill minded people. Let's just get Bugs Bunny in as POTUS and end this clown show.

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Posted in: Talking medicine: Mayumi Sawada opens doors to Japanese healthcare See in context

Many people are comparing Japan to "1st world countries" and seems like a comparison to the US more or less.. In terms of cost, Japan is much much better. In terms of care, medicine, service hours, America has it, BUT you have to have the right coverage or you are pretty much screwed.

One thing that is excellent about Japan health care is that children are free, you just have to pay the monthly premium.

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Posted in: Abe's calligraphy wins plaudits in China See in context

Well I'll be... It is actually really legit and damn good. When his politics career ends, he should use his calligraphy skills to promote Japan or teach it.

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Posted in: How to get sick on the U.S. campaign trail: Little sleep, bad food, germs everywhere See in context

Media trying to help Clinton out as much as possible... This is her last chance to run for POTUS.

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Posted in: New York attorney general opens probe of Trump Foundation See in context

Meanwhile... the Clinton Foundation.

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Posted in: The burkini, the veil, the niqab: what French law says See in context

Solid points Strangerland.... but France is France and they have every right to make their own rules. You can disagree all you want, but fact of the matter is that they have the human right to make their own rules. Many other countries to ridicule over horrendous rules, this law is really mild if you think about it. It is a bit odd as nudity is norm, but covering up is a no no...

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Posted in: Obama implores Americans to elect Clinton; Trump asks Russia for help over emails See in context

I am not a Trump supporter, but Hillary should not even be in the mix as well. This election is an insult to Americans. Just a clown show.

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Posted in: Hiroshima unhappy atomic bomb park is Pokemon Go site See in context

Quite frankly... a bit of foresight could have prevented this. If I were to make this game... I would have a list of about 20 places in the world that I would not have in the game out of respect. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb sites are probably the first ones that would come to mind.

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Posted in: Japanese judo set to rebound from London debacle See in context

As a Judoka and avid fan, Japan's male team is behind... too far behind. The attitude going in was not what a winner would do, but as someone who goes out there just to do it. The female team (more in the freestyle wrestling team) has an "I will win no matter what" mentality. Japan needs to realize that because of their failure to promote judo, rather than say "it is from Japan", resulted in their loss of seats on the committee and rules were changed.

Oh, and the double leg take down is a legit judo move, Kimura himself used it :

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Posted in: Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics See in context

For those who hate Windows 10 UI... Google Classic Shell. Customize your start menu to be like windows 7, don't have to worry about all the clunky stuff... just go with what works.

Also, that random "we are upgrading you to Windows 10, I hope you weren't doing anything important" really sucks as one of my colleagues experienced. Just upgrade now and save yourself the pain.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

Damn press are so quick to jump on the sexual discrimination band wagon... perhaps people are pissed off cause they went off course from the original story? Maybe if they made a movie where they tied into the girls being the "next gen" ghost busters it would be accepted among the movie buffs, but this looks more like they are trying to make a chick flick type of movie.

But at the end of the day, if it is a good movie, it is a good movie and haters gonna hate.

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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

Scenario 1 - The bears got him

If more than one hundred people searching for FOUR DAYS do not encounter any bears, then it is unlikely that the boy would meet a bear if left for a few minutes. A bear would not need to cover its tracks.

bears wouldn't stay near a large group of humans yelling... they would be attracted to a small animal (in this case the boy) all by itself and defenseless.

But I think the parents killed him or a bear got him. Poor kid ;(

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Posted in: 2 boys arrested for alleged extortion of high school students See in context

Love how the Japanese down play everything... this was a mugging not extortion.

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Posted in: Publishers protest agreement to cover up adult magazines in convenience stores See in context

Why not just use google and find all your nude stuff... I mean, it is free and you can see what you want. Just sayin.

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Posted in: Optimistic BOJ governor See in context

Creating debt is not good... if you don't have the money, don't spend it.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury blacklists alleged associate of yakuza See in context

Pukey2, the mob runs it around here.

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Posted in: Mexican chef wins gold at 3rd Washoku World Challenge See in context

Mexican here... I wouldn't eat what he is cookin TBH

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Posted in: Should the Paris terrorism tragedy be called a 'kamikaze' attack? See in context

Wow... PC police are even trying to protect the dignity of the term kamikaze... Using your own life to kill many others, fits the terms kamikaze and suicide bombers perfectly.

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Posted in: Should parents talk to children about the Paris attacks? See in context

I am all for teaching kids (including mine) about current events and other disasters, but the one thing I am against is pointing out that a specific group of people are bad. We need educated children, not biased/discriminant/racist ones.

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Posted in: Trump says he would consider closing certain mosques See in context

The first change that needs to happen is that all religious institutions start paying tax as any other organization would.

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Posted in: What irritates men most about women? Let's find out See in context

"Even if I help with the housework, she’s not satisfied; she makes like she’s the only one whose working!” If a stay at home husband/wife complains about help with the housework, they are just being lazy. If both people work, housework should be split proportionally... Yes both people live in the house but if one of them isn't helping pay the bills they should be doing the housework. Gotta be equal!

“And when I play with the kid, she doesn’t even consider that housework!” Playing with your child is not housework... it is your duty as a parent and you should be happy to do it. You only get to play with your kids when they are young. They grow up and those precious years are done.

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Posted in: Why married couples in Japan must have same surname See in context

Well... how about changing the marriage age to 20 and make it all fair. 20 is the legal age to go to be convicted as an adult, drink and smoke.

The time for women to remarry... that is a buffer for an "I ain't the baby daddy" incident, but nonetheless it will not stop this issue. Should be equal despite any contradiction they may put out there.

Same last name thing needs to also be applied for children. I don't have backing on this and hopefully I am wrong, but the children of divorced parents have to have the same name as their custodial parent.

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Posted in: Google unveils Nexus phones with 'Marshmallow' flavor See in context

@Michael Werker. No, they already have a model that uses the bands for Japan and is available on Play Store.

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Posted in: China calls Japan complaints about Ban's WW2 parade visit "irritating" See in context

South Korean President Park Geun-hye will also attend the Beijing parade, along with a senior North Korean official.

The thing that gets scary is when North Korea and South Korea can attend something that they share very similar views on...

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Posted in: Emotion in Japan as judo king retires See in context

Great Judoka, always sad to see a great veteran of the sport leave.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman gets 11 years for fatal assault of runaway girl See in context

"Police said that neighbors had seen Ono being beaten outside Kubota’s apartment by boys on more than one occasion, and reported it to authorities. However, child welfare authorities said no one was home whenever they visited the apartment."

I am beginning to think that the above is copy and pasted into every article where child welfare is involved... sort of like when any cop or gov official gropes a woman on the train was drunk.

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Posted in: Japan's plan to buy 17 V-22 Osprey aircraft moves forward See in context

@YuriOtani: Very good points but your forgot to mention fuel cost? Osprey = USD 13.75 p/NM Chinook = USD 53.95 p/NM http://helicopters.axlegeeks.com/compare/24-60/Bell-BOEING-V-22-Osprey-vs-Boeing-CH-47D-F-Chinook

Japan wants to up their military power and being an island nation, this bird makes a good investment. The Osprey is quicker at getting to and from places and lands/lifts in tight areas just as the Chinook does. It is just a new bird with more capabilities hence the price.

This is the way Japan is going, might as well use similar equipment with the forces who will be training with.

FYI... 4 Osprey are being used: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32572533

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Posted in: Fukushima wants to host Olympic events in 2020 See in context

Great idea... but first move the TEPCO HQ, Tokyo government offices and the Emperor's Palace to Fukushima first.

If they do that... then there might be a chance that people/teams will show up to compete.

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' architect calls for BOJ easing, tax hike delay See in context

Stop this stimulus.... It is nothing but a quick fix with huge ramifications down the road.

If the market crashes and companies go bust, great... start anew and don't bail out companies that are "too big to fail".

If the system/companies fail, they fail for a reason.

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